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Category: Cities, Towns, and Outposts
Topic: Mist Harbor
Message #: 2666
Author: ASGM Quilic
Date: 12/30/2021 08:16 PM CST
Subject: Firewheel Release and Raffle

This evening, a new material was released on FWI. This material is known as firewheel, and it carries a new style of flares. It may flare either fire or electricity, with a chance to flare both on a single hit.

All instruments made of this material will be of master quality.

Firewheel will be released in extremely small amounts on an annual basis, and a portion of the releases will be solely for rewarding of roleplay.

A raffle has been set up in the Harbor Library, Courtyard in Mist Harbor for two winners. A firewheel weapon and instrument will be created on the spot for the two winners, with the first winner getting their choice of weapon or instrument, and the second getting what remains. Please read the ticket for important details.

A bit of the introduction from tonight's event:


~ASGM Quilic
Four Winds Isle/Mist Harbor Storyteller