Evermore Hollow - 2023-10-01 - Costume Contest (log)

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Jastatos 01, 5123 Competition

Hosted by Fluffybits at Ebon Gate 2023 in Evermore Hollow. Along with Fluffybits, this contest was presided over by the Vistix Akrath, the severed head of Henshor and a few others in Naidem. Categories for this year's competition are Most Creative, Most Original, Funniest, Spookiest, and Best Couple.


[Yvalyst Manor, Ballroom - , ]
Sprigs of alyssum and amaranth are hand-painted across the parquetry dance floor, the sanguine and ivory-colored flora traced in splatters of gilded ink across the sweeping ballroom. Pallid marble fountains spray water between the potted dark-colored foliage, the chilling mist clinging to the velvet-curtained windows, leaving the stained glass covered in rivulets of condensation. Chiseled marble busts flank the various thresholds, each profile covered in a veil of aged, discolored lace. You also see the bright pine green Faiyth disk hung with tiny ceramic kobolds, the alabaster Kialeigh disk with interlocking silver knotwork, the skull-shaped Irval disk, the severed head of Henshor that is flying around, the hammered silver Meliyara disk, the Yardie disk, several groups of draugr interspersed with numerous others, a short-legged pudgy kitten, a set of garland-framed bloodwood doors and a wrought-silver arch.
Also here: Squire Delindra, Jisandra, Lord Obelin, Lady Lylia, Xorus, Lady Uniana, Faiyth, Master Yukito, Madam Naamit, Kialeigh, Town Councilor Irval, Merrymaker Opalina, Vistix Akrath, Fluffybits, Sirona, Lady Aliashyrah, Grand Lady Traiva, Giogionni, Loremaster Rohese, Lornon Chair Rivienne, Shadowwind, Chronicler Falvicar, Lady Starletdawn, Tikba, Lady Meliyara, Lady Avawren, Tabubu, Blade Yardie, Lord Vyctus, Tasthera, Jouster Littlemelody, Yairra, Aubriella, Fleurs, Yipsy, Samyrha, Kalyrra, Wolfloner, Pub Proprietor Lithyia, Dahcre Reader Ordim who is sitting, Mister Tibs, Picklemaster Niffly, Darrovik, Rillarie, Lady Toxana, The Fabulous Fyg, Lord Teveriel, Gardener Elysia, Pixie Seeker Erek, Helnora, Lord Thrassus
Obvious exits: none

Speaking awkwardly to Akrath, Fluffybits asks, "Excuse me, Vistrix sir... may I start my contest?"

Akrath distractedly says, "What? Oh--"

Speaking to Fluffybits, Akrath says, "Yes, yes. Go on."


Entry #1: Sirona, the Wood Sprite

Fluffybits recites:

"And our first contestant... Sirona!"

You see Sirona.
Due to the wood sprite mask she wears, it is difficult to determine her race...or even whether she is living or dead.
She is taller than average and has a waiflike physique. Her features are hidden beneath a smiling wood sprite mask, though her thick-lashed stormy grey eyes shine through. She has shoulder length, disheveled brown hair littered with twigs and leaves. Little else about her appearance is easy to distinguish.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing a smiling wood sprite mask, a woodland sprite costume, some opalescent silk wings, an autumn leaf garland, a butterfly charm, an enameled orange pumpkin pin, a vine-threaded canvas foraging satchel slung over her shoulder, some fine silk stockings, and a pair of dark brown open-toed shoes buttoned with topaz autumn leaves.

Several strands of Sirona's brown hair slip free from its bindings and falls into her face and across her eyes.

Sirona gently brushes her brown hair away from her eyes and, with a deft twist of her wrist, tucks it back into its bindings.

Sirona attends to her brown wig, making the wig as presentable as possible.

Sirona smiles abashedly and her cheeks glow with a growing pink-tinged warmth.

Sirona's eyes twinkle with merriment as she playfully drops into a quick curtsy, letting out a soft giggle as she rises.

Sirona skips sideways a few strides to her left.

Sirona sways to and fro as she dances.

Sirona gazes in amusement at her sprite costume.

Sirona attends to her sprite costume, making the costume as presentable as possible.

Sirona glances away.

Sirona's salmon-colored longwing butterfly flutters upwards, turning in the air to display the pale violet darts and cloudy white crescents along its wings before settling back down.

A butterfly rises up from Sirona's fingers, hovering in the air as its wings beat in a flurry of pale violet tinged salmon-colored light before returning to its resting place.

Sirona removes a carved wyrwood short bow from in her canvas foraging satchel.

Sirona plucks at the string of her wyrwood short bow, making a dull twanging sound.

Sirona casually observes her surroundings.

Sirona drums her fingers against a carved wyrwood short bow while glancing nonchalantly about the room.

Sirona thoughtfully taps a finger against her lips.

Sirona removes a ripe red apple from in her canvas foraging satchel.

Sirona grins wickedly at a ripe red apple.

Sirona amusedly asks, "I'll need a volunteer from the audience. Anyone willing?"

Sirona raises an eyebrow.

Sirona glances at Yardie.

Yardie gasps.

Yardie blinks at Sirona.

Sirona smiles and giggles slightly as she places the apple gently on top of his head.

Sirona loads the arrow into her wyrwood short bow and turns toward Yardie, grinning mischievously.

Sirona fires her arrow with a lack of grace that sends it flying wide, missing Yardie completely. She pulls her arrow back into her hand, flushing slightly.

Yardie glances nervously around the room.

Sirona lets out a cheer!

Sirona flushes slightly, some color reaching her cheeks.

Sirona looks around nervously, ready to bolt.

With a fancy pirouette, Sirona fluidly drops into a curtsy with one foot sliding gracefully forward before rising with a grin.

Sirona quietly says, "Thank you."

The severed head of Henshor exclaims, "They want to steal your pumpkins and put smooth stones in your socks! Don't trust the wood sprites!"

Speaking softly to Sirona, Rohese exclaims, "Adorable!"

Entry #2: Rohese, Perpetual Twilight

Fluffybits recites:

"Our next contestant is... Rohese!"

