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The Shining City once again hosts the Festival of Lumnea. The opening ceremony will open the festival grounds to citizens and visitors. Tour a select few elven artisan shops, enjoy the provided food and drink, and bask in the beauty of the summer meadows.

This year's (5118) festival will run from June 7-14, 2018.

Date Time Event
6/7 9:00 PM EST Argent Mirror Myasara Welcomes All to the Festival of Lumnea
6/7 10:00 PM EST Wines from around the Nations
6/8 8:00 PM EST Dances of House Nalfein
6/8 9:00 PM EST Lady Gelynne evening picnic
6/8 10:00 PM EST Stories and poetry from the Nations
6/8 ~11:15 PM EST Vanne Fan Raffle (outside of Sharlatta's Frippery)
6/9 ~7:00 PM EST Peretta Mask Raffle (inside of Sharlatta's Frippery)
6/9 8:00 PM EST Elven Heraldry
6/9 10:00 PM EST Songs of a People Lost by Luxelle
6/10 3:00 PM EST Elven Divination
6/10 6:00 PM EST Scavenger Hunt
6/10 6:59 PM EST Yansio clothing raffle (outside of Sharlatta's Frippery)
6/10 8:00 PM EST Custom signet ring raffle (southeastern meadow)
6/10 8:15 PM EST Custom wine (behind partition in festival tent, full elves only)
6/10 9:00 PM EST Baerl Mystiaem

Map of the Festival of Lumnea


Carry On

a pale blue silver-trimmed pavilion, [Map Room 2], Lich #27151, go silver-trimmed pavilion

[Carry On, Showroom]
Swathes of pale blue satin drape from the tall crossbeams of the pavilion's ceiling to fall to the rug-covered floor in pools of cascading fabric. Twin beaded curtains on the east and west walls of the main showroom lead into smaller areas of the tent. A pair of iron-crossed racks displays pouches and sacks of various hues and embellishments.
Obvious exits: east, west, out

On the tall iron-crossed rack you see:

a willow green satin purse embroidered with a golden leaf pattern Pocketed: Medium (20-39)
any number of items of very small size
a narrow leather pouch studded with faenor Pocketed: Medium (20-39)
any number of items of very small size
a beryl blue velveteen bag threaded with platinum Pocketed: Medium (20-39)
any number of items of very small size
a blanched leather sack fringed with dark crystals Pocketed: Medium (20-39)
any number of items of very small size
a canarywood case inlaid with silver vines Pocketed: Medium (20-39)
any number of items of very small size
a small tulipwood case carved with a series of blossoms Pocketed: Medium (20-39)
any number of items of very small size

On the small iron-crossed rack you see:

a polished flamewood case with an obsidian latch Pocketed: Fairly small (8-11)
any number of items of very small size
a carved bloodwood case inlaid with vaalin Pocketed: Fairly small (8-11)
any number of items of very small size
a mulberry brocade purse stitched with gold thread Pocketed: Fairly small (8-11)
any number of items of very small size
a citrine velvet bag embroidered with ecru blossoms Pocketed: Fairly small (8-11)
any number of items of very small size
belt-worn 5000
a pale apricot silk pouch secured with an ivory ribbon Pocketed: Fairly small (8-11)
any number of items of very small size
a crimson suede sack with ebony cording Pocketed: Fairly small (8-11)
any number of items of very small size

Carry On, Workroom

[Carry On, Workroom]
Swinging to and fro, several pale silver paper luminaries hang from the ceiling of the small workroom. A tall stiff-backed chair and worktable rest along one side of the room, while a series of curved hooks decorate the other. A pair of large potted toadstools stand sentry to the beaded curtain leading back into the main showroom.
Obvious exits: west

On the hooks you see:

a jet black silk satchel edged with silver cording Pocketed: Fairly large (50-59)
any number of items
an amarathine satin satchel secured with a gold rose Pocketed: Fairly large (50-59)
any number of items
a chestnut leather satchel secured with a vaalin buckle Pocketed: Fairly large (50-59)
any number of items
a cesious lizard skin satchel studded with crimson blazestars Pocketed: Fairly large (50-59)
any number of items
a tawny leather satchel clasped with a bronze arrow Pocketed: Fairly large (50-59)
any number of items
a thin atrous silk bag trimmed with gold lace Pocketed: Fairly large (50-59)
any number of items

