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Script swapping is the process of taking a fluff script from one item and transferring it to a similar item. The donor object will be destroyed in the process. The recipient object must be unscripted, but the merchant might perform a script removal at the time the service is offered. The description of the donor object can also be copied onto the recipient object at the time of the service if it makes sense.

  • The items must be worn in the same location, if worn.
  • The recipient object must make sense for the script. While both hairsticks and hairties are worn in the same location, the messaging for a hairtie script would not make sense on hairsticks.
  • FLUFF SCRIPTS ONLY. If it has combat applications, that is a no go. The merchant has the final determination on what qualifies as a fluff script for the purposes of this service.
  • Merchants may veto any swap.

Cost: 500,000 silver. 1,000,000 silver if the recipient object is enhancive.

Script swapping has been performed by Bazzelwyn at Ebon Gate 2015 and Briarmoon Cove in February 2016, by Ledirth at A Midsummer Night's Festival 2017, and by Frazzelwyn at Ebon Gate 2019.

Reject List

Morphing armor
Chrism holders
Spell/wand gloves
Weight reducing containers
Crystal holders
Gold ring holders
Mandis crystal forged weapons
Rune wrist/belt morphing runestaves
Sword canes
Wand-holding runestaves