Eyes of the Dawn - 5116-10-08 - Emperor's Denouncement and Chaston's Attack (log)

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Jastatos 8-9, 5116

by Leafiara Autumnwind of the TownCrier


  • Warships flying the flag of Torre are spotted approaching Wehnimer's Landing, along with transport ships containing half-elven prisoners to be delivered to Chaston's cleansing camps. Pylons at the Landing docks are fired toward the sea to mixed results, as Adelynn destroys a warship but Sareyna hits a transport ship.
  • Prelate Chaston assaults Wehnimer's Landing. With the Landing's east side already having been previously occupied with some of his men stationed behind barricades, more of his Blameless crusaders arrive by land and by sea. Chaston also continues to use his power to sway minds to lead the townspeople to join in the attack.
  • Drangell eventually joins in the land assault, but reports eventually come in that he is defeated by Roblar. However, his body is carried away and for the time he still lives... somewhere.
  • Chaston's crusaders eventually stop the pylon with an antimagic shard and construct another barricade at the North Dock.
  • Leafiara is captured by Chaston's forces and brought into a cleansing camp, where blood is taken from her. However, Disean sets her free for unknown reasons.


The Emperor's Denouncement

A town crier announces, "A messenger has arrived from the Empire, bringing an announcement from the Sun Throne! He will speak shortly outside of Moot Hall!

[Town Square, East]

Here in the center of a broad plaza near the commercial area of the bazaar stands the impressive facade of the slate-roofed Moot Hall, where the citizens of Wehnimer's Landing hold various official, religious and social functions. Facing the square are some of the town's more prosperous shops, still doing business with the many customers who still frequent the streets at night. You also see a large purple wooden barrel.

Leafiara says, "Hoping for some good news this evening. We could certainly use some."

A town crier announces, "A messenger has arrived from the Empire, bringing an announcement from the Sun Throne! He will speak in one minute!"

Zabarieth mutters, "Mhm, sure he will."

Chamorr heartily says, "Prolly givin Chaston his blessing."

Leafiara thoughtfully says, "One minute seems like an eternity when this news could change everything."

An armored imperial knight just arrived!

The knight bows, then stands at attention.

Cryheart says, "Good evening, Sir knight."

The imperial knight removes a rolled parchment from his cloak, and stands, watching the crowd.

>look knight

You see a fairly typical imperial knight.

He appears to be in good shape.

He has some sturdy dark leather boots (worn), a long flowing golden cloak (worn), some polished gold-inlaid plate emblazoned with the image of a crimson starburst (worn) and a gold and crimson steel sword.

Cryheart recites:

"Folks, let's listen carefully to the Imperial knight..and thank ye"

The knight seems to wait a moment longer, watching the crowd, measuring the noise, then nods as if pleased.

The imperial knight unfurls the scroll and clears his throat. "Behold, I bring tidings from His Majesty, Emperor Aurmont Anodheles of the Turamzzyrian Empire, Long May He Reign."

Mynon says, "Long may he reign."

Arrec clearly echoes, "Long may he reign."

Dirra says, "Long may he reign."

Amyill says, "Long me he rain."

Cryheart says, "Long live the Emperor."

Rowmi curiously echoes, "Aurmont?"

Rubi says, "As long as it doesn't rain too long.."

Augierose softly asks, "Who?"

Chamorr heartily says, "Sheesh."

Ruskos exclaims, "Long may it rain!"

Wadsworth says, "A short name all things considered."

(Bekke remains decidedly silent.)

Kayse monotonously echoes, "Long may he reign."

Madmountan says, "He didn't state the other 15 titles."

The imperial knight's eyes scan over the scroll and he reads, "The news from the north has troubled me."

Amyill says, "Indeed..."

Augierose softly asks, "So? And?"

The imperial knight reads, "In 4694, the Rysus Codex was finally established by Emperor Perrinor Rysus. From its birth and acceptance, the laws of the Turamzzyrian Empire have since forth been declared with monumental clarity. In the codex, the rights of the Sun Throne down to the field worker have been established. Furthermore, it is in this vast document which clearly places the Emperor above the Church."

