Firenna's Fireplaces

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Firenna's Fireplaces is the Premium Home Fireplace shop in Wehnimer's Landing. It is located through the maoral door and one room east just inside the entrance to The Merchant's Emporium.

[Firenna's Fireplaces]
The walls and much of the floorspace in Firenna's sizeable showroom are lined with hearths and stoves of every imaginable variety. Ranging from the simplest stone firepit to the most ornate and elaborate marble fireplace, there is something in her catalog to suit every taste and budget. You also see several types of stoves, a number of displayed fireplaces, a polished marble counter with an engraved silver sign on it and the merchant Firenna.


      Price  Item
1.)   10000  a vented ironstone firepit
2.)   60000  a polished golden brazier
3.)   25600  a white enameled kiln
4.)   60000  a polished coppery kiln
5.)   16000  a squat black iron brazier
6.)   36000  a shiny bronze-edged stove
7.)   40000  a narrow sandstone fireplace
8.)   75000  a black marble fireplace
9.)    5333  a blackened pumice firepit
10.)  15000  a deep sandstone firepit
11.)   8000  a brick-lined firepit
12.) 120000  a sparkling platinum brazier
13.) 160000  a stenciled baked earth kiln
14.) 400000  an onyx-inlaid goldstone fireplace
15.) 180000  an enormous green enamel range
16.) 150000  an embossed white marble fireplace
17.)  90000  a polished pyrite stove
18.) 240000  a spotless buffed lead kiln
19.)  32000  a gleaming bronze brazier