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Use Weapons
Offensive Bonus +15
ST/DU 20/40
Rarity Extremely Rare
Weight Modifier ?
Special Properties Double Strike, Air Flares
Primary Color Misty white, grey swirls
Dyeable Unknown