You see Loremaster Rohese Bayvel Illistim.
She appears to be a Gjenganger.
She is taller than average with a slender willowy form. Her age is indeterminate due to the constant state of shift that overtakes her features, causing her to at one moment look young and at another ravaged by age. She has silver-lashed misty grey eyes and water-sheened preternaturally pale skin. She has lustrous, cool silver hair tied into a loose ponytail with a pale lilac chiffon ribbon. Her movements are accentuated by a fluid, waterlike motion. She has a scattering of tiny opal droplets set along the slender tips of her pointed ears, a cascade of tiny silver stars tattooed over her right eyebrow that fades into her hairline, and an inking of a faint star constellation on her neck.
Flickering motes of light drift lazily around her.
She is in good shape.
She is holding a white pearl mask overlaid in a frond-patterned gold filigree in her right hand and a rosy pink chiffon ribbon in her left hand.
She is wearing a scattering of golden aragless fireflies twinkling across the decollete, a bare-backed twilight velvet gown spilling into a train of faintly bronzed chiffon, and a delicate gold toe ring.

Rohese softly begins, "I was so enamoured with the view of Naidem from the Orchard Overlook last year that I have chosen to create a costume that hopefully reflects its beauty."

Akrath once again returns his lingering gaze to Rohese.

Rohese softly elaborates, "Picture the black shapes of buildings rising against a horizon frozen in perpetual twilight and ribbons of colour coursing across the firmament - blues bleeding into greens that twine through wisps of violet and pink."

Rohese dreamily continues, "The lights that twinkle and dance through these braids of colour, unlike stars as they rise and fall through the bands before floating along the lengths like meandering celestial fireflies on lazy paths across the sky."

Gazing thoughtfully into the distance, Rohese absently runs her fingers over the surface of the golden aragless fireflies around her neck.

Rohese humbly announces, "So, with that imagery, I present to you, Perpetual Twilight."

Rohese steps forward, the faintly bronzed chiffon train of her twilight velvet gown sweeping the floor as she turns slowly. As she completes the revolution, the length of faintly bronzed chiffon follows, rustling slightly as it pools around her form.

Rohese flushes slightly, some color reaching her cheeks.

Cupping the face of her pearl mask, Rohese settles it on her face before tying it in place with the rosy pink chiffon ribbons.

Rohese quickly removes a pale lilac chiffon ribbon from her cool silver hair, and returns it to its normal style.

Rohese flips her lustrous cool silver hair off of her shoulder, revealing a brief glimpse of pale green streaks beneath. When her hair settles, the delicate wisps of pale green are nowhere to be seen.

Rohese recites softly:

"In a realm where life and death entwine,
Lies a place cloaked in perpetual twilight.
A land where shadows and sunbeams align,
With flashes of silver and gold, so bright."

Rohese leans over slightly, reaching down to rearrange the faintly bronzed chiffon train on her twilight velvet gown. With a pleased expression, she slowly straightens her back, her hand tracing along the silhouette of her gown as she gazes about the area.

Rohese recites softly:

"The sky above, an endless canvas of dreams,
Painted in shades of lilac and amethyst.
Where the sun's last embrace forever gleams,
Mingling with twilight's hazy bronzed mist."

(Rohese moves her hand in a gentle wave through the air, her pale lilac chiffon ribbon accenting the movement by fluttering in a gentle arc to her right and then to her left. The flickering motes of light around her rise and fall, swirling with the undulation of the ribbon.)

Rohese recites softly:

"Trees with leaves of auburn and apricot,
Their branches adorned with blossoms of pink.
In this enchanting haven, they never forgot,
To dance in the breeze of mortality's brink."

(Rohese dances in a tight circle. Bringing her arms out from her body, she causes her rosy pink chiffon ribbon to spiral around her in a colourful display.)

Rohese recites softly:

"The Lazy River, a ribbon of liquid gold,
Reflecting the sky's pastel embrace.
Its slow waters, a story so far untold,
Winding through this tranquil place."

Rohese slips her hand beneath the faintly bronzed chiffon train of her twilight velvet gown, winding it about her forearm as she coyly nibbles her bottom lip. With a confident outward gaze, she dramatically tosses the train into the air, watching as it descends to the floor with a soft rustle.

Rohese recites softly:

"Creatures of whimsy call this place home,
With frond-like whiskers and skins of pearl.
In this eternal dusk, denizens freely roam,
With each day a haunting but beautiful swirl..."

Rohese lightly touches her fingers to the brow of her pearl mask, closing her misty grey eyes as she does.

Rohese lowers her gaze.

Rohese folds her hands.

Rohese quietly concludes, "Of perpetual twilight."

Rohese drops into a deep curtsy, moving smoothly as her arms sweep grandly to her sides.

Entry #3: Traiva, a Secret in Winter

Fluffybits recites:

"Our next contestant is... Traiva!"

You see Grand Lady Traiva Verethundi.
Due to the pale maiden mask she wears, it is difficult to determine her race...or even whether she is living or dead.
She is petite in stature. Her features are hidden beneath a silk-wrapped pale maiden mask crowned with a delicate silver coronet, though her smoldering, viridian-flecked dark hazel eyes shine through. She has hip length, softly curled deep cordovan hair woven into a multi-strand braid pinned by a garland of lapis-hued alpestrises centered by an organza rosette. Little else about her appearance is easy to distinguish.
She has a knotwork and dragonfly tattoo on her neck.
She is in good shape.
She is holding a frosted blue wine glass in her left hand.
She is wearing a sapphire-set hammered silver half-mask, a pair of alum chandelier earrings featuring rows of mistvein diamond teardrops, a triple-tiered vaalin choker riddled with tiny wintry blue peridots, a strapless corset of ivory silk velvet framing a front panel of mistvein sapphire beadwork over a wintry grey satin gown shot with wisps of vaalin threading, a pair of silver gloves clasped with sapphires, a delicate rose-intaglio diamond bracelet, and some crystal spike-heeled shoes inset with icy blue glass snowflakes.

Traiva slowly empties her lungs.

Traiva says, "Following that is going to be difficult, to say the least."

Rohese wiggles her nose.

Speaking softly to Traiva, Rohese mouths, "Silly."

(Traiva strides forward, the light glinting off the sapphires and crystals adorning her.)

Traiva wistfully says, "It has been many years that I have held a Secret... and it will linger with me many more."

(Traiva lifts her skirts slightly as she strides around the room, letting the icy blue glass snowflakes set in her shoes glimmer in the light.)

Lifting up her blue wine glass, Traiva takes a measured drink of the mead inside.

(Traiva stops suddenly, turning to the left and then right, the lights catching the wintry blue peridots set around her neck.)

(Traiva closes her eyes, a look of intense concentration on her face. Her mouth slowly forms a small O... and without a word she gathers her skirts and scurries to stand behind Lithyia.)

Traiva gathers the wide skirts of her grey satin gown in her hands and drops into a low curtsy while maintaining impeccable posture and grace.

Agathilea appears to be struggling to keep a straight face as she glances at Traiva.

