Firefly Villa

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Firefly Villa is the local inn for Mist Harbor. The inn features a tavern with private tables, dual washrooms, a steam room, private rooms, and the always popular merchant lounge.

The Entrance

[Firefly Villa, Approach]

Crushed shells follow a curving path as it winds its way through the foliage, their mother-of-pearl underbellies sparkling in the moonlight. A series of low wooden steps leads to the inn's porch, which is draped in trailing exotic vines laden with brightly hued flowers that sway slightly in the seaborne breeze. You also see a gold-trimmed haon polling booth.

Obvious paths: south

>climb step

You climb up a pair of low wooden steps.

[Firefly Villa, Porch]

Wrapped by spindled banisters, the porch is crafted of golden linden and preserved beneath a varnish of clear lacquer. A painted wooden sign sways slightly in the breeze and casts shadows upon a pair of low wooden steps, which spill out into a pathway of crushed seashells. Silvery moonlight reflects off of the painted glass windows of the double-wide doors that lead into the inn.

Obvious paths: east

>go door

[Firefly Villa, Entry]

Bright blue rugs, patterned with violet and white ripples, spread from the entry to a pair of double doors and protect the polished teak floors from any debris that might be dragged in from outside. Decorative glaesine orbs dangle over the entire area to provide ample illumination at all times of the day, their warm golden glow creating shadows upon the ceiling.

Obvious exits: east, west

The Merchant Lounge

[Firefly Villa, Merchant Lounge]

Stained glass windows, each decorated with wild tropical blooms, seem dark and faded. Sconces upon the walls house tiny copper-sided lanterns, their faces depicting the cut-out images of fireflies, damselflies, and dragonflies that cast a warm glow upon the plush white carpeting that blankets the room. Scattered in an informal pattern about the room are soft divans, plump couches, and robust armchairs. A carved double-wide archway leads into the hallway beyond. You also see a tall modwir bin.

Obvious exits: north