Wadsworth asks, "In common?"

Sorrenn says, "Surely in the fine print."

The imperial knight reads, "I will remind all within the Empire and beyond to recall what occurred when last agents of the Church felt swayed to question the law of the land. I will remind you of the schism in the year 4800, where the mighty Church of Koar was embroiled in a civil war, and Emperor Ommindar the Stout crushed the treasonous priests who dared to challenge the authority of the Sun Throne."

Ardwen says, "Sitting on a church has to hurt."

Speaking softly to an armored imperial knight, Augierose says, "Emporer should never be above church."

The knight clears his throat.

Wadsworth says, "Get to it."

The imperial knight reads, "The conflict was as bloody then, as it will be now, should rebellious factions of the Church continue to operate in direct opposition of the Sun Throne. All leaders within the Church of Koar serve at the pleasure of the Emperor, and I am not pleased."

Ardwen says, "Hey an Imperial that isn't an imbecile, something is wrong."

Ysharra asks, "Are you actually going to do anything about it?"

Ysharra asks, "Or just sound put out?"

The imperial knight reads, "With a majority backing of the Council of Lords, and the full support of the Patriarch of the Church, I hereby command Prelate Chaston Griffin to halt all operations and cease movement of all armaments in the Northern Provinces. I reaffirm Earl Eddric Jovery as the lawfully appointed Northern Sentinel and command his safe release and return to Lolle immediately. From this moment forward, those found guilty in aiding the crusade led by Prelate Chaston shall answer for their crimes in the imperial courts of Tamzzyr, or in a battlefield adorned with their remains."

Olgretien deeply says, "Chaston may want this one silenced."

[general reaction of cheers and applause from the gathered adventurers]

Roelaren says, "That is awesome."

Wadsworth says, "Whoa."

Geijon says, "Rebuked Chaston."

Speaking to an armored imperial knight, Bekke says, "Wonderful. Now demand he release the half-elves immediately."

Ysharra asks, "But how will this be carried out?"

Ephya says, "Let's hope you brought troops..."

Ysharra says, "There's a barricade full of them right here."

Hammibal asks, "So can we have our town back? And that barricade removed?"

Ardwen says, "Ya'd think ya'd be announcing this in the empire not the hinterlands."

Olgretien deeply says, "I like the battlefield choice."

Speaking to Ardwen, Leafiara says, "Probably already announced it elsewhere."

Maylan says, "Finally, a strong response."

Wadsworth says, "I suspect an epic entrance soon."

Cryheart says, "Amen."

Speaking firmly to Ysharra, Ariond says, "That will be dealt with in its time."

Elbromo says, "But I bet he dun have da cash fe an army."

The imperial knight reads, "My warning shall be abundantly clear. The imperial army has been called to arms, and if the command issued by the Sun Throne of the Turamzzyrian Empire is not heeded by Prelate Chaston Griffin, then the great shield that defends our realm shall become a mighty blade that herald's justice. So I have commanded, so it shall be."

Ysharra says, "By us, I would hope."

Rowmi crisply says, "Now all we need is an army. And a solution to the Everblood. And Raznel. And mentalism. And..."

Ysharra says, "I'm not sure having more imperial forces here..."

Amyill exclaims, "Everyone, please get your torches and pitchforks ready!"

Sorrenn says, "Words are wind."

Roblar deeply says, "At last, some sense."

Ardwen asks, "So words and no actual actions?"

Augierose softly asks, "Ya think?"

Speaking to Rowmi, Puptilian says, "Until we know how to deal with however Chaston controls minds...a large army scares me a lot."

Aydan says, "They likely won't come this way. They'll go to Talador to strike at the source."

Aurach softly says, "I imagine all the cockroaches scurrying beneath Chastons heels will seek shadows to hide in once more."

Augierose softly says, "Sounds mighty imperialistic to me."

Speaking to an armored imperial knight, Aydan asks, "Have you already, or do you plan to recite that within earshot of the nearby Outpost?"

Elbromo says, "Well it is an empire."