Carry On, Showroom (west)

[Carry On, Showroom]
In the center of the small room, a pair of sinuously curved ashwood armchairs is arranged on either side of a glass-topped oblong table, piled high with discarded books. Rows of plain wooden shelves displaying elven-titled books, maps, scrolls, and parchments can be seen throughout the far corners of the room. Adorning the walls are beautifully crafted backpacks hanging from a row of silvery-tipped pegs.
Obvious exits: east

On the pegs you see:

a smaragdine suede backpack clasped with a silver leaf Pocketed: Significant (100-119)
any number of items
a gridelin spidersilk backpack beaded with obsidian Pocketed: Significant (100-119)
any number of items
a damson brocade backpack threaded with gold Pocketed: Significant (100-119)
any number of items
a celeste-hued velvet backpack embroidered with silver swirls Pocketed: Significant (100-119)
any number of items
a mahogany suede pack embellished with gold-swept designs Pocketed: Significant (100-119)
any number of items
a vermilion leather pack set with black onyx beads Pocketed: Significant (100-119)
any number of items
a vivid yellow cambric pack beaded with pale moonstones Pocketed: Significant (100-119)
any number of items

Fly Away

a brightly colored silk tent, [Map Room 7], Lich #27148, go colored tent

[Fly Away, Showroom]
Brightly colored silk is draped over white oak poles, creating the walls of this small tent. A soft wool carpet blankets the ground, its weave patterned with sapphire and alabaster diamonds. Several wooden bins filled with paper shapes are scattered about the shop.
Obvious exits: out

In the Several wooden bins you see:

a pale-faced coppery barn owl 25000
an ebon paper dragon with silver-tipped wings 25000
a golden paper wyvern painted with a crimson sheen 25000
a crimson-hued alabaster paper griffin with tiny curled feathers 25000
a rainbow-hued paper dragonfly with sheer wings 25000
a sparkling paper starfly with tiny folded wings 25000
a colorful paper hummingbird with small beaded eyes 25000
a spotted paper falcon with dark chestnut feathers 25000
a pale golden eagle with tiny onyx eyes 25000
a large grey paper vulture with splotchy markings 25000

Hues of Radiance

The 2018 run of Festival of Lumnea was the final run of this shop.
large ivory silk pavillion, Eastern Meadow

[Hues of Radiance, Showroom]
Twin poles of carved mistwood support the billowing material of the pavilion creating two peaks high above. Loose planks of the same wood cover the ground, their edges pushed flush forming a makeshift floor. A glass case rests in the center of a marble-topped table, a blue velvet runner protecting the surface. Standing to the side of a silk-covered partition is a tall armoire, its open doors carved with an intricate blooming rose.
Obvious exits: out

In the glass case you see:

an ivory silk bangle set with several tiny brightly shining golden glimaerstones Truthie glimaerstone wrist-worn
a braided rose gold anklet set with a trio of brightly shining peach glimaerstone flowers Truthie glimaerstone ankle-worn

Lofty Resonance

a shimmering teal silk pavilion, [Map Room 5], Lich #24597, go teal pavilion

Lofty Resonance, Main Room

[Lofty Resonance]
Warmly lit by crystal lamps, the airy pavilion is filled with vibrant colors. Rugs scattered over the ground are woven with jade, teal, and sapphire hues in elaborate knotwork designs. A carved rosewood rack filled with instruments stands to one side. Polished to a high sheen, a table ornately carved with flowering vines is centered on the carpets as a focal point in the large space.
Obvious exits: northeast, northwest, out
Please look around at the exotic instruments I have collected.
I will be about to handcraft special straps and cases for those with enough musical talent.
~Master Calysen

On the table you see:

a snakewood zither inlaid with dark silver whorls 29000
a birdseye maple psaltery with tiny copper pins 24000
an elegant pink ivory lyre inlaid with a faenor vine 26000
an elegant white oak harp with a carved peacock feather pillar 32000
a polished cherry burl dulcimer with rose-shaped toneholes 23000