(Lithyia clinks her absinthe against Traiva's wine glass.)

Lithyia says, "Cheers."

Lithyia grins at Traiva.

Entry #4: Lylia and Xorus, the Sorcerer and His Verlok

Fluffybits recites:

"Our next contestants... Lylia and Xorus!"

You see Xorus Kul'shin the Necromancer.
He appears to be a Dark Elf.
He is tall and has a gaunt frame. He appears to be extremely old. He has brooding black eyes and dark skin. He has shoulder length, flowing silver hair. He has a gaunt face, a sharp nose and a spider-shaped birthmark on his wrist.
He is in good shape.
A slowly rotating ring of sigils encircles each of his hands, scribed on the air in pale energy.
He is holding a warped black surita runestaff with twisted stygian sigils in his right hand.
He is wearing a shadowy black hood, a warped black bone hexagram talisman, a high-collared black leather coat, a black vruul skin button with a three-lobed burning eye reading, "Obey Xorus", a six-fingered dark glaes hand set with pale azure crystal talons, some dark double leather, a tentacled armcuff encasing dark glaes-pupilled eyes, some blackened glaes vambraces, a vruul skin dagger sheath, a twisted silver wedding band displaying black dreamstone accents, a dark glaes band, a small abyran'ra skull, an archaic urglaes dodecahedron, some high-waisted ebon marbrinus pants with an obsidian buckle, and some ebon vruul leather boots with blackened ora straps.

You see Imperatrix Lylia Rashere the Witch.
She appears to be a Faendryl Dark Elf.
She is taller than average and has a slender build. She appears to be in the spring of life. She has wide-set storm grey eyes and cool-toned alabaster skin. She has waist length, thick auburn hair divided into several elegantly twisted sections and adorned with some carved fiery red gem flames. She has a sleek bronze verlok mask with a crest of brilliant eahnor red feathers partially covering her face. The smooth symmetry of her face lends a patrician grace to her angular features.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing an elaborate multi-tiered necklace of firebird stone teardrops, a tasseled silk wrap embroidered in autumnal reds and golds, some articulated metal wings fashioned from hollow bronze rods and bright eahnor-hued feathers, a point-hemmed red copper-boned corset displaying an overlay of whorled lace on silk, a feathered and sequined tulle skirt in vivid flame hues, and a pair of rhinestone-studded sleek dancing shoes.

Xorus places a lushly painted forest backdrop in deep perspective accented with a lone amber verlok feather in the foreground down on the dance floor.

Xorus says, "Today, I stand before you in the guise of a powerful sorcerer and summoner, having found the ideal location away from superstitious townsfolk."

Xorus dryly observes, "I am sure you are all surprised at this choice of costume."

Xorus says, "But it is the perfect time for a demonstration, with an emphasis on the 'demon,' of one of our most notable skills: that of summoning entities to do our bidding. Unleashing an oculoth would be ungracious at a festive event, but let me see what heeds my command..."

As Xorus murmurs in an echoing voice, the very space around his outstretched hand wavers and distorts in response...

(Lylia leaps out from behind Xorus as if she had hurtled out of the rift enveloping his hand. A shake of her shoulders unbinds a pair of articulated metal wings that had been wrapped around her, concealing her tulle and lace costume spangled in matching shades of eahnor, copper, and gold. She tips her extravagantly feathered head back.)

Lylia vocalizes a keen cry in talented imitation of a shrike.

(Lylia holds her gleaming wings outstretched as if soaring and dances a wide curve around Xorus, moving quickly enough to send the long streamers of her spangled tulle skirt rippling behind her like a lyrebird's tail. Her arcing path brings her back to his side where she moves in a tighter orbit, her wings opening and closing in a hypnotically slow rhythm as Xorus talks.)

(Xorus points a gaunt hand at Lylia and motions for her to move closer.)

(Lylia's fingers twitch, pulling an unseen array of wires in the articulated wings she wears. The great wings beat against the air with an audible chiming of metal on metal, and the breeze stirs the silken finery of the party-goers nearest her.)

Xorus says, "Ah, the verlok. Wrought of metal and magic, hailing from Lorae'tyr, where even time is not fixed in place."

Samyrha gazes at the couple in rapt admiration.

Xorus continues, "In the usual catalog of demons, this particular verlok would be a rare creature, comprised of magical and elemental metals together. Difficult to name, neither verlok'cina nor verlok'ar."

(Lylia cocks her head and seems to be listening to Xorus so intently that the crest of feathers on her beaked verlok mask quiver. When his hand moves, her gaze follows it, and her body inclines toward him as if prepared to take flight.)

Xorus suggests, "A verlok'ylia, let us say."

Lylia does a quick double step and kicks up her heels.

Xorus says, "Most are no larger than game fowl, but this magnificent specimen could carry off its smaller cousins." He looks over at his costumed partner and reaches toward a metal-feathered wing. "That is, if it is predatory."

(Lylia approaches his outstretched hand, then deftly turns away at the last instant, brushing him softly with a rustle of wire-suspended feathers. The fire-hued gems and sequins she wears catch the ambient light as she leaps and turns, magnifying and multiplying the candlelight until she seems almost aflame with it herself.)

Xorus says, "This one seems safe enough to touch, at least for me, but petting demons is a risky proposition for anyone who is not a sorcerer."

Xorus chuckles at Lylia.

(Lylia stops and stares at Xorus for a heartbeat before a squawking chuckle erupts from beneath the gracefully curved beak of her mask in avian mimicry of his laughter. With another powerful beat of her wings, she sails past him again on flashing sequined slippers. The overlapping metal feathers sound like a jostled case of knives as she flexes and bends her artificial pinions.)

Xorus notes, "Although they have been seen perching in their own valence, they are never still when we command them here. They are always in flight, always on the move."

Xorus says, "And as with any summoned demon, they do not linger in our valence."

(Lylia makes one more leaping circuit of the space and, with a final avian cry, vanishes at the height of one of her bounding leaps. The thud and heavy breathing following her abrupt disappearance suggest the cunning deployment of a glass amulet rather than a shift into a different plane of existence.)

Xorus picks up an amber verlok feather.

Xorus says, "But sometimes they do grace the persistent sorcerer with a reminder of their presence."

Samyrha breathlessly says, "Amazing."

The severed head of Henshor says, "This story is familiar to me."

Speaking to Tasthera, Samyrha says, "Oh Mother, thank you for letting me attend. This is glorious."

Speaking quietly to Samyrha, Tasthera says, "Of course, my pet. I wouldn't deprive you of such fancies and excitements."

