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The FIRE verb is the (somewhat anachronistic) primary verb to use when attacking another creature using a bow or crossbow. This initiates the resolution of your character's ranged attack against a foe in the combat resolution system.


General verb help information
>help fire
No help files matching that entry were found.


Hold the bow in your left hand and GET an arrow into your right hand, and then FIRE.

>get my arrow
You remove a spiraled faewood-shafted arrow from in your forest-green quiver.

You fire a faewood-shafted arrow at an ice hound!
  AS: +457 vs DS: +111 with AvD: +30 + d100 roll: +82 = +458
   ... and hit for 143 points of damage!
  Blow shatters knee and severs lower leg!
The ice hound yelps loudly as it collapses to the ground in obvious pain and favors its mangled right hind leg.
  The ice hound is stunned!
The arrow lodges in the ice hound's leg.
Roundtime: 4 sec.

>blink hound
You blink at an ice hound.


A crossbow must first be COCKed and then LOADed with a bolt. Use FIRE on an unloaded crossbow will "dry-fire" it, which un-cocks the crossbow.