Eversteel Dice Game

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Eversteel Dice Game is a gambling style game in Platinum that allows players to choose from a list of services.


  • Five players will be spun for each time the game is run once a quarter.
  • The cost to roll the dice is 100k and must be paid before you roll.
  • You can only roll once a year, win or lose! Good luck!
  • You can only win a service once a year through this game, per account.
  • Please bring the character and items you'd like the service provided for, there will be no passing of wins.


Dice Roll Prize
:2: 30 minute GALD session w/ 1 feature alter - Delayed Service
:3: +5 enchant up to +40 or +2 TD up to +30
:4: EZ script (one verb) - Delayed Service
:5: +5 W/P/S
:6: Fluff Script Swapping - Swap script from 1 item onto another. Please review link - https://gswiki.play.net/Script_swapping
:7: LOSE
:8: Mage Empowered item w/max charge +1000 of any spell that can be found on a critter found scroll or attack spells max charges +4000 (No Major Mental or Savant Spells)
:9: Removal of something - spikes, scripts, flares (unless it is part of the material (i.e. gornar has earth flares and needs to remain)) padding, weighting, sighting (same as flares if its part of the material)
:10: Uncommon or Rare Flare on armor or weapon or UAC gear
:11: Shimmering Violet Orb
:12: +50 to current charges & Max capacity (up to a maximum of 500) on enhancive (If you have 10/10 enhancive and win this, you'll have a 60/60)

Winners of 2024

Quarter Winner
Feb/1st Jaired, Oro, Tahlaer, Valmos, Daenamaryllis
/2nd TBD
/3rd TBD
/4th TBD