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Farnam Burrowsbuck, more commonly known as "Farn," was a Paradis halfling who was born and raised in the town of Icemule Trace but later called Solhaven his home. He enjoyed locksmithing, exploring ruins and seeking ancient lore, the thrill of pulling off 'heists' and eating potatoes. He went against the usual Paradis stereotypes and was sometimes seen as jaded because of it.

Farn enjoyed the Gnolls of Cavernhold and often spent time among them, though his first experience with them was a bad one (he was captured by them when his friend Defij, a giant, set off a trap door in the entrance to Cavernhold). After escaping from Cavernhold, Farn's curiosity soon took over and he returned to learn more about the place and the people who dwelt there.


Although Farn spent his childhood in Icemule, he left while in his teens in order to explore and see the rest of the world. This choice was encouraged by his family who loved him but saw him as something of a blemish on the family's good reputation due to his pranks and his occasionaly committing petty theft. Though Farn didn't know it at the time, he was secretly watched after for some years by his older brother Ryland, a cleric of Ronan.

In his early adventuring career Farn was sometimes observed to be a somewhat stereotypical immature young Paradis halfling, though he was actually overplaying this image in order to assist him in his schemes. After some years Farn began acting against the stereotypes outright. In particular, he hated tarts and most other sweets, instead preferring potatoes, mushrooms and similar 'earthy' flavored foods. Indeed, Farn seemed to have a particular obsession with potatoes and they could be used to persuade him into actions he otherwise would refuse.

During his travels Farn met the giant Defij Smackaroughagus, and after some initial minor quarrels the two became fast friends. They enjoyed causing trouble together, often setting up what they enjoyed referring to as 'heists,' always trying to come up with creative schemes. The first edition of the Elanthian Journal named Farn and Defij a 'nefarious duo' of criminals in an underground crime ring.

Farn lived in Solhaven for some years and had a small house in Market Bend of South 'Haven. There Farn kept a pet collie named Sunil. Farn would often go on extended journies and would always have a house-sitter to take care of Sunil. Farn would also send letters to his home in Market Bend, which the house-sitter would then pick up and distribute to the locals in Solhaven. This house-sitter was usually Defij, though there were a few others.

After one particularly long journey, Farn returned to find the house-sitter gone as well as the house itself. Farn wasn't overly upset about losing the house as he didn't mind staying at inns or campsites, but the halfling was devastated to find his pet collie missing with no evidence as to what happened or where the dog had gone.