Speaking to you, Akrath praises, "That was exceedingly fantastic."

Entry #5: Rivienne, the Crow: Sister of Night

Fluffybits recites:

"Our next contestant is... Rivienne!"

Samyrha says, "I cannot believe Yraelia is missing it."

Rivienne asks, "Already?"

(Rivienne moves to the center of the room, her slight form a dark drop of ink amidst a sea of colors.)

You see Lornon Chair Rivienne Mandaire Loenthra the Witch Doctor.
She appears to be an Elf.
She is petite and has a balletic body. She appears to have come of age. She has demure violet eyes and silken alabaster skin. She has long, free-flowing starling black hair pulled back from the face by a thin, stark black headband adorned with decorative glossy ebon crow pennae. She has narrow, delicately pointed ears. Her visage is a subtle mix of raw and refined features, sharp angles, and gentle curves. She has a thick horizontal black stripe painted across her eyes.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing a pair of floor-length broken black-feathered wings, a pyrographed black leather chest-wrap, a set of faenor finger-armor with sharpened polychromatic crowstone claws, a voluminous skirt of densely layered dried black corn husks, and a pair of muddy black burlap footwraps.

Rivienne explains, "For my presentation, I'm going to tell you a story that explains who I am."

Rivienne mysteriously says, "In a realm distant and peculiar, at a junction where stories take curious twists, a tale began to take shape - a tale of a crow that wasn't fooled by the farmer's scarecrow."

Rivienne says, "She feasted in his cornfields, sometimes with other crows, but mostly alone. The farmer's son threw rocks to drive her away, but his clumsy hands were too slow."

Rivienne paces back and forth, muttering something about casting stones, leaving a trail of dirt in her path.

Rivienne crosses her arms, grasps her shoulders, and sways to and fro.

Rivienne says, "One frigid afternoon, as the crow pecked at withered stalks of field corn left behind after the harvest, she heard the unwelcome sound of footsteps drawing near."

(Rivienne slides her hands down her hips, causing the dried corn husks to crackle.)

Rivienne quickly says, "Tensing in preparation for flight, she began her escape into the darkening sky when she was knocked out of the air and into blackness."

(Rivienne rises on her toe, creating an illusion of weightlessness before executing a tightly controlled pirouette. She spins three times, a fleeting streak of black and the rustle of corn husks. Eyes closed, she abruptly steps out of her pirouette into a flat-footed stance with the authority of an exclamation point.)

Rivienne says, "When the crow woke, it was to the cold embrace of dirt, one eye staring up into the shroud of night, and the dark realization that her wings were crushed and with them her future."

Rivienne says, "By beak and talon, the crow made her way up the stuffed burlap scarecrow to perch defiantly upon its shoulder to better gaze at the expanse of the unattainable sky."

Rivienne haughtily tosses her hair over her shoulder with the back of her hand and gives an elegant shrug.

Rivienne says, "That night, the thirty-first of Eorgaen, the shadow moon was bathed in crimson and the crow considered herself fortunate to witness the sight before her journey's end."

Rivienne says, "The dark moon had watched the plight of the broken-winged bird. She, too, could not imagine an existence outside the sky's expanse and admired the crow's final act of defiance. "Dark sister", whispered the moon to the crow, "I know your troubles. The people have wronged me too."

(Rivienne's visage darkens, her violet eyes vivid against the black stripe painted over her eyes.)

Rivienne angrily hisses, "On this, my night of radiance, rather than pay homage to my power, they celebrate the birth of a new year. In defiance of my waxing face, they hold a masque, covering their faces, hiding their true selves beneath costumes."

Rivienne silkily says, "Shall we strike a bargain?", murmured the dark moon."

(Rivienne clicks the taloned tips of her fingers against each other.)

Rivienne says, "Thus, a deal was struck. The moon sampled from the cornfield and the crow was changed, save for her wings, which remained tightly bound to her soul. As the crow walked towards the light and clamor of the masque, they dragged behind, etching sinuous trails in the dirt."

(Rivienne cuts a path through the crowd, the tips of her broken, beautiful wings a dark wake behind her.)

Rivienne turns around.

Rivienne cocks her head.

Rivienne concludes, "Hours later, the crow returned to the cornfield, before the moon began her journey from the sky. It was difficult to tell if it was the crimson moonlight bearing down upon her form, or if she had acquired a sanguine sheen of her own."

Rivienne takes a few steps back.

Fluffybits claps her flurry paws at Rivienne!

The severed head of Henshor says, "A crow ate one of my eyes."

Speaking warmly to Rivienne, Akrath says, "That was beautiful."

Speaking to Rivienne, Akrath compliments, "You are quite the storyteller."

The severed head of Henshor exclaims, "Take that! Crow!"

The severed head of Henshor bites Rivienne.

Speaking firmly to the severed head of Henshor, Akrath scolds, "Do not bite my guests."

Entry #6: Agathilea, the Wyvern

Fluffybits recites:

"Our next contestant is... Agathilea!"

You see Legionnaire Agathilea Rassine Vaalor the Crimson Destroyer.
Due to the wyvern mask she wears, it is difficult to determine her race...or even whether she is living or dead.
She is average height. Her features are hidden beneath a carmine-washed gold wyvern mask displaying a gruesome soot-stained gaping maw, though her thick-lashed amethyst eyes shine through. She has waist-length, cascading caramel brown hair. Little else about her appearance is easy to distinguish.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing a gold-winged headdress, a trim carmine linen coat displaying gold-sheened organza wings, a carmine sheath gown embraced by overlapping layers of gold-swept scaling, and some aureate talon-shaped shoes set on low curved gold heels.

Agathilea bows deeply and pauses, glancing around expectantly. She stands up and adjusts her carmine linen coat with a slightly embarrassed look on her face.

With a firm grasp, Agathilea tugs on the edge of her carmine linen coat, and a pair of gold-sheened organza wings unfolds from the back of the garment.

Agathilea says, "They once soared through the skies. Majestic. Powerful. Mysterious."

Agathilea says, "Fables told by the young, the inebriated and the old."

Agathilea says, "Tales of danger interrupted by a fiery flame, a wing-covered fool, a talon mirrored in a hidden pool."

Agathilea tugs on the edge of her carmine linen coat, and the attached gold-sheened organza wings bounce playfully.

Agathilea turns sharply on her heel, reversing direction with military precision.

Agathilea leans forward.

Agathilea respectfully recites, "Pride."

Agathilea tilts her head up.

Agathilea thoughtfully says, "The noble and the fierce, captured in wrought wax forevermore."

Agathilea says, "Lest we who seek to emulate, forget the past."