On the carved rosewood rack you see:

a leopardwood mandolin inlaid with flecks of jade 26000
a polished flame birch theorbo inlaid with vines of faenor 32000
an elaborate tigerwood lute with a detailed cherry rose 28000
a smooth flame maple cittern painted with gold arabesques 28000
a polished canarywood ayr inlaid with obsidian chips 32000

Lofty Resonance, Northeast

[Lofty Resonance]
Patterns of lavender, plum, and violet are woven into beautiful tapestries that adorn the walls in this area of the pavilion. A soft carpet of ivory wool covers the floor. Glowing crystal orbs hang from the ceiling, illuminating a rack and a stand that display a variety of musical instruments.
Obvious exits: southwest

On the rack you see:

a tiny zebrawood piccolo etched with rose vines 19000
a carved bloodwood flute banded with etched vaalin 22000
a slender granadillo fife inlaid with slivers of faenor 18000

On the stand you see:

a large blackwood shawm with rose gold-rimmed tone holes 29000
polished canarywood lysard 29000
a faenor-capped tulipwood crumhorn with cerulean silk tassles 26000
a curved ivory cornett banded with rose gold 22000
a varnished black ebony enshai with a pale ash bell 30000

Lofty Resonance, Northwest

[Lofty Resonance]
Plush rugs in warm tones of amber, peach, and goldenrod cover the ground. A shimmering aqua silk curtain is flanked by a small round table and a large carved rack. The displays are carefully arranged to provide plenty of room for passage without disturbing the wares.
Obvious exits: southeast

On the small round table you see:

a white oak tambourine adorned with colorful silk ribbons 16000
some tiny copper finger cymbals etched with a feather pattern 10000

On the large carved rack you see:

some cerulean velvet bagpipes with polished zebrawood chanters 36000
some crimson wool bagpipes with onyx-banded chanters 36000

Mistwood Cart

a polished mistwood cart, Inside the Gates

[Lumnea Meadow]
Deep purple lavender crowds the borders of the walk, their open blossoms delicately scenting the air with a sweet essence. Fat bumblebees deftly avoid contact with anyone passing by as they gleefully dance about the flowers' tall stalks. A large boulder rests beside the path, moss framing a painted wooden sign affixed to its worn surface. You also see a polished mistwood cart with some stuff on it and a pair of polished oak gates.
Obvious exits: northeast

Note: Because the wares are in containers, you will need to GET/BUY {ITEM} IN {CASE/BOX} to get the items.

See Signet for more information on how to use paper/wax/signets.

In the writing case:

a narrow ebon quill
a slender copper-hued quill
a thick crimson quill
a piece of pale lilac paper
a piece of ecru paper
a piece of alabaster stationery
a piece of ivory parchment
a piece of ecru parchment
an alabaster stick of wax
a mulberry stick of wax
a roseate stick of wax
a tangerine stick of wax
an indigo stick of wax
a beryl gold stick of wax
a piece of white stationery
a malachite stick of wax

In the jewelry box:

an ironwood signet band "an oak leaf" 25000
a golden signet band "a hawk with outspread wings" 25000
a jade signet ring "a blooming rose" 25000
a silver thumb signet "a fan-tailed peacock" 25000
an amethyst signet ring "a harp" 25000

Mistwood Stand

a lacquered mistwood stand, [Map Room 6], Lich #27135

[Lumnea Meadow]
Cutting across the meadow, a small brook runs near the path as it winds along. The water gurgles merrily as it tumbles over smooth stones on its way to the nearby Mistydeep River. A tarnished silver wind chime hang from the branches of a nearby guelder rosebush. Leading away from the center of the meadow, a narrow path disappears into the tall grass.
Obvious exits: east, south