Speaking to Augierose, Thondalar says, "The empire tends to be imperialistic. That's how words work."

Rubi says, "Now.. I just hope Chaston doesn't proclaim the emperor a heretic and go all out to capture him or something.."

Elbromo says, "Tats how dey talk down there."

The knight reads, "By my Hand, Emperor Aurmont Chandrennin Anodheles."

Geijon says, "We stand with Vornavis. They stand with us."

Evia says, "In the loudest possible voice."

The knight rolls up the parchment and places it into his cloak.

Speaking to Aydan, Shinann says, "Took the words out of my mouth."

Ysharra says, "Thank you, good sir. We appreciate your delivery."

Sorrenn says, "Thanks for the message."

Speaking to an armored imperial knight, Puptilian says, "Thank you for bringing that message."

Wadsworth says, "Thanks warrior."

Speaking to an armored imperial knight, Bekke asks, "And the Half-elves?"

Speaking to an armored imperial knight, Shanak says, "Welcome news."

Speaking cheerfully to an armored imperial knight, Rowmi praises, "Thank you Sir, for the news."

Speaking politely to an armored imperial knight, Katiesa says, "I thank you for doing this duty."

Panndoris says, "I guess we shall wait for the response."

Elbromo says, "He writes his own letters..how egalatarian."

The voice of Cruxophim absently ventures, "Does this mean we have permission to kick Chaston's teeth in now?"

Wadsworth says, "Well read."

Speaking to an armored imperial knight, Lylia says, "Thank you for bearing the message."

Speaking to an armored imperial knight, Ariond says, "Most welcome news, thank you. We appreciate your making this journey."

Speaking to an armored imperial knight, Thondalar asks, "So when can we expect some reinforcements?"

Sorrenn says, "Good to see these actions are not going unnoticed."

Kayse dryly asks, "We needed permission to kick in his teeth before?"

Elbromo says, "Well long enuf to Chaston outa here."

Sorrenn says, "Albeit weeks late."

From behind Kayse, Cruxophim's voice lightly agrees, "Fair point."

Speaking to Cryheart, Puptilian says, "It's a start but it will come too late. We still need to deal with things on our end."

The imperial knight says, "Long May He Reign."

The voice of Cruxophim lightly reminds, "So long as you save them for me after."

Speaking respectfully to an armored imperial knight, Ariond echoes, "Long may He reign."

Cryheart says, "Long live the Emperor."

The knight says, "The Sun Throne's command has been dispatched to all provinces."

(Maylan flips a silver coin at the armored imperial knight.)

Speaking to an armored imperial knight, Maylan says, "Thanks for the message."

Geijon says, "Expect a greater deal of aggression from the Blameless. They will make a grab at land."

Ysharra asks, "Just the message?"

Ephya asks, "What does this do for us now?"

Ysharra asks, "No knights and foot soldiers to come with it?"

Wadsworth says, "Nothing."

Ephya says, "We have a barricade.. a blight.."

Ardwen says, "Nothing of course."

Augierose softly says, "Welp."

The knight looks over the crowd, then marches off.

Roblar deeply says, "Distracts em."

Ephya says, "Excellent."

Rubi says, "Did he send us some.. rein..."

Ysharra asks, "No actual priests of Koar?"

Ysharra asks, "Come to speak for their faith?"

Speaking to Ephya, Ariond responds, "It means that any action we take against the Blameless, cannot be construed as an act of war against the Sun Throne."

Geijon says, "Chaston has no intention of stepping aside in his "Divine" quest."

Evia says, "Maybe more whine is needed."

Hammibal says, "And then he just leaves, what a piece of work."

Landrat quietly says, "Words, nuffin but drivel."

Nolofinwe quietly says, "Hmph."

Speaking to Ephya, Ariond says, "That is very great news indeed."

Speaking to Ysharra, Ulkov says, "We have the second Watcher in town, actually."

Ephya says, "Was that an issue? I have killed a few of them."

Speaking to Ysharra, Puptilian says, "We have a true representative of the church here already."