Agathilea says, "For as long as we are reckless with our environment, naught will last."

Agathilea says, "Remember the winged messengers, those that loved this world, and remember their pride."

Agathilea smiles.

Agathilea triumphantly recites, "Glory."

Several draugr mill about the edges of the crowd, each in turn trying to get a good look at Akrath.

Speaking to Agathilea, Akrath says, "What an interesting coat."

Entry #7: Uniana, the Shadow Walker, N'Ereudien

Fluffybits recites:

"Our next contestant is... Uniana!"

You see Lady Uniana Anduin Nalfein the Socialite of Ta'Vaalor.
She appears to be a Gjenganger.
She is shorter than average. Her age is indeterminate due to the constant state of shift that overtakes her features, causing her to at one moment look young and at another ravaged by age. She has violet-shadowed, pale lilac eyes and water-sheened ivory skin. She has long, silky black cherry-hued hair spilling out from under a gossamer-like dark lace caul, the network of strands webbing her curls while two velvet-wrapped chelicerae hang down over the forehead. Her movements are accentuated by a fluid, waterlike motion.
She has a thin scar of delicate intertwined thorns on her neck.
She is in good shape.
She is holding a scorched black manzanita tree infested with silk bats and black wolf spiders in her right hand and a rose-engulfed arbor housing a tassaet spider and a web-snared viridescent grasshopper in her left hand. She is wearing a silk-backed sleeveless shirt of maroon netting surrounding an anatomical heart, a pair of long plum gauze gloves absent of seams, a voluminous grenache charmeuse train pinned on the side by a starveil arachnid, a a bias-draped ianthine satin skirt peeled open just below the left hip, and some hellebore red web-outlined silk pompes set on spider-carved heels.

Uniana places a rose-engulfed arbor housing a tassaet spider and a web-snared viridescent grasshopper down on the dance floor.

Uniana places a scorched black manzanita tree infested with silk bats and black wolf spiders down on the dance floor.

Uniana strides a few steps forward.

Uniana adopts an elegant pose and allows her gaze to wander the dance floor, pausing briefly to acknowledge each person with a charming smile.

Uniana silkily suggests, "Travel with me to the City-State of Nalfein."

Uniana reaches out with a subtle gesture and activates the panel of her lacquered cuff, releasing cerulean mist into the air that slowly coalesce into a jade-washed coastal city illusion.

Uniana introduces, "Here we tell the story of the web dweller, a creature that makes its home in the caverns of the mountains surrounding the region of Lae'Taslen."

Xorus whispers, "Ah. A horror story."

Uniana says, "Tales are shared all throughout the summer when families find refuge from heat and retreat into the interior lake country. Late evening garden parties and simple bonfires all have that one person eager to share the story or claim to know a distant acquaintance who was lured in by a shade who took the appearance of a Nalfein."

(Uniana reaches out and traces the spider on the arbor, murmuring something to it in a low, hushed tone.)

Uniana warns, "The first sign that you are under surveillance is the presence of spiders, ones who seem too intelligent and observant, not unlike familiars."

Uniana reaches out with a subtle gesture and activates the panel of her lacquered cuff, releasing cerulean mist into the air that slowly coalesce into a colorful and radiant illusion of floating paper lanterns.

Uniana says, "Then you attend a social gathering after sundown, finding yourself drawn in by a beautiful elf, weaving a web of allure and cynicism. The victims are none the wiser until they get close, realizing that it has no pulse. At which point, it is too late."

(Uniana idly taps on the arachnid brooch pinned to her charmeuse train, making the long nebulous starveil legs bob against the fabric.)

Uniana idly says, "They? The majority are who they have ever been but those immortals who found their place of ascension have changed themselves inextricably once, who is to say they could not do it again? However tales of the Arkati can often be so gauche, as of late few thread this narration into their campfire stories."

Akrath lifts both of his brows with a surprised hum.

Uniana dismisses, "So if you are thinking it might be Arachne evolved? Who can really know?"

A colorful and radiant illusion of floating paper lanterns hangs in the air, then slowly fades away.

Uniana shrugs indifferently.

(Uniana stalks around Teveriel, tangling her nails along the webbing encompassing his shoulders.)

Teveriel glances over his shoulder at Uniana.

Uniana explains, "What is this entity looking for? Hearts, to feed on, the darker the better," bows her head, allowing the chelicerae on her forehead to conceal her countenance, "macabre indeed and perhaps a cautionary tale about social climbing."

Uniana concludes, "I happily introduce you the n'ereudien, the shadow walker, a Nalfein cryptid who makes for the perfect monster story."

Uniana performs a bow characteristic of the Nalfein.

Speaking softly to Uniana, Rohese exclaims, "Terrifyingly wonderful!"

Fluffybits claps her fluffy paws at Uniana!

Rillarie says, "Normally I like spiders, but..."

Bending slightly, Ordim scratches at the floor in search of food.

Entry #8: Falvicar, Opalina, and Shadowwind, the Kobold Pantheon

Fluffybits recites:

"Our next contestants are... Falvicar, Opalina, and Shadowwind!"

You see Chronicler Falvicar Jalcon the Blade of the Night of the North.
He appears to be a Gille Dubh.
He is average height and has willowy, spindled limbs. He has ether blue eyes and barklike golden brown skin that is sporadically dappled by moss and leaves. He has long, sleek black hair peppered with silvery stars and tied back with a silver sword-shaped clasp. He sways gently as if an unseen wind is constantly manipulating his form.
He has a black unicorn tattoo on his wrist, a silver-edged black sword tattoo on his finger, a tattooed symbol of Ronan on his wrist, a moon and stars tattoo on his ear, and a snowflake-framed half-elven portrait tattoo on his arm.
He is in good shape.
He is holding a plush white toy kobold in his right hand.
He is wearing a brilliant blue dreamstone crown set with a pair of small black kobold horns, some fake kobold ears, a fake kobold nose, some scarlet owl wings, a flowing night-hued silk cape secured by a polished silvery clasp, some dark silvery cloth robes, a filigreed eonake wedding band with a nightscape motif, some jointed white finger-armor capped with scarlet talons, a narrow leather back sheath, and a pair of dark silvery honey badger fur toe-loop sandals.