On the lacquered mistwood stand you see:

a series of vaalin filigree wristlets wrist-worn
an ornate dark grey enamel pauldron pin-worn
a silver peacock pin pin-worn
a necklace of patina faenor vines neck-worn
a long-tiered electrum slat necklace neck-worn
a sapphire-eyed vibrant emerald crystal Manna (203) 10000
a cocoa and leafy green crystal Adrenal Surge (1107) 10000
a jade-pierced kohl black crystal Heal (1101) 1000
a lilac-flecked dark silver crystal Mantle of Faith (1601) 10000
a red-tinged vivid golden crystal Mystic Focus (1711) 20000
a gold-flushed fiery crimson crystal Strength (509) 25000
a silver-caged pale amethyst crystal Prismatic Guard (905) 15000
a vert-edged muted umber crystal Invisibility (916) 15000
an ebon-infused smoky jade crystal Spirit Shield (202) 10000
a gilt-sheened peacock blue crystal Foresight (1204) 10000

Poiret & Company

a prim teal and silver silk tent, [Map Room 3], Lich #27153, go silver tent

Poiret & Company, Perfumery

[Poiret & Company, Perfumery]
Great care has been taken to lending this prim tent every accroutement of a standing boutique. A plush argent rug rests over sturdy floorboards, while gilded candelabras stand at a protective distance from the tent's taut silk walls, basking the space in a pleasant golden candlelight. An oaken display table dominates this area of the tent, its surface artfully carved and painted to resemble the streets and structures of Ta'Illistim.
Obvious exits: out
We at Poiret & Company have taken care to bring you some of the finest goods Ta'Illistim has to offer.
In this room, we return to sale five special perfumes, specially commissioned to capture the essence of different monuments and spaces within the Shining City.
Beyond the velvet curtain, we offer a variety of prestige champagnes and related accountrements from the finest vinters in the Nations.
Appreciate them all as testaments to our civilization's exquisitude.
~ P & Co.

On the oaken display table you see:

a fluted smoky grey crystal flacon Hall of Patrons Perfume 20000
an airy crystal flacon with a domed cap Hanging Gardens
a three-faced flacon crafted from inky black glass Library Aies
a tawny glass flacon inlaid with white blossoms Arboretum
a dark green glass flacon with glittering inclusions Glowbark

Poiret's Fine Goods, Winery

[Poiret's Fine Goods, Winery]
Stacks of wine cases serve as creaky wooden walls in this back room of the tent, bits of protective straw peeking through the seams of their pine surfaces. Atop a felt-surfaced table, individual champagne bottles sit on display, alongside flutes, glasses, and other accoutrements of wine-drinking.
Please find, for your delectation, some of the finest prestige champagnes vinted in this fine city.
These champagnes are sure to stir up special memories for the citizens of the Shining City, with a sophisticated flavor profile specially tuned to any elven palate.
The brave among you may wish to open your bottle through the noble art of sabrage.
Please take care not to shake any bottle before opening, and certainly don't shake it and open it in anyone's direction!
~ Poiret & Company

On the felt-surfaced table you see:

a small silver-plated ceremonial sabre scimitar 10000
a gilded red-tasseled bronze sabre scimitar 10000
a lacquered teal case with polished silver trim Pocketed: Fairly small (8-11)
a few items
an iridescent peacock blue case stamped with the seal of Ta'Illistim Pocketed: Fairly small (8-11)
a few items
a delicate crystal flute 5000
a gold-rimmed crystal flute 5000
a stately black glass champagne bottle 5000
a gleaming cobalt blue champagne bottle 5000
a gold-labeled green champagne bottle 5000

Send It Soaring

a bright vermillion silk tent, [Map Room 3], Lich #27152, go vermillion tent

[Send It Soaring]
Centered in the tent, a thick pole creates a sharp peak in the canopy, which slopes down to a white oak post at each corner. The vermillion silk walls billow with the breezes moving through the meadow outside. Lengths of silken rope travel across the ceiling, creating a tangled crisscrossed pattern and display a wide variety of kites.
Obvious exits: out

On the Lengths of silken rope you see:

a fan-tailed peacock kite 50000
a large ebon griffin kite 50000
a wide rainbow-hued kite 50000
a sapphire rose-patterned kite 50000
a spotted falcon kite 50000
a sleek jaguar kite 50000
a crimson robin kite 50000
a golden hawk kite 50000
a vibrant butterfly kite 50000
a silvery airship kite 50000

