Flail of Ivas

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In response to the inquiry as to "what's it do", here is Kinshack's post on the flail of Ivas.

Adapted from a post by Kinshack 30 December 2002

An ornate coraesine flail

The worn handle is covered with small alternating chips of black and white jade, all of which are carved with tiny glimmering runes of unknown meaning. A chain of veniom alloy separates the handle from the richly engraved purple coraesine rod. Among the numerous symbols adorning the shimmering metal glimmers the icon of Ivas, while blood-stained onyx studs at the tip of the rod attest to the potency of this beautiful, but deadly weapon. You also notice a small enchanter's mark.

Careful examination indicates that "an ornate coraesine flail" has a strength of 60 and a durability of 150. You determine the current state of the coraesine flail to be at 100.00% integrity.


This weapon is 5x enchanter, and sanctified to slay undead when used by a cleric.

It also has the innate abilities of coraesine, which are displayed below:

You swing an ornate coraesine flail at a rolton!
  AS: +0 vs DS: +34 with AvD: +40 + d100 roll: +14 = +20
  A clean miss.
You feel a slight resistance from the weapon.  Quicker than you are able to react the resistance fades and you notice your movements speed up!
You swing an ornate coraesine flail at a rolton!
  AS: +0 vs DS: +34 with AvD: +40 + d100 roll: +69 = +75
  A clean miss.
A blast of air strikes the rolton.
  ... 20 points of damage
  Good blow to right leg
  The rolton is stunned!

Every so often, it will perform a double-attack (using the same AS as the initial attack), followed by an unavoidable blast of air. In theory this weapon could be used to take down any creature, even one you can't hit.

The caveat: the weapon can backfire. From my extensive experimentation (with reallocation to aid in the research), backfire is based on two factors: discipline and charisma. The chance of backfire is 50%, minus your combined bonuses in discipline and charisma.

So a character with +37 total bonus in discipline [and] charisma will have a 50% - 37% = 13% chance of backfiring (or about 1/7 flares). A character with +50 total bonus in discipline and charisma will have 0% chance of the weapon backfiring. I tested this extensively, and while my proof is purely empirical, I believe this estimate will hold true unless the underlying mechanics of the weapon will change. If you've dreamed of wielding a beautiful weapon like this, now is an excellent chance to create a character around it.