You see Merrymaker Opalina Jalcon the Guard of the North.
Due to the bear mask she wears, it is difficult to determine her race...or even whether she is living or dead.
She is tiny. Her features are hidden beneath a snarling frost white bear mask bearing ivory fangs, though her brooding pale blue eyes shine through. She has very long, unruly copper red hair. Little else about her appearance is easy to distinguish.
She has a niveous-inked fall of tiny snowflakes on her ear, a ring of red roses tattoo on her waist, a teacup-cradled clockwork mouse tattoo on her leg, a set of silver rings with tiny dangling crystalline snowflakes in the upper ridge of her left ear, a petite faceted ruby arrow in the upper ridge of her right ear, and a tiny flawless diamond stud in her right nostril.
She is in good shape.
Swirls of pale silver snowflakes fall slowly across her form, glistening faintly as she moves.
She is wearing a marquise-cut white starstone crown featuring two pearly white horns, some snowy white speckled wings, some fake kobold ears, a fake kobold nose, some bright silvery cloth robes, some jointed white finger-armor capped with scarlet talons, a filigreed eonake wedding band with a nightscape motif, and a pair of bright silvery polar bear fur toe-loop sandals.

(Opalina moves to the middle of the room.)

(Falvicar moves next to Opalina.)

Akrath looks thoughtfully at Opalina.

(Shadowwind moves in front of Falvicar and Opalina.)

Falvicar carefully places his white candle on the ground.

Falvicar lights the white candle, which flickers and begins to burn.

Opalina carefully places her white candle on the ground.

Opalina lights the white candle, which flickers and begins to burn.

Shadowwind recites:

"This is a story of the Kobold God and Goddess and how they came to be."

With a toss of his head, Shadowwind places his hands on his harp. Then, with a wink and a grin, he leaps gaily into a jaunty, lighthearted tune.

Shadowwind sings:

"While an adventurer was laying down
Falvibold snuck and stole his golden crown!
He made himself a king that very day
Before Yardie stole that gold crown away. "

(Falvicar shakes his head and blinks a few times before scrambling back to his feet, raising his fist in a display of despair barely catching the shadow of Yardie escaping with his crown.)

(Opalina skips along the outskirts of a wintery town looking sad and lonely. She gazes around looking dubious about her situation.)

The discordant harmony Shadowwind draws quietly from his harp wails, keening like a chill winter's wind across the steppes.

Shadowwind sings:

"A kobold lass not too close, nor that far
A kobold lady is a rising star
Her name - Opielady - lonely as well
She spoke to an old lady, of her tale "

(Opalina speaks to an old lady on the snowy trail, "I'm so lonely" she cries. The little old lady throws down some simple runes and begins to chant, "I see it all clearly, Love will come to you my dear, be patient, and kind and true.")

Shadowwind creates a deadly, crawling-on-my-belly feel as he draw a mournful dirge from the bass strings of his harp.

(Falvicar searches for a new crown in the snow along the trail. Low and behold, he finds a brilliant blue dreamstone crown!)

(Yardie shakes the gold crown.)

Barely paying attention, Shadowwind noodles through a lightweight improvisation on his harp, capriciously using random chord-progressions and simple melodic lines.

Shadowwind sings:

""Falvibold became a little bit sad
But he was a very attractive lad
Then one fateful day Opielady came
And the kobolds..well.. The two had no shame!""

(Falvicar hurries one way.)

(Opalina hurries the other way.)

Falvicar flings himself against Opalina, embracing her tightly.

Opalina throws herself against Falvicar, playfully knocking him off balance for a moment.

Falvicar swoons.

Opalina falls over.

Falvicar stares deeply into Opalina's eyes and smiles softly.

Opalina stares deeply into Falvicar's eyes and smiles softly.

With gentle arpeggiation and breathy glissandos, Shadowwind draws wonder and joy from his harp, like a child blowing on a dandelion.

Opalina's cheeks flush with a soft pale rose shade, darkening her freckles even more.

Shadowwind sings:

""The kobolds were married that very day
Then went to their home and began to play
The music was loud when they used the kazoo
Their love together continued and grew""

(Opalina walks down an isle with her kobold papa by her side, whom as walking thrusts his sword out in front of him and accidentally hits himself! A Clean Miss. The kobold papa blushes furiously and runs away.)

(Falvicar beams with pride and pulls Opielady into his arms and plants a huge kiss right on her mouth, ears wiggling with joy.)

(Falvicar pretends to crown Opalina and then says, We needs more! The Kobold preacher breaks in and announces, Kobolds we have new masters, you may kiss your bride Falvibold.)

Falvicar steals a kiss from Opalina as they sway across the dance floor.

A small white candle glows warmly with a soft, flickering light.

As Shadowwind lightly accompanies the melody on his modwir harp with gentle arpeggios, the tune becomes ever more lyrical, with a captivating charm.

Shadowwind sings:

""Not long after, kobold babies were grown
Not different from potatoes being sewn
There were nurtured, watered, and cared til old
Then set free to rule and the rest to unfold""

Shadowwind slowly empties his lungs.

(Opalina rocks a cute little kobold in her arms hugging it gently and giggling lightly as it coos in delight. She notices it s face starts to scrunch and cry she hands the baby off to Falvibold.)

Opalina offers Falvicar a plush white toy kobold.

Falvicar accepts Opalina's toy kobold.

(Falvicar throws the baby into the air and catches it!)

Opalina glares at Falvicar briefly, before looking away to hide her growing smile.

Falvicar giggles.

Shadowwind plucks a quiet song on his modwir harp with ease and subtlety; the musical nuances appealingly intimate.

(Falvicar hugs the baby as it falls smoothly into his arms, but soon discovers why it was his turn, and fixes the child in a magical whirl. Fresh and clean he passes the baby back to its kobold mom all ready to take its afternoon nap.)

Falvicar offers Opalina a plush white toy kobold.

Opalina accepts Falvicar's toy kobold.

(Opalina cuddles the kobold baby in her arms till it sleeps.)

Shadowwind brushes his fingers over the strings, modulating softly from chord to chord as if playing to himself.

Shadowwind sings:

""And now with that, the Royale kobold pair
Declared themselves God and Goddess they dare!
God and Goddess titles are most above
But that is nothing compared to their love.""

(Opalina tilts her crown and lifts her wings, flapping lightly she raises into the air wiggling her finger she beckons her lover.)

Shadowwind quiets his modwir harp playing to a tiny sound, the notes becoming dry and breathy like mice sleeping in the dust.

(Falvicar spreads his wings in a mighty thunder and jumps into the air after his prized beloved. Holding his crown so it does not fall off, the two fly-off as mighty gods.)

Shadowwind sings:

""And that, dear friends, it came to be
The kobold God and Goddess deity
Their love forever for wings and a crown
Brings happiness for kobolds all around "

Shadowwind brings his quiet performance to a close with three descending harmonics; these last notes ring on, barely heard, as he lets his arms fall to his sides.

