Faded and torn silk blindfold

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This item was a prize from the Hunt for History.


a faded and torn silk blindfold


This remnant of faded red silk is now more a pastel hue than the rich brilliant color it was many years ago.  Once a blindfold decorated with celebratory silver and black symbols for the Yesui Moon Festival, the scrap of fabric is way too fragile and sheer to be worn for practical purposes.  Stitched along one edge that remains intact are the intials "B.H." and "J.T" centered in small heart, perhaps a later addition to commemorate a handfasting.


Blindfolds of these sort are used in the custom of the Yesui moon celebration.
WEAR: The gauzy blindfold is so fragile and thin that you can barely secure it around your head as you fasten it. The blindfold slips downward on one side slightly, allowing you to still see where it is that you are, and where you might be going.

TOUCH: The blindfold feels soft against your fingertips, its silken threads even more supple than they were before, having mellowed with age. You lift the now gauzy fabric up to your eyes, but alas, what remains of the blindfold is fragile and sheer.

RUB: Running your fingers across the blindfold, you feel the barely raised texture of the faded symbols drawn upon the silk. Their slightly waxy surface and crude rendering indicates they were probably applied with a stylus.


Loresong needed.