Sharlatta's Frippery

an elongated pale green tent, [Map Room 1], Lich #24635, go pale tent

[Sharlatta's Frippery]
Long, draping walls of pale green silk cascade down from the tent's ceiling, where the material is held up in place by silver pole supports. Covering the ground are plush layers of dark green rugs that run right up against the walls, and well-placed candles flood the area with light. A long, pristinely clean glass case displays a selection of masks. Atop the case's right edge, a silver plaque is perched over a neatly handwritten note.
Obvious exits: northeast, northwest, out
~ Sharlatta's Frippery: Where Every Thread Counts ~
Dear Client,

     The designs offered within were crafted with the masked ball in mind, and you will find that the overall style and cut of garments, as well as the fabrics, lean toward finery.  The jewelry and masks were developed under the tutelage of several talented Loenthran craftsmen.
     Do be aware that closer inspection is necessary for some attire, though not for all, and pricing is varied.  Save for the masks, cane, and parasol, there are no special properties to the finery, though I have sewn pockets into some of the outerwear.  If you do opt to procure a mask from this collection, be certain to analyze it thoroughly for details on its particular craftsmanship.
     For this particular occasion, I have opted to gear the attire towards creatures, exotic and twisted in form, always lurking beyond the reach of the city, that creep and crawl in the dark of our warm summer nights: bronze and platinum, greys, yellows, violets, and rich greens.  I hope that you will find something here that is pleasing to your fashion palate.  

    Warm Regards,

In the glass case you see:

a vibrant violet mask edged with pearly grey ice stones pin-worn 45000
a pale yellow clay mask indented with slashes on the cheeks pin-worn 45000
a bronzed leather mask pin-worn 40000
a dark grey satin mask molded into a kowtowed imp's visage pin-worn 45000
a platinum full-face mask swept with elaborate spiderwebs pin-worn 45000
a webbed faille mask speckled with myriad bronze spiders pin-worn 45000
a yellow and white snakeskin-covered mask pin-worn 40000
a deep bronze-scaled serpent's head mask with slanted eyes pin-worn 45000
a platinum-edged forest green mask pin-worn 40000
a pale grey mask painted with verdant green forest scenery pin-worn 45000

Sharlatta's Frippery, Gowns

[Sharlatta's Frippery, Gowns]
Silken walls of pale green brush against a slender ivory statue. Composed of elaborately chiseled white ivory, a slender elven maiden attired in a sideless gown worn over a laced cotehardie is caught mid-step, her emerald-inset eyes twinkling from behind a golden mask that obscures the upper half of her otherwise reserved expression. Opposite the masked maiden, a rose-carved ivory armoire is propped open.
Obvious exits: north, southwest

In the ivory armoire you see:

a forest green gown waist-wrapped with a platinum serpent chest-worn 15000
a multi-skirted marbrinus ballgown of graduated grey tones chest-worn 15000
a fitted platinum gown set with a diamond choker neckline chest-worn 15000
an airy yellow frock of platinum spider-accented lampas chest-worn 15000
a grey faille gown skirted with twisting pale yellow asps chest-worn 15000
a gown of violet lyraigne belted with bronze arachnid chains chest-worn 15000
a dark violet satin gown bustled with pale violet faille chest-worn 15000
a full-skirted gown of rich green bronze-shot marbrinus chest-worn 15000

Sharlatta's Frippery, Trinkets

[Sharlatta's Frippery, Trinkets]
Complementing the dark green tones of layered rugs, pale green silk walls flow around the area like a cocoon. Several glaesine shelves are spread with an assortment of jewelry and trinkets, their gems and metals catching the light and throwing it back against the tent's ceiling in brilliant displays of bejeweled color. Placed below a colorful tapestry depicting a ball in progress is a polished thanot table.
Obvious exits: south, northwest

On the polished thanot table you see:

some pale yellow hair feathers accented with bronzed pearls pin-worn 12500
some violet arachnid-shaped hairjewels pin-worn 10500
a tilted forest green hat with a veiled asp-edged overlay head-worn 12500
a bronze-shot dark grey satin parasol 18000
a twisted bronze cane 18000
a pearly platinum sash pin-worn 4000
a spider-etched platinum belt waist-worn 3000
a web-patterned bronze caul head-worn 10000
a violet serpent-patterned faille fillet head-worn 10000

