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The Faire of the North is a street festival in Icemule Trace.


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Topic: Current and Upcoming Events
Message #: 1725
Author: GS4-NECIOS
Date: 02/23/2019 08:43 PM EST
Subject: Inaugural Faire of the North

Dear Icemulers, visitors, and interested parties,

I’m thrilled to announce Icemule Trace’s Inaugural Faire of the North, a street festival to be offered each once-in-a-happening (as is the halfling way), formed through a collaboration with Icemule’s Mayoral Council: the mayor, advisors, White Haven’s chair, and the town’s MHO leaders. As this is the first ever faire in this town in recent history, we are all excited to bring this event to life!

Come celebrate the culture, town life, fauna, flora, food, and climate unique to our icy settlement, and pick up some nifty wares and prizes along the way! Faire of the North will take place on its own in-town faire grounds. Local gossips are already spreading rumors that the entrance to the grounds will be revealed somewhere near Lumnis Street.

Shopping, games, raffles, and live merchants will take place from 7 Charlatos 5119 at 9:00pm elven to 10 Charlatos 5119 at 11:59pm elven! This event is free (F2P included on most offerings) and open to all with "free street fest"-tiered offerings. It is jam-packed with CHE and MHO-hosted activities, shopping, merchant offerings, raffles, and opportunities for roleplay.

Shops will be open the entirety of the festival. Organizations will host their events on the 7th and 8th. Merchant and raffle services will take place the 9th and 10th. About 10 minutes prior to opening the faire grounds on the 7th, the mayor and the various organizational heads will introduce themselves. This is the perfect opportunity for you to meet with the officers if you are interested in getting more involved in the 'Trace!

Here’s a sampling of what to expect at the festival.

- CHE/MHO-sponsored games with millions of silvers and special items in prizes:
- - Kissing booth (it’s not quite what you think!)
- - Wine tasting and related contest
- - Scavenger hunt (it’s also not quite what you think!)
- - Bar brawl (who can resist punching someone in the gut with no repercussions?)
- - TIERS game (it's like GHOUL, but less spooky!)
- - Siegery tournament (materials provided if you don’t have your own!)
- - Costume contest at the closing ball (co-sponsored by all organizations)
- Shops:
- - New, delicious tart flavors (and a bottle of kumys!)
- - 4x Anfelt gear
- - 4x UAC gear with cold flares
- - 4x void and ice flaring runestaves
- - Unique (zesty) reusable mugs/glasses and countless other souvenirs
- - Crumbly elemental magic trinkets (some require MIU training)
- - Cosmetics and perfume (with four new scents exclusive to the faire)
- - Piercing jewelry with live customization
- - Yarn stand with numerous materials and colors
- - ...and more!
- Merchant services:
- - Playershop facade and premium home facade alterations
- - Two rounds of weighting/padding/sighting (one for citizens, one for everyone else)
- - GALD, features, enchant unlocking, and tattooing galore
- - Anfelt unlocking
- - Yansio unlocking (bring your own; not sold OTS)
- - Dice of Fate game with prizes for those last standing (muhahaha!)
- - Dragon Bones (!!)
- - ...and more!
- Raffles:
- - Ice ring raffle
- - Add cold or fire flares to existing weapon (some restrictions apply)
- - Bottomless perfume bottle raffle
- - Unique, Icemule-themed snowglobe raffle
- - ...and much more!
- Daukhera:
- - No guarantees she won't show up as her usual combative self

You can even build your own free s’mores around the campfire courtesy of Clovertooth Hall!

Please stay tuned to this thread for blurbs about the CHE/MHO events, an hour-by-hour schedule of games, merchant offerings, raffles, and more.

Former Mayor Fizelgrauf and my merchant troupe, as well as some surprise guests, really look forward to seeing you there!

I would like to express my gratitude to Mayor Tawariell and her advisors Kittai and Laelithonel for bringing this concept to me in Fall of 5118. It has been in development for many months, and they worked tirelessly with me, from assisting in designs with the new festival area, to requesting specific shops and wares, to coordinating the event with the rest of the Mayoral Council to create the best free town festival we could!

I would also like to give special thanks to GM Galene and GM Tamuz for championing this event behind the scenes and all the work that entailed for them. <3 <3 This is not an exhaustive list of thank yous to all involved, so I will roll full credits after the faire is finished.

FGM Necios
Overlord of Icemule Trace
Subscriptions team flunky
Champion of subject/verb agreement

Svardin recites:

"Two, Four, Six, Eight!
Who should we obliterate?
Go Icemule!"

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