Aurach softly says, "It will do little immediately, but will perhaps slow further reinforcements to Chaston."

Speaking to Ariond, Thondalar says, "Good point..."

Elbromo says, "Well... I mean I told ye he might have an army..but his coffers are problematic..wars are expensive."

Arrec amusedly says, "He was a messenger, and he delivered his message."

Azona says, "Those are not true followers of the Drake."

Leafiara says, "A more straightforward announcement than we usually get."

Nolofinwe quietly exclaims, "Well, that should probably sort everything out. Everyone head home, the problem has been resolved!"

The voice of Cruxophim contentedly muses, "Open season on the Blameless, then."

Ordim says, "Public proclomations presents problematic parchments provoking pompous prelates."

Lylia says, "I appreciate his brevity. Now, time to see about those barricades."

Panndoris says, "Like I said.. we wait for the response."

Speaking to Nolofinwe, Leafiara says, "Sarcasm, I hope."

Prelate Chaston's Warships Approach

A flash of lightning in the distance briefly illuminates the outline of a ship on the outskirts of Darkstone Bay.

Ulkov says, "And here we go."

Cryheart says, "Ship."

Maylan exclaims, "It is beginning!"

Goldstr says, "Less hopes Baron Spensor heards an responds in da right way."

Bekke says, "Don't attack that ship."

Cryheart says, "We need a scout or two on the coastal cliffs."

Ariond recites:

"To arms, this may be Torren warships!"

Chamorr heartily says, "So much for proclamations."

Cryheart recites:

"Headed to North docks"

Bekke recites:

"This could be a ship containing prisoners. I ask you do not attack it before we know."

[Wehnimer's, North Dock]

The dock's planks are dull and weathered from the salt spray of many seasons. Northward beyond the massive sea gates, a flock of ice geese passes, silhouetted against the sky over the dark blue waters of Darkstone Bay. The hulk of a derelict coastal sailer is tethered to the end of the pier. You also see a dark grey umber-shrouded ship, the dark waters of Darkstone Bay, a stack of empty crates and a huge imperial wagon with a glowing blue-white pylon on it.

Maylan recites:

"Hold your attacks until we discover the intent of these ships"

[other groups splinter off to the middle dock and the Coastal Cliffs]

Speaking eagerly to Puptilian, Cruxophim ventures, "This means we have full... permissions regarding the Blameless, yes?"

Speaking lightly to Cruxophim, Rowmi says, "One never needed permission."

Speaking skeptically to Rowmi, Cruxophim complains, "I don't think that's entirely true. Murder the wrong people, folks get unhappy real quick."

Speaking wryly to Stormyrain, Cruxophim clarifies, "Maybe I should rephrase that."

Chamorr heartily says, "It may be loaded with half elfs."

Cryheart recites:

"Olgretien is seeing the ships now on the coast"

Through the momentarily pulses of lightning in the sky, a line of ships appears on the edge of Darkstone Bay. Little detail is seen, save for a few banners emblazoned with the image of a white stork on a field of blue.

Cryheart says, "Torre."

Puptilian says, "Yep."

Kayse slowly says, "Torre."

Puptilian recites:

"I would be careful on attacking at the moment as we know they have slave ships coming to drop off half elves. At least know what you are shooting..."

Still far away, but enough to be seen more clearly, the ships come into better view. A line of Torren warships can be spotted, trailing a line of large Torren transport ships.

Seomanthe says, "The warships are behind, then, be careful of captives."

Speaking to Ulkov, Bekke says, "Transport ships, as well."

Ulkov nods at Bekke.

Ulkov says, "I seen 'em."

Speaking to Stormyrain, Puptilian says, "Would love to take the ships out to try to intercept the transports but we can't fight ship to ship against that many warships."

Goldstr says, "We nae wants harm half elf prisoners."

Cryheart recites:

"There is also a group manning the pylon on the middle dock"

Ulkov asks, "Can we at least PREPARE ta fire?"

Geijon says, "Ensure you do everything within your power to not harm townspeople or any prisoners."

Cryheart says, "They are not ready yet."