On the glaesine shelves you see:

a bracelet formed from a quintet of braided platinum strands wrist-worn 15000
a bronzed choker wrought into the shape of three twined asps neck-worn 12500
a grey ice stone tarantula pendant strung from platinum filaments neck-worn 13000
a bronze-edged violet sapphire choker of spherical tiles neck-worn 15000
a pair of grey ice stone earrings dangling platinum arachnids ears-worn 14000
a pair of pale yellow diamond earrings ears-worn 6000
a bronze tile ring inset with violet sapphires finger-worn 12000
a thick brushed platinum band finger-worn 5000

Sharlatta's Frippery, Outerwear

[Sharlatta's Frippery, Outerwear]
Hanging down from the silken ceiling are shining rows of silver hooks that line the pale silk walls. Laid out upon a long thanot table is an array of gloves. Several flowering plants are placed around the room for added comfort and subtle scent.
Obvious exits: southeast, southwest

On the pale pink silk table lining you see:

a pair of platinum spider-clasped violet satin gloves hand-worn 8000
a pair of elbow-length platinum-on-grey lampas gloves hand-worn 7500
a pair of wrist-tied forest green faille gloves hand-worn 7000
an elbow-length pair of bronze marbrinus gloves laced up the sides hand-worn 7500

On the smooth suede table lining you see:

a pair of grey leather gloves lined with forest green hand-worn 7500
a pair of suede gloves hand-worn 5000

On the silver hooks you see:

a layered violet mantle clasped with a platinum tarantula Pocketed: Significant (100-119)
any number of items
a bronzed leather mantle stitched with asps around the collar Pocketed: Significant (100-119)
any number of items
a pale yellow faille mantle edged with platinum embroidery Pocketed: Significant (100-119)
any number of items
a soft marbrinus pelisson of cascading muted bronze tones Pocketed: Significant (100-119)
any number of items
a pale green pelisson side-laced with platinum ribbons Pocketed: Significant (100-119)
any number of items
a deep grey lyraigne pelisson swirled with satin spirals Pocketed: Significant (100-119)
any number of items

Sharlatta's Frippery, Shoes

[Sharlatta's Frippery, Shoes]
Several cushioned chairs are scattered across deep green rugs, providing ample spots for sitting. Footstools padded with the finest fabric accompany the seating. Shelves of polished thanot have been erected to form two adjacent areas, where one partition boasts slippers and feminine boots, while the other inlet is topped with footwear for men. Near one particular footstool, a single beribboned shoebox litters the floor.
Obvious exits: northeast, south

In the partition you see:

a pair of grey ice stone-inset forest green satin slippers foot-worn 8000
a pair of platinum slippers set on coiled serpent heels foot-worn 8000
a pair of violet mabrinus slippers shot with bronze foot-worn 8000
a pair of pale yellow faille slippers foot-worn 8000
a pair of tall green pointed-toe boots foot-worn 8000

In the inlet you see:

some knee-high violet satin boots accented with bronze tiles foot-worn 10000
a pair of bronzed leather boots with folded cuffs foot-worn 10000
a pair of platinum-laced forest green doeskin boots foot-worn 10000
a pair of stiff grey kidskin boots with arachnid-etched heels foot-worn 10000

In the beribboned shoebox you see:

a pair of dark grey sandals tied with platinum satin ribbons foot-worn 8000

Sharlatta's Frippery, Trousers

[Sharlatta's Frippery, Trousers]
With one hand held out as if to greet someone, a statue of an elven lad is carved of smooth, pure white ivory. He is dressed elegantly, with the richness of the carving depicting a fine high-necked cotehardie over hosen. The statue's expression is completely obscured by the full-faced silver mask that covers all except his sapphire-inset eyes. Opposite the masked lad, a tall ivy-painted ivory dresser is propped open.
Obvious exits: north, southeast

