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The Church of Koar is the largest organized and most powerful church in the Turamzzyrian Empire.


The Church of Koar, dedicated to the Arkati Koar, the God of Law and Rulership, holds a considerable amount of influence over the Turamzzyrian Empire. The church is led by the Patriarch of the Church of Koar, with prelates in charge of areas encompassing at least the size of cities.

As the church grew along with the empire, it garnered more and more influence over the political realm of the empire. By 4721, Empress Lyssandra Anodheles gained the throne in part from the support of Patriarch Paltrach. This set a precedent for future rulers and claimants to seek the approval of the church. During the reign of Rallick I, Koar was made the official patron of the empire, and the emperor started the Second Elven War at the behest of an influential prelate.

However, the Church of Koar grew too powerful and rivaled the throne in power by 4799. This led to a schism with some clergy declaring the church more powerful than the imperial throne. Emperor Ommindar, backed by another faction of the church, reined in the Church of Koar by declaring that the Patriarch could only be appointed and dismissed by the Emperor.

The Church of Koar continued as a force of war when it supported the invasion and attack of the Faendryl elves under the reign of Ommindar's successor Selantha II. The power of the church was most evident when it successfully backed a claimant to the throne, Trydall Anodheles, against Prentius Anodheles in 4921.

Recent Events

Chaston Griffin, Prelate of Talador, spearheaded many of the events of the Eyes of the Dawn, declaring a holy war against nonbelievers and nonhumans that resulted in numerous atrocities across the northern Empire and finally the complete destruction of the Talador township in a magical catastrophe. It was discovered later that his powers of persuasion were aided by the witch Raznel. The prelate's actions were formally disavowed by the Patriarch.


  • Patriarch
  • Presbyter - inner order of priests, prospective patriarchs
  • Prelate - regional authority
  • First Watcher - serves Prelate
  • Second Watcher - serves Prelate
  • Deacon - local church leaders, referred to as "Father" or "Mother"

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