Opalina snuffs out a small white candle.

Falvicar takes the edge of his night-hued silk cape and holds it out, as he bows low in a courtly fashion.

Akrath remarks, "That was most a most unique story."

Entry #9: Yukito, the Dreamer

A short-legged pudgy kitten stalks bravely towards the severed head of Henshor and whaps at it with its paw!

Fluffybits recites:

"Our next contestant is... Yukito!"

You see Master Yukito Lennan.
He appears to be an Arrachd.
He is delicately petite. His form consistently shifts, making deeper details about him vague at best. An impression of deep, expressive lapis blue eyes and smooth, creamy skin lingers as he fades in and out, while he seems to have short, silky cotton candy pink hair loosely styled with some star-cut silvery crystal hairbeads scattered throughout that ripples in a constant state of motion as if trapped in a watery current.
He has a glistening violet-sheened snowflake inked across his right cheek, and a monochrome halfsleeve tattoo of inked brambles along his left forearm.
He is in good shape.
He is holding a bobtailed pure white kitten in the crook of his right arm.
He is wearing a white silk nightcap, a simple thigh-length tunic of soft white cloth with a satiny rose silk chemise underneath, some soft pink cotton shorts draping loose silk drawstings, and some rose-hued silk slippers.

Yukito removes a blue-edged soft cashmere blanket from in his hamster-shaped backpack.

Yukito slowly strides a few steps forward.

(Yukito clutches his cashmere blanket in his hand, letting it trail lightly on the floor behind him as he moves to a clear spot in the crowd.)

Yukito crosses his arms, grasps his shoulders, and sways to and fro.

Yukito shifts his position slightly, showing a hint of sunny yellow locks beneath his hair.

Yukito smiles fondly, nuzzling the kitten's whiskered cheek until a little paw presses on his eyelid, pushing him away grumpily.

Yukito covers his pure white kitten with kisses.

Yukito's pure white kitten hisses warningly, opening its mouth wide.

Yukito gives his pure white kitten an affectionate smooch and places it carefully on the ground. It gazes about with wide curious eyes.

Yukito sits down next to a bobtailed pure white kitten.

(Yukito allows the kitten to wander away a bit as he rummages in his hamster-shaped backpack, causing the soft material to scrunch as he digs around inside.)

Yukito removes a cloud white velvet pillow from in his hamster-shaped backpack.

Yukito gives his white velvet pillow a warm hug.

(Yukito glances over and fluffs his pillow gently, setting it on the floor near his pure white kitten. Taking a moment he gets comfortable as he half-rests on his side.)

(Yukito reaches out and rolls his pure white kitten with a playful swipe of his palm, sending it tumbling and waving its paws at him. Eventually the kitten gives itself a shake and claims half of the pillow for itself.)

Grabbing the soft cashmere blanket by the short ends, Yukito swirls the blanket over his head and drapes it across his shoulders.

Yukito removes a small chased silver lantern from in his hamster-shaped backpack.

Yukito carefully places a small chased silver lantern on the floor.

(Yukito glances over at the chased silver lantern and lightly pats the domed top. In response, the chased silver lantern dims so that the flames within flicker low, the light soothing and inviting.)

Interlocking his fingers above his head, Yukito stretches slowly, extending his spine in a satisfying stretch.

Yukito yawns.

Yukito tugs his soft cashmere blanket up higher around his face, and bundles up tightly into its thick folds. He looks cold.

Yukito smiles happily from within the warm folds of soft blue cashmere cocooning his body, and quietly hums tones of sleepy contentment. The kitten flops over on the pillow and purrs loudly in response.

Yukito clasps his hand over his mouth.

Yukito yawns.

Yukito rubs his lapis blue eyes.

Yukito gently brushes his cotton candy pink hair away from his eyes and, with a deft twist of his wrist, tucks it back into its bindings.

(Yukito leans back and gives his pillow another gentle whap with his palm, causing his pure white kitten to meow grumpily up at him.)

Yukito removes a plump stuffed strawberry of napped pink velvet from in his cream leather case.

Yukito holds a plump stuffed strawberry of napped pink velvet in his hand close to his body.

Speaking softly to you, Rohese mouths, "Adorable!"

A short-legged pudgy kitten hisses at the severed head of Henshor and rasps a tiny guttural yowl. Yukito lies down.

Speaking quietly to Elysia, Erek mouths, "Well now I am getting sleepy too."

Yukito closes his eyes for a moment.

Yukito slowly exhales, and the air surrounding him smells of delicately floral white tea and sweet, ripe peaches.

(Yukito curls up around his stuffed strawberry, giving it a little *nom nom* of a smooch with his lips. Smiling adoringly at the toy, he strokes the plush knapped velvet with his slim fingertips.)

Yukito's expression melts to a lost-in-thought blankness. As he closes his eyes, a wide smile spreads over his face and he gently sways back and forth, seemingly held deep in pleasant thoughts.

Yukito suddenly blinks and wakes up from his daydream.

(Yukito falls alseep, rolls over, and begins to lightly snore.)

(Yukito winks one eye open and grins.)

Yukito stands up.

Yukito bows.

Samyrha suppresses a giggle behind her hand.

The severed head of Henshor hisses menacingly at a short-legged pudgy kitten!

Speaking adoringly to Yukito, Rohese exclaims, "So cute!"

Rillarie cheerfully exclaims, "Adorable!"

Entry #10: Giogionni, the Demon

Fluffybits recites:

"Our next contestant is... Giogionni!"

You see Giogionni Wyvernspur.
Due to the demon mask he wears, it is difficult to determine his race...or even whether he is living or dead.
He is taller than average and has willowy, spindled limbs. His features are hidden beneath a grinning demon mask, though his starry, lost-in-thought emerald green eyes shine through. He has short, wind-blown moonlight silver hair. Little else about his appearance is easy to distinguish.
He has an inked spiral of tightly coiled silver tendrils on his temple, a House Sovyn tattoo on his neck, an elaborate series of overlapping silver sigils tattoo on his right forearm, an elegantly scripted tattoo on his left wrist, an elegantly scripted tattoo on his right wrist, a tattoo of winding dark tendrils and jagged lightning on his leg, and a silver knotwork tattoo on his right shoulder.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a grinning demon mask, some intricate black deathstone studs, some deeply cowled void black robes, some sweeping leathery black wings, a cross-shaped black deathstone talisman, some shadowy black leather gloves, a faceted black deathstone finger-armor, and some shadowy black leather boots.