Speaking to Ulkov, Madmountan says, "It's not activated at the moment."

Goldstr says, "Please prepare."

Geijon says, "Targeting of innocents intentionally will draw our attention to your criminal behavior and you will be dealt with."

Rubi hesitantly asks, "We don't... actually have to get ON a boat...do we?"

Speaking to Rubi, Lylia says, "Probably not. Well, possibly not."

Lylia says, "It has happened before."

Evia says, "Not this time, maybe, hope."

Speaking honestly to Rubi, Leafiara says, "Well, maybe if we have to free captives..."

Speaking to Leafiara, Rubi says, "I'll support the group from the rear."

Evia says, "That would be tricky to disembark a shipfull of prisoners, I am not even sure how....."

Ariond recites:

"Watch those warships, if their catapults fire, run."

Speaking to Stormyrain, Puptilian asks, "Whats the odds we can get on those ships while the pylons keep back the warships?"

A flash of blue-white light sparks at the North Dock!

[people prepare the pylon to fire]

Adelynn steadies the blue-white pylon and fires! A bolt of brilliant blue-white energy soars out into Darkstone Bay, crashing into the side of a dark Torren warship and exploding it into a million pieces! DESTROYED!

Geijon says, "Hold firing th' pylons."

Ariond turns to Adelynn and cheers!

Ordim exclaims, "Nice shot!"

Evia coughs.

Ulkov turns to Adelynn and cheers!

Nolofinwe lets out a cheer!

Eena turns to Adelynn and cheers!

Nolofinwe quietly says, "I say fire."

Speaking fondly to Adelynn, Ariond says, "Excellent shot."

Geijon says, "We risk th' transports."

Madmountan says, "Very nice."

Ulkov waves a hand at Geijon, dismissing him indifferently.

Nolofinwe quietly says, "We do risk the transports, yes."

Nolofinwe quietly says, "But we sink the warships."

Nolofinwe quietly says, "Difficult decisions. This is war."

Ariond says, "Just aim carefully."

Speaking to Ulkov, Bekke says, "Please don't dismiss the lives held prisoner against their will simply for being Half-elf."

Speaking to Ulkov, Geijon says, "I'll burn your entire tower of Dhe'nar down before I let you fire on innocents."

Nolofinwe quietly says, "Sink them, I say. Exercise all possible care."

[people begin preparing the pylon again]

Speaking to Bekke, Ulkov says, "Ya think I can't tell the difference between a transpot and a warship? Ya lot need a litle faith."

Sareyna steadies the blue-white pylon and fires! A bolt of brilliant blue-white energy soars out into Darkstone Bay, missing a dark Torren warship entirely, and instead striking a Torren transport ship, where blue-white flames erupt, accompanied by the screams of prisoners onboard!

Ephya gasps.

Stormyrain stares at Sareyna.

Ariond glances at Sareyna.

Ariond says, "You..."

Goldstr exclaims, "Ack!"

Rubi blinks at Sareyna.

Ephya asks, "Why are we firing?"

Speaking to Ulkov, Bekke says, "I'm simply saying I didn't wish THAT to happen."

Ariond exclaims, "I said AIM!"

Evia says, "Great job Sarey."

Ephya says, "I thought we were waiting."

Areigha softly exclaims, "Nice!"

Evia sighs.

Eena says, "Oh no."

Areigha softly says, "Do it again."

Areigha softly says, "This is war."

Nolofinwe quietly says, "'Its alright! Stay focused. Concentrate on your next shot."

Chamorr heartily says, "Hold fire."

There is a blue-white spark of energy at the Middle Dock.

(Ariond gazes out, stone-faced, at the dark waters of the bay.)

Speaking softly to Sareyna, Areigha says, "Someone had to do it."

Cryheart says, "Hold fire."

[people begin preparing the pylon again]

Lylia says, "They use the ships as a shield."

Cryheart says, "Ye are striking the prisoner ships."

Katiesa quietly says, "Let us not do their cleansing for them."

Barzillia quietly says, "Sure could use Rufus bout now."

