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Fishing is a popular pastime in Elanthia.


The cost of equipment varies depending on material, design, quality, and quantity. See the Fishing Shops category for inventory.

Equipment Info
Rod All fishing rods are equal. RAISE (far), WAVE (medium distance), or PUSH (very close) the rod to cast at different lengths. PULL the rod to reel it in.
Line More expensive fishing line lasts longer. When your line breaks, the lures and bait that tied to it are lost. PULL the spool to remove line, then PUT the line on the rod.
Sinkers Weights come in two sizes. Tiny weights are for middle depths, while small weights are better for bottom depths. No weight is needed for surface fishing. PUT (verb) the weight on the rod.
Lures There are three basic types of lures and bait, each type geared toward bottom, mid-depth, or surface fishing. PUT the lure on the rod.
Chests The rhimar chests preserve the caught fish. Without a chest, the fish goes bad or escapes.


Bonus checks

The first set of checks determine the rarity of fish. There are 5 tiers of rarity:

  1. Common
  2. Uncommon
  3. Rare
  4. Very rare
  5. Legendary

Tiers 1 through 4 aren't to difficult to come by, but to get tier 5 fish, more research and an understanding of the system is required to be successful. It's possible to catch a legendary fish without meeting all bonuses and hitting a great random roll, but you'll have a much easier time if you can meet 3 of the 4 bonus criteria.

There is a seasonal bonus, it's better to fish in the spring and summer. Fall is neutral. Winter has a penalty. (Given seasons aren't the same across the world, these seasons are reflected on the United States.)

There are bonuses to fishing during certain hours of the day; it's not random. It also doesn't look at time zones, it's just a generic time of day that is the best time to fish.

There are bonuses for the area (is it a good/hot spot). This is another aspect to discover on your own. This also applies to catching lobsters.

The lure has a bonus as long as it's used in the right depth of water. If you catch a tier 5 fish, you used the lure at the right depths.

Then there is just a random element entirely for those that don't know what they are doing.

Reeling it in

Once the fish is on your line, there are a new set of checks.

The only stat that is used is Strength.

The fish's strength is determined by the phase you're in. Did you just catch it? Is it wearing down? A fish just hooked is strong. Bigger fish are harder to catch from having an inherited strength bonus.

There are some random elements to both the fisherman and the fish here as well. Think of these as "critical catches." But it also helps those who don't have strength or aren't waiting to tire the fish out.

Snapping a line

Too much slack is a huge penalty and will result in a warning message. Learn what is good enough.

Reeling in too early has a bigger chance to snap a line.

Leaving the fish on the line longer tires the fish out, but it also weakens the line.

The catch

The fish that was caught on the line was determined at first bite. There are 5 tiers of rarity for fish. There are 3 depths. Each depth has the 5 tiers.

Fishing now tracks total fish caught, as well as which tier it came from.


Caught fish can be cut into fillets using CUT MY FISH WITH MY <WEAPON>. Heavier fish may produce more than one fillet. These fillets can then be cooked over a suitable fire. See the below table for information on the locations of cooking fires.


City or Town Location Fishing Hole Cooking Fire Fishing Shop Description
Icemule Trace Fenog's Regulars Y Y N The cooking fire is at the Frozen Pond (Lich #26930).
Icemule Trace White Haven Y Y N The cooking fire is at Ice Pond through the Grand Courtyard (Lich #15698).
Kraken's Fall Fishing Pier Y U Y The pier and shop are in the same room on South Arm Road (four east of the Adventurer's Guild).
Mist Harbor Flimgrimy's Fishing Finds U U Y
River's Rest Beacon Hall Archive Y Y N Fireplace in the Common Room. Note that the fireplace is a trash barrel, so PUT MY FISH IN FIRE IN FIRE.
River's Rest Dilapidated Pier Y U Y Upper is original fishing pier. Lower is new fishing pier with access to the fishing shop.
River's Rest Fleet Captain's Dock Y N N Go to the Fleet Captain's Yard (Lich #10888), then NORTH, NORTHEAST, NORTHEAST, NORTHWEST, NORTH, GO DOCK.
River's Rest Floating Dock, Tempest River Y U N
River's Rest Smuggler's Cove, Landing Y U U
River's Rest Underbridge Y N N Southeastern side of the Warrens (Lich #10839)
River's Rest The Warren Y N N River walk (Lich #17662), then GO DOCK (Lich #17664)
Solhaven Cairnfang Manor Y U U Cairnfang Manor, Pond - 22109
Ta'Illistim Tyramia Hollow N Y N To reach the fire pit from the start of the trail, GO BRIDGE, SOUTH, SOUTHWEST, SOUTHEAST. (Lich #13456)
Ta'Illistim Veythorne Manor Y Y Y Cooking fire is on the west side of Veythorne Manor in the throwing dagger game room (Lich #13410). To reach the shop (Lich #13402), go to the north of Veythorne Manor, head two east of the west gate of the Garden, and GO BUILDING. To reach the fishing area from the shop, GO DOOR, then GO BOAT.
Ta'Vaalor The Fishing Shack Y Y Y To reach the fishing pier, go one WEST of the Ta'Vaalor Warrior Guild, go SOUTH twice, GO DOCK. To reach the shop (Lich #10381) from the dock, GO SHACK. The fire is one east of the main room of the shop.
Ta'Vaalor Erulk's Fishing Gear Y N Y The shop (Lich #13922) is in the Ravelin. From Wyvern Plaza in the center of town, DOWN, SOUTHEAST, GO DOCK to reach the shop. The fishing pier is one east of the shop.
Wehnimer's Landing Black Wolves Manor Y U U Members only
Wehnimer's Landing Guttin' Goods Y N Y The shopkeeper replies, "Feel free to step outside and head south to the Middle Docks, where you'll be able to catch some tasty fish right out o' Darkstone Bay!" The shop itself is at Lich #248 on Locksmehr Way.
Wehnimer's Landing Helden Hall Y Y U Fire pit down the path leading into a clutch of trees at the Fishing Pond.
Wehnimer's Landing House of the Rising Phoenix Y Y N Dock and small fire are in the Phoenix Annex (from the Entry, GO DOOR, GO MODWIR ARCHWAY, GO GRASSY BANK, GO DOCK). (Lich #21745)
Wehnimer's Landing House Paupers Y Y U By the pond in the Rose Garden.
Wehnimer's Landing House Sovyn Y Y U At the pond.
Wehnimer's Landing House Sylvanfair Y Y U At the fishing pond in the Grove
Wehnimer's Landing Silvergate Inn Y Y U In the Meadow with the fishing stream.
Wehnimer's Landing Willow Hall Y Y U At Companion Park, where the lake and dock are. (Lich #19332)
Zul Logoth Glarstim Fishing Supplies Y Y Y Dock, small fire and fishing shop are all in the room in Glarstim Cavern (go one EAST of the Adventurers' Guild, GO ARCHWAY, NORTH). (Lich #5746)