The severed head of Henshor wails as it quickly evades a pair of kittens as they prepare to pounce in its direction! The two kittens both pounce at the same time, launching head first into each other! After a brief struggle, the two kittens part ways and lick their paws.

(Giogionni slowly makes his way to the garland-framed bloodwood doors. His robes lightly drag across the floor as he seemingly glides through the room.)

Giogionni turns around.

Giogionni lifts up the edge of his midnight black cowl, glancing around the area with emerald green eyes.

Giogionni flashes an evil grin. The tips of his razor-sharp fangs are clearly visible, protruding from beneath his upper lip. His eyes suddenly glow with a crimson hue.

Giogionni interlocks his fingers and stretches his arms out in front of him, cracking his knuckles loudly.

Giogionni covers his mouth as he clears his throat.

Giogionni recites:

"Abandon all shards, ye who are shoppin' here!"

Giogionni lifts up his chin and throws back his shoulders.

Giogionni extends his wings, spreading the veined membranes tight and displaying their sweeping, scalloped expanse.

Giogionni breathes out a cloud of carmine flames and sulphurous fumes!

Giogionni bares his razor-sharp fangs and hisses menacingly. His eyes suddenly glow with a crimson hue.

Giogionni bares his razor-sharp fangs and glares menacingly at Lithyia. His eyes suddenly flash with a crimson light.

Lithyia cowers away from Giogionni.

Giogionni breathes out a cloud of carmine flames and sulphurous fumes!

Lithyia exclaims, "Oh no...throw water on him!"

Lithyia exclaims, "He breathes fire!"

Speaking darkly to Lithyia, Loralaii says, "Heartburn."

Giogionni casually runs the tip of his tongue over the point of one of his razor-sharp fangs, somehow managing to appear both threatening and seductive at the same time. His eyes suddenly glow with a crimson hue.

Giogionni bows.

Samyrha blinks.

Samyrha giggles.

Akrath applauds Giogionni.

Speaking to a short-legged pudgy kitten, the severed head of Henshor says, "Stop that. I see you eyeing me down there. I'm not a ball of yarn."

Entry #11: Delindra, the Butterfly

Fluffybits recites:

"And our final contestant, Delindra!"

You see Squire Delindra Talissen the Flora Enthusiast.
She appears to be a Caoineag.
She is tall and has a waiflike physique. She has silver-flecked periwinkle blue eyes that hold a deep sadness to them, causing her to appear to be weeping at every turn. Her rose-blushed, milky white skin is barely visible, at times disappearing completely and leaving only a faint impression of a form. She has waist length, ringleted platinum hair divided into several elegantly twisted sections and adorned with some vaalin and jade butterfly hairbeads. Miniature music notes spiral outward from her before fading away.
She is in good shape.
She is holding a bejeweled lace eye mask of splayed butterfly wings in her right hand. She is wearing an underwing butterfly cloak of sunset orange velvet, an auroral glasswing butterfly costume, a small carved ipe swallowtail butterfly, a pair of golden suede gloves, a pair of light gold silk stockings affixed with crimson lace bows, and a pair of russet suede boots laced with gold cording.

Delindra explains, "I have chosen the simple image of the butterfly. I find that it bears many representations - the beauty of life, and the frailty. As well as the hope of renewal and rebirth, of growth and re-emergence."

Delindra explains, "And so I present to you a song dedicated to the Lady Kasendra, who left us all too soon, but whose life inspired renewal and rebirth all the same, as shown by the Accords recently enacted in her memory."

With an elegant flick of her fingers, Delindra brushes one of the sunset orange wings of her cloak into place, displacing a tiny butterfly that alights briefly on her hand before flying away.

Delindra nods at Jisandra.

Jisandra nods.

Jisandra removes a weathered golden oak lute from in her lor case.

Akrath casts an appraising look over Delindra. Jisandra begins playing a quiet song on her lute.

Delindra sings softly:

"When the work is past, my love,
And the toil is all done,
Our hearts will hold you fast, my love,
Though your story, just begun."

Delindra sings:

"Worry not about your tasks, my love
Know that we will see them through.
The only thing we'd ask, my love,
That our hearts you would renew."

Tracing a line down her cloak, Delindra coaxes out several sunset orange underwing butterflies that flit about her before diving back inside her cloak. One lingers, fluttering lovingly near her face before it too disappears.

With a decrease in tempo, Jisandra gives her soft melody the aspect of a soothing lullabye that makes forgetting the day's cares as easy as closing your eyes.

Delindra sings:

"And we dwell here in our memories,
Every kind and cherished smile
And we'll honor all your legacies.
You'll be with us all the while."

Jisandra makes a sharp decrescendo, forcing you to strain to hear the soft notes.

Delindra sings hauntingly:

"And though it isn't fair, my love,
That you were taken far too soon.
So much more that we would share, my love,
And now your dreams may seem all strewn."

Delindra bows her head in sorrow, wrapping the sunset orange velvet wings of her butterfly cloak about her. A single butterfly drifts out of the hood and hovers near her face briefly.

Delindra sings:

"Now your work is past, my love,
You lay down your heavy load.
May your soul find peace at the last, my love,
And know our hearts, you hold."

With a decrease in tempo, Jisandra gives her soft melody the aspect of a soothing lullabye that makes forgetting the day's cares as easy as closing your eyes.

Delindra sings soulfully:

"And we dwell here in our memories,
Every kind and cherished smile
And we'll honor all your legacies.
You'll be with us all the while."

Delindra glides into an elegant curtsy, coaxing a butterfly from her sunset orange underwing butterfly cloak to rest on her outstretched, open palm. It sits there, lightly beating its wings before it flies back inside the cloak.

Jisandra strums one final soft chord then allows her lute to fall silent.

Delindra's brows furrow together, a single tear streaking its way down her cheek.


Fluffybits recites:

"Okay my deceased ladies and gentlemen!"

Fluffybits recites:

"First category, Best Couple!"

Fluffybits recites:

"OH. Hold your applause until the end, otherwise my parrot get antsy."

Fluffybits recites:

"The winners are... Lylia and Xorus!"

Fluffybits recites:

"For the category of Most Creative..."

Fluffybits recites:

"The winner is... Rivienne!"

Fluffybits recites:

"For the category of Most Original..."

Fluffybits recites:

"The winner is... Rohese!"

Fluffybits recites:

"For the category of Funniest..."

Fluffybits recites:

"The winner is... Yukito!"

Fluffybits recites:

"And the category of Spookiest..."

Fluffybits recites:

"The winner is... Uniana!"

Fluffybits covers her parrots head.

Fluffybits recites:

"Applause now!"