Chamorr heartily says, "We know the transports are loaded now."

Speaking to Stormyrain, Geijon says, "Don't allow them to fire on th' transports, Captain."

Areigha softly says, "Hopefully they can swim."

Goldstr says, "Please dinna fire less be needed."

Sareyna says, "I thought we were firing we did already ..make yourselves clear before you jump down my throat."

Wadsworth says, "To be the good guys, we cannot kill innocents."

Speaking to Geijon, Stormyrain says, "I am not touching the pylons for that very reason. I just warned the middle dock, as well."

Geijon says, "I don't."

Speaking to Sareyna, Ariond says, "We did fire, but we are taking care to aim properly."

Aurach softly says, "I imagine if you kill the next one to fire the pylon, the remainder will get the message."

Nolofinwe quietly asks, "When will it be needed? When they've already offloaded their hordes with everblood?"

Cryheart asks, "I thought we heard prisoners scream?"

Geijon says, "He can explain to Baron Malwind his choice of action."

Ardwen says, "Good and evil are vaguaries."

Wadsworth says, "Except Ardwen, kill him."

Ephya says, "We do not turn on each other."

Ephya squints at Aurach.

[Leafiara steps away for a bit at this point. By the time she returns, small early waves of attacks have begun and she heads to TSC for triage.]

The Invasion Commences

[Town Square Central]

This is the heart of the main square of Wehnimer's Landing. The impromptu shops of the bazaar are clustered around this central gathering place, where townsfolk, travellers, and adventurers meet to talk, conspire or raise expeditions to the far-flung reaches of Elanith. At the north end, an old well, with moss-covered stones and a craggy roof, is shaded from the moonlight by a strong, robust tree. The oak is tall and straight, and it is apparent that the roots run deep.

White-armored justicars flood into the grasslands, approaching the gates of town! Young militia members rush out to fight them!

[amidst this and the attackers from the occupied east side of the Landing, deaths begin mounting]

The sound of the storm's rain is slowly drowned out by the growing chants echoing from the streets of town, "We will rise...we will fight...we will rise...we will fight...glory to the God-King!"

[townspeople under Chaston's sway attack in the streets of the Landing as well; deaths continue to mount]

White-armored justicars spread out along the North Ring Road in town, some forming outside of the barracks, as YOUNG militia members rush out to fight them!

White-armored crusaders, left unchecked in the Trollfang, move up into the Grassands and march on the gates of town!

[battle continues in and out of the gates]

On Darkstone Bay, blue-white flames continue to rise up from the remnants of a handful of transport vessels. Few transport ships remain, but they suddenly slow, the Torren warships speeding ahead of them, moving towards both the Black Sands and the Town Docks.

From atop the Hendoran Outpost, the Baron of Bourth emerges, standing below the flapping white banner bearing a golden crown emblem. He looks from west to east, then descends back down into the outpost and out of sight.

[battle continues; several dozen raises in TSC]

A long piercing hornblast sounds from the direction of the Lower Dragonsclaw!

[I believe this was the signal for when Drangell began his attack, based on no mentions of him in the log before now and then the very next deader to arrive at TSC bringing him up. But since Leafiara didn't leave triage this night, that's not a guarantee.]

[fighting and raising continues and then the death of Drangell is sensed]

Areigha recites softly:

"All hail Roblar

Killer of Drangell!!"

Areigha softly says, "But."

Areigha softly says, "His body was dragged off."

Areigha softly says, "So he will be back."

Some white-armored crusaders march on the North Docks, and one throws a green crystalline shard. It shatters at the docks, and a green mist seeps out around the area of the North Docks.

As the green mist suffocates the North Docks, the blue-white light of the pylon dies down.

Town militia begin to push the imperial wagon with the blue-white pylon on it, away from the North Docks, and bring it to outside the Town Barracks.

With many defenders' corpses near the North Docks, a new barricade rises up before the docks.

The Torren warships begin to slowly fall back, gliding away from the docks of town.

Leafiara's Capture

[note: by sheer necessity this section is partly first person and partly third person]

[as raising at triage continues...]

