Father Horndel's Holy Artifacts

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Father Horndel's Holy Artifacts is the cleric shop in Zul Logoth. It is located through a dark golden archway in the Chalcedony Tunnel in the south side of town.

[Father Horndel's Holy Artifacts]
A coat of pure white paint adorns the walls, reflecting the soft illumination of golden candelabras placed at the four corners of the chamber. Fragrant smoke flows out of an invar-wrought censer suspended by a thick chain from the center of the ceiling. Holy relics are beautifully displayed on shelves protected by clear glaes. A massive anvil sits atop four solid stone blocks and has been draped with a richly embroidered cloth to serve as a counter.


Welcome to Father Horndel's Holy Artifacts!

Father Horndel offers his catalog to browse.
Horndel exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. a pure white candle votive         10. a gold-edged white ora fist-scythe
  2. a hammered steel Eonak symbol      11. a gold-etched white ora greataxe
  3. a green anvil-etched flask         12. a pure white ora miner's axe
  4. a strand of eostone prayer beads   13. a gold-hafted white ora hammerbeak
  5. a prismatic crystal shard          14. a sigil-traced white ora maul
  6. a pure potion                      15. a gilded white ora mace and chain
  7. a handcarved deep golden candle    16. a silver-banded white ora ridgemace
  8. some alabaster salt incense        17. a translucent white ora spikestar
  9. some deep amber myrrh incense

The backroom does not offer any merchandise.