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Updating of this verb seems to be limited to Ebon Gate festivals.

The following example is for Ebon Gate 2017:

    FESTIVAL 1                - General Information
    FESTIVAL 2                - Contests and Games Schedule
    FESTIVAL 3                - Deep Sea Diving and Fishing
    FESTIVAL 4                - Digging and Mini-Games
    FESTIVAL 5                - Entrance Locations
    FESTIVAL 6                - Festival Passes
    FESTIVAL 7                - GHOUL Schedule

    * All times in Eastern. *

    Opening Night and Discovery Week - October 1st, 9:00pm  - October 6th, 8:59pm
    Shopping and Games               - October 6th, 9:00pm  - October 31st, 11:59pm
    Platinum's Merchant Week         - October 13th, 9:00pm - October 20th, 8:59pm
    Prime's Merchant Week            - October 20th, 9:00pm - October 27th, 8:59pm

For a general listing of information, visit https://gswiki.play.net/Ebon_Gate_2017 to see more details!
      * All times in Eastern. *

  SATURDAY  (the 7th and 14th)
    Salvaged from the Sea     - Platinum: 2:00pm on 10/7   ~*~  Prime: 2:00pm on 10/14
    Storytelling              - Platinum: 8:00pm on 10/7   ~*~  Prime: 8:00pm on 10/14

  SUNDAY    (the 8th and 15th)
    Sing Me an Epitaph        - Platinum: 2:00pm on 10/8   ~*~  Prime: 2:00pm on 10/15
    Costume Contest           - Platinum: 8:00pm on 10/8   ~*~  Prime: 8:00pm on 10/15

  MONDAY    (the 9th and 16th)
    Pick Your Poison          - Platinum: 9:00pm on 10/9   ~*~  Prime: 9:00pm on 10/16

  WEDNESDAY (the 11th and 18th)
    Anemone Anagrams          - Platinum: 9:00pm on 10/11  ~*~  Prime: 9:00pm on 10/18

  THURSDAY  (the 12th and 19th)
    Entrail Toss              - Platinum: 2:00pm on 10/12  ~*~  Prime: 2:00pm on 10/19
    Search and Rescue         - Platinum: 9:00pm on 10/12  ~*~  Prime: 9:00pm on 10/19

Participation in the Live Games requires a Caligos Isle Service Pass.


Dive into adventure, and search the Abandoned Waters for buried treasure!  While the search for unique artifacts is a well-known pastime, diving expeditions are new for 2017.  Will you search the shallow waters, or will you take a risk and dive to darker (and deeper) territory?  Beware...  Evil lurks at the bottom of the sea, and diving in these areas will require quick thinking (and perhaps use of some handy items) on your part!  Premium accounts have access to an exclusive area where heightened awareness could land you a secret cache!  Diver's Licenses can be purchased in the SimuCoin store.

If being a landlubber is more your style, and you enjoy wielding a fishing pole, save up your seashells, grab some bait and a pole, and go fishing in the tidal pools within the mysterious sea caverns.  Carry a sharp knife in your pack, though, because all of these fish have been gobbling up treasures lying on the bottom of the sea.  And, if you can cut out an egg, well...  Make sure you ask around before you act too hastily!  Save up your seashells - each catch will cost 25 seashells.
[Note: At this time, fishing skill does not relate to tiers of prizes.]

Deep Sea Diving and Fishing do not require the Games Pass for participation.

Dig along the black sands of the beach, and unbury long lost treasures!  NPCs available along the shore's edge will sell shovels in convenient 1-use and 20-use sizes.  Shovels will cost 2,000 and 40,000 silvers, respectively.

A few Mini-Games can be found in the sea caverns, and will require that your pockets jingle with silvers in order to play.  Mini-Games are not compatible with notes, so fill your pockets will silvers!

Both Digging and Mini-Games participation will require a Games Pass, available in the SimuCoin store.  Passes are account-wide and are good for one week's play time.

    Icemule Trace             - Icemule Temple, Foyer
    River's Rest              - River's Rest, Underbridge
    Solhaven                  - Liabo Plaza
    Ta'Illistim               - Postern Gate
    Ta'Vaalor                 - Amaranth Court
    Teras Isle (Kharam-Dzu)   - Vaalin Street, Temple District
    Wehnimer's Landing        - Town Square, Southeast
    Zul Logoth                - Hall of Arches
    Four Winds Isle           - Oleander and Daisy

Shopping Pass

This is an account-wide pass that lasts for the duration of the event (through October 31).  Purchasing shop wares on the EG grounds will require a Shopping Pass.

Service & Raffles Pass

This is a per-character pass that lasts for the duration of the event (through October 31).  If you plan to enter raffles and/or receive merchant services (including but not limited to GALD, unlock services, etc.) you will need to purchase a Service & Raffles Pass.  Live Games will also require this pass for participation.

Games Pass

This is an account-wide pass with a week duration (7 days).  Participation in Digging and/or Mini-Games (both have an additional in-game silvers cost) will require the Games Pass.  As always, AFK scripting any games on the festival grounds, including Deep Sea Diving and Fishing, can result in penalties that will prevent you from participating in these activities and will affect all characters on your account.
[Note: Deep Sea Diving and Fishing do not require the Games Pass.  See FESTIVAL 3 for more information on those activities.]

      * All times in Eastern. *

  FRIDAY (10/27)      - Platinum: 9:30pm  ~*~  Prime: 5:00pm
    Game 1   (Fluff-scripted Cloak)
    Game 2   (Custom Swear)
    Game 3   (Dhu Kitten)

  SATURDAY (10/28)    - Platinum: 5:00pm  ~*~  Prime: 9:30pm
    Game 4   (Custom Spell Prep)
    Game 5   (Goat Pin)
    Game 6   (Feature-hiding Cloak)
    Game 7   (Custom Signature Verb)

  SUNDAY (10/29)      - Platinum: 3:30pm  ~*~  Prime: 7:30pm
    Game 8   (Custom Logon/Logoff)
    Game 9   (Custom Endless Keg)
    Game 10  (Prophecy Mask)

Runner-up Prizes (when applicable) per game: choice of 2 Pre-written Signature Verbs from a limited set list.  Prizes are only redeemable by the winning *character*, and custom prizes are not transferrable in any way.

Participation in GHOUL requires: (1) a Caligos Isle Service Pass; (2) an unused and valid GHOUL card for each "game".  Valid cards can only be purchased at the current festival and denote you as the purchaser; and (3) a dauber in order to mark your GHOUL card.

The GHOUL area is located through the rusted gate on the eastern side of the High Plateau.  Valid cards and new daubers can be purchased in the Garden Courtyard.  The game will be played in the Greenhouse.  There is a sign in the Greenhouse that covers all rules and gameplay.