Leafiara gestures at Arrec.

A silvery translucent thread extends from Leafiara encompassing Arrec's corpse.

Speaking to Arrec, Leafiara asks, "Need a chrism?"

Leafiara sits down next to Arrec.

Leafiara attempts to hum a merry little tune.

The ghostly voice of Arrec says, "None necessary."

Leafiara nods at Arrec.

Leafiara gestures at Arrec.

A melodic chant escapes your lips, singing the praises of the joys of living. Rising up from within your very soul like an unforgettable melody, a sparkling yellow aura soon surrounds you as you revel in your ceremony. Caught up in the moment, you dance lively around the body of Arrec, the exultant energy flowing from you to him with every step. You take a small bow at the end of the ritual that has left both you and Arrec slightly out of breath.

Speaking to Leafiara, Arrec says, "My thanks."

Leafiara grins at Arrec.

Leafiara says, "You're very welcome."

Leafiara nods at Arrec.

Suddenly, some white-robed acolytes run into view and grab Leafiara, dragging her off!

You feel yourself being pulled away...

[Cleansing Camp]

High walls of dark wood have been blackened with smoke and stained with blood. Filth and tattered rags litter the ground, and heavy metal chains dangle from the corners of the chamber, like steel vipers coiling outward. The cramped area reeks of sweat and burnt flesh.

Obvious exits: out


You don't seem to be able to move to do that.

>stance def

You don't seem to be able to move to do that.

You focus on projecting your thoughts...

[I believe her line was something like... Well, I'm in here sooner than I wanted to be. If anyone has a log that includes thoughts from October 9, 2016 around the area of midnight EST to 4:00 AM EST, please send it to Leafiara.]


You don't seem to be able to move to do that.


You don't seem to be able to move to do that.

A white-robed Wehnimer's acolyte just arrived!

A white-robed Wehnimer's acolyte just arrived!

>sym transcend

The power from your symbol dissipates into the air.

>look aco

You see a fairly typical Wehnimer's acolyte.

He appears to be in good shape.

He has a spear, some reinforced leather (worn) and a reinforced shield.

Leafiara asks, "I don't suppose there's any chance I'm here for a pleasant talk, huh?"

Leafiara peers quizzically at a white-robed Wehnimer's acolyte.

Leafiara gestures while calling upon the lesser spirits...

Leafiara gestures.

Your magic fizzles ineffectually.

Leafiara rubs her chin thoughtfully.


You don't seem to be able to move your legs to do that.

>sym sleep

The power from your symbol dissipates into the air.

>appraise aco

The Wehnimer's acolyte is medium in size and about nine feet high in his current state.

The acolyte could probably wipe the floor with you.

Leafiara says, "I'll take your silence as a no."

Leafiara cocks her head.

Leafiara asks, "So what are we up to, then, hmm?"

Leafiara asks, "Need a blood sacrifice?"

[over the amunet, I believe others were asking if there was any way she could get out.]

The white-robed acolytes step forward.

Leafiara narrows her eyes.

Suddenly, a half-krolvin prisoner is thrown into the room.

Leafiara says, "If you think I'm afraid, you're sorely mistaken."

Leafiara glances at a half-krolvin prisoner.


[Cleansing Camp]

High walls of dark wood have been blackened with smoke and stained with blood. Filth and tattered rags litter the ground, and heavy metal chains dangle from the corners of the chamber, like steel vipers coiling outward. The cramped area reeks of sweat and burnt flesh. You also see a half-krolvin prisoner, a white-robed Wehnimer's acolyte and a white-robed Wehnimer's acolyte.

Obvious exits: out

>look prisoner

You see nothing unusual.

>look at prisoner

You see nothing unusual.

>inspect prisoner

Leafiara carefully inspects a half-krolvin prisoner.

The acolytes look at the half-krolvin prisoner, whisper amongst each other, then shake their heads. One acolyte steps closer to you.

Speaking to a half-krolvin prisoner, Leafiara asks, "Are you alright?"

Leafiara glances at a white-robed Wehnimer's acolyte.