In the ivory dresser you see:

a pair of dark grey pants cuffed with serpent embroidery leg-worn 10000
a pair of loose bronze breeches with arachnid buttons leg-worn 10000
some forest green breeches sewn with stylized jagged seams leg-worn 10000
some pale yellow pants of rich bronze-set lampas leg-worn 10000
a pair of violet-stitched grey doeskin breeches leg-worn 10000
a short-sleeved violet shirt with loosely rolled cuffs chest-worn 10000
a dark grey shirt accented with thin pale grey stripes chest-worn 10000
a muted yellow shirt with a bronze asp-wound sleeve chest-worn 10000
a fitted bronze shirt awash with garish spiderweb embroidery chest-worn 10000

Stylish Sights

The 2018 run of Festival of Lumnea was the final run of this shop.
a copper-framed marine blue silk gauze pavilion, [Map Room 7], Lich #27147, go silk pav

[Stylish Sights]
Burnished copper poles support the wide, overlapping swathes of vibrant marine-hued silk gauze that form this airy pavillion. Near the center of the open space is a mother-of-pearl inlaid dark green faenor table with elegantly scrolled legs on a pale golden oak parquet floor. Standing some distance away from the walls of lapis, turquoise, and celadon silk, an ornately carved teak screen effectively sections a portion of the space into another room.

On the dark green faenor table you see:

a pair of gilt bronze spectacles traced with burnished copper pin-worn 100000
a pair of dark tortoiseshell glasses with golden temples pin-worn 100000
a pair of diamond-tipped ebonwood cat eye glasses pin-worn 100000
a pair of oval copper wire framed eyeglasses pin-worn 100000
a pair of round gold wire frame spectacles pin-worn 100000
a pair of amber-tinted glasses with tiger maple frames pin-worn 100000
a pair of rose-tinted glasses with filigree vaalin frames pin-worn 100000
a pair of citrine-tinted glasses with polished onyx frames pin-worn 100000
a pair of lilac-tinted glasses with twisted faenor frames pin-worn 100000
a pair of dark grey-tinted glasses with rose gold frames pin-worn 100000

A Touch of Serenity

a gold-trimmed black silk tent, [Map Room 1], Lich #24611, go black tent

[A Touch of Serenity]
Austere in its appointments, the only major decoration to the tent is a large, black wool carpet edged in gold silk fringe which covers the ground. Shelves, chests, and cases are places about the room to best present their contents. Numerous square, crystal-paned candle lanterns suspended from sturdy fel support poles provide a warm light as the heady scent of burning incense wafts though the air.
Obvious exits: out

On the upper shelf you see:

a dark mahogany candleholder 16000
a polished cherrywood candleholder 16000
a vine-carved modwir candleholder 16000
a flower-carved rosewood candleholder 16000
an ivory-inlaid maoral candlestick 16000
a vaalin-inlaid fel candlestick 16000
a twisted faenor candlestick 16000
an ornate silver candlestick 16000
an ornate gold candlestick 16000
a tall silver candlestick 16000
a tall gold candlestick 16000

On the lower shelf you see:

a long maoral incense burner 13000
a long fel incense burner 13000
a small gold incense burner 13000
a plain faenor incense burner 13000
an elegant silver incense burner 13000
an ornate ivory incense burner 13000
a vaalin-inlaid incense burner 13000
a round brass incense burner 13000
a small brass incense burner 13000

In the plain fel chest you see:

a tall white candle 1500
an ocean blue candle 1500
a thick black candle 1500
a pale lavender candle 1500
a leaf green candle 1500
a pale gold candle 1500
a deep plum candle 1500
a wide sky blue candle 1500
a tall red candle 1500

In the carved fel chest you see:

some pale blue rosemary incense 1500
some yellow jasmine incense 1500
some brown ginger incense 1500
some dark green pine incense 1500
some dark red sandalwood incense 1500
some white honeysuckle incense 1500
some pale green sage incense 1500
some black myrrh incense 1500
some white gardenia incense 1500

In the fel gold-trimmed case you see:

a green meditation mat embroidered with a white feather 25000
a grey meditation mat embroidered with a silver crystal ball 25000
a grey meditation mat edged with gold slit-pupiled eyes 25000
a white silk meditation mat bordered with gold scrolls 25000

