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This article originated as "Master Fisherman Beldannon's guide to fishing" at, originally posted 5 Oct 2017.

To start off you will need a rod, some bait/lure, and a weight. It is also good to have a spool of line for when your line breaks! Lines vary in strength. The better the strength the less chance your line breaks.

Actual fishing isn't too tough; if you are in a fishing area you either RAISE, PUSH, or WAVE your rod. Raise goes the furthest, wave the middle, and push the shortest right off the edge.

Every 3-5 minutes while your line is in the water you should pull your rod (PULL MY ROD), that will bring in the line some. Eventually you will pull the line all the way in or catch a fish.

If you get a fish on, first thing you do is pull your rod once. When you pull your rod you will be not be able to do anything for about 5-10 seconds. I wait for about 8 seconds after that and pull my rod again, rinse repeat and you should bring your fish up.

If your line does snap, and it will, put your rod away, and get your spool of line. PULL LINE then put the spool back in your container and get your rod, then PUT LINE ON ROD. If you break your line you will also need a new bait/lure and weight. You don't have to have a weight for a lure. Once you have put your line bait and weight on you can just go back to fishing again. When you pull a fish in at least for Ebon Gate you will want to have a knife/dagger; it doesn't have to be a special one. CUT your fish (whatever it is), there will be a fire there if you want to cook your fish.