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Specialty Ezza Hats
Venue Festivals

Essa was a merchant aboard the Dhu Gillywack, and was responsible for what eventually became known as Ezza Hats.


You see Essa.
She appears to be a Burghal Gnome of the Withycombe Bloodline.
She appears to be very young and shorter than average. She has large dark sea green eyes and alabaster skin. She has raggedly cut, thick black hair. She has a plump face and deep laugh lines.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing a simple mulberry cotton shirt with small silver buttons down the front, a pair of black suede knee-length pants, a pair of dark leather boots clasped at the side with two silver buckles, a multi-colored burlap pack, a crested clear topaz hairjewel, and a silver-traced carnelian hair-ornament.

Behind the Scenes

The Dhu Gillywack featured a pair of merchants with similar names: Essa and Eza. At some point the names became confused on a player website causing Essa Toppers to become Ezza Toppers, and the name Ezza Hat was born.

Dhu Shop

[Essa's Toppers, Workroom]
An oversized riveted metal desk sits squarely in the center of the room. Dozens of wide bins, stacked haphazardly along the walls, are filled with scraps of leather, threads, and crafting supplies. Smaller than average tools hang from a slender tube that is stretched across the desk and supported on each end with a metal apparatus You also see a dusty steel stool with some stuff on it and a dimly lit narrow crevice.
Obvious exits: east


Box Office Dhu Gillywack listing 2004