In the gold fel-trimmed case you see:

a bamboo meditation mat 25000
a taupe linen meditation mat 25000
a black wool meditation mat 25000
a black-edged grey meditation mat 25000
a pale blue meditation mat 25000
a midnight blue meditation mat 25000
a wine-hued silk meditation mat 25000
a jade silk meditation mat 25000
a silver-edged gold meditation mat 25000

In the fel brass-trimmed case you see:

a gold-trimmed aqua meditation mat 25000
a lace-edged rose meditation mat 25000
a maroon silk meditation mat 25000
an ivory silk meditation mat 25000
a gold-fringed silk meditation mat 25000
a sapphire blue meditation mat 25000
a dark green wool meditation mat 25000
a lavender wool meditation mat 25000
a cobalt linen meditation mat 25000

The Vine And Stem

an elegant golden oak wagon carved with curling grape vines, [Map Room 6], Lich #24626, go golden wagon

The Vine And Stem, Main Room

[The Vine And Stem, Salesroom]
The interior of the wagon is richly appointed, its walls of golden oak rising from a floor carpeted in thick sage-hued rugs to a ceiling of sturdy beams. At regular intervals, gilt-based lamps are stationed around the perimeter of the area, creating a warmly lit space in which to browse wares. A single table occupies the majority of the floor space, its legs carved to resemble a majestic wyvern, while cases marked with the crests of the elven houses edge the walkway leading further into the shop.
Obvious exits: north
~ Welcome to The Vine and Stem ~
                      Please enjoy our variety of elven wines and special drinking containers.
Please note that containers made from glass, crystal or other fragile materials will break when tossed.

On the table you see:

a crimson-swept pale gold wine glass 2500
a dark gold wine-bowl rimmed with eahnor 2500
a dark stone stein with a conical gold cap 2500
a gold-bound mahogany wine case stamped with the Ta'Vaalor crest 50000

The Vine And Stem, Middle Room

[The Vine And Stem, Salesroom]
Gilt-based lamps burning here smell sweetly of jasmine and give off little to no smoke at all to pollute the fragrance. Against one wall of the wagon sits a rose-carved ebony table, and against the opposing wall is a peacock feather-edged table, each with a neatly arranged display. Above the tables hang corresponding silk banners, the fabric painted in a myriad of hues with the most skillful of brush strokes.
Obvious exits: north, south

On the rose-carved ebony table you see:

a silver-banded ebonwood wine case stamped with the Ta'Nalfein crest 50000
an ebon and jade swirled glass wine-bowl 2500
an ebon-stemmed jade green wine glass 2500
a tall ebon-tinted glass etched with a rose 2500

On the peacock feather-edged table you see:

a sturdy mistwood wine case stamped with the Ta'Illistim crest 50000
an elegant sapphire wine glass 2500
a silver wine-bowl etched with a peacock feather 2500
a sapphire crystal goblet rimmed with vaalin 2500

The Vine And Stem, Top Room

[The Vine And Stem, Salesroom]
Chairs with pale green cushions and padded arms have been placed around the room, their soft hue a compliment to the warmth of the wagon's oak walls. Beneath the flickering flames of nearby gilt-based lamps, an oak leaf-carved table and a silver harp-inlaid table guard the outer edges of this space, leaving the center aisle open so shoppers can browse. A silk banner hangs above each of the tables, their respective elven house crests painted in vibrant colors on the fine-spun fabric.
Obvious exits: south

On the oak leaf-carved table you see:

a pale oak wine case stamped with the Ta'Ardenai crest 50000
a gold-stemmed viridian wine glass 2500
a golden oak wine-bowl encircled with a leaf carving 2500
a polished drinking horn capped with a pewter oak leaf 2500

On the silver harp-inlaid table you see:

a simple tulipwood wine case stamped with the Ta'Loenthra crest 50000
a harp-etched lavender wine glass 2500
a frosted violet crystal wine-bowl rimmed with silver 2500
a pale lilac crystalline goblet with a dark purple stem 2500