>turn aco

You don't seem to be able to move your legs to do that.

Leaning forward, the acolyte places a cold hand on your wrist.

Leafiara shudders.


You don't find anything of interest here.

The acolyte binds your arms and further binds your legs.

Leafiara shakes her head.

Leafiara says, "At least you know I could be one of your greatest enemies if you left me untied."

Leafiara smirks.

An acolyte runs his cold hand up the length of your arm.

Leafiara shivers.

Leafiara wryly says, "Have to admit I expected a bit more death in here."

Leafiara says, "Might have preferred it."

Leafiara narrows her eyes.

Leafiara says, "Remove your hand from me now."

You concentrate on projecting your thoughts but something seems to be blocking them.

You feel the blood drain from your face.

The acolyte leans in, pulling a small, black bug from his robe. He places it on your arm, and you feel a brief pinch. You see the bug expanding, filling up with blood. It turns from black to sanguine, and then he removes it from your skin. He places the bug inside of his robe.

The acolytes then look at the half-krolvin prisoner, and they both nod. The acolytes withdraw blades and stab the half-krolvin prisoner to death.

(Leafiara tilts her head to one side, wondering what was just done to her.)

Leafiara glances at a half-krolvin prisoner.

Leafiara shakes her head.

The acolytes look at you.

Suddenly, Disean enters the area.

Leafiara says, "I know you won't tell me what you did. You haven't said a word to me this whole time."


[Cleansing Camp]

High walls of dark wood have been blackened with smoke and stained with blood. Filth and tattered rags litter the ground, and heavy metal chains dangle from the corners of the chamber, like steel vipers coiling outward. The cramped area reeks of sweat and burnt flesh. You also see a half-krolvin corpse, a white-robed Wehnimer's acolyte and a white-robed Wehnimer's acolyte.

Also here: Lord Disean

Obvious exits: out

Leafiara glances at Disean.

Disean says, "I will handle her from here."

The acolytes nod.

The acolytes leave, stepping over the half-krolvin corpse.

Leafiara says, "Mindless acolytes."

Leafiara shakes her head.

Speaking to Disean, Leafiara says, "Not that you're any better."

>look disean

You see Lord Disean Andrews the Blameless.

He appears to be a Human.

He is tall and appears to be very young. He has dark steel grey eyes and tanned skin. He has a bald head. He has a clean-shaven face, a thin nose and a broad chest. A ring of fresh scars in the shape of a crown have been burnt into the flesh of his head.

He is in good shape.

He is holding a polished sharp-edged blade in his right hand and a polished white steel shield in his left hand.

He is wearing a pale suede longcloak lined with grey fur, a tailored grey leather satchel, a snowy white linen shirt, a crown-embossed white tabard of resplendent white wool, some drake-etched gilded bracers, a pale lacquered sheath bound in gold filament, some cross-buckled grey lambswool trousers, and a pair of black leather boots embossed with invar plates.

Disean moves over to you.

Disean grabs your hand.

Leafiara glares at Disean.

Disean pulls you to your feet.

Disean says, "Flee."

Lord Disean's group just went out.

[Cleansing Camp]

Squat windowless wooden buildings form a half-circle facing a dirt-covered stretch of land. Large, white-armored men stand like silent golems near each building, their dark, hollow eyes regarding their surroundings with a cold, but calculating stare. Numerous long tracks have formed in the dirt, leading up to each building, indicating the struggle of bodies dragged inside. You also see a squat windowless building and a squat windowless building.

Also here: Lord Disean

Obvious paths: southeast, southwest, out

Disean points out.

Leafiara raises an eyebrow.

Leafiara asks, "Flee?"

Disean says, "GO."


[Wehnimer's, River Ramble]

The path bends slightly here to follow the natural flow of the river. To the west, the sounds of wheels clamoring on the cobblestones indicate that a main thoroughfare is near. An old warehouse, seemingly abandoned yet somehow sinister-looking, casts a shadow over the dirt-paved road. You also see a large iron-banded gate and a rune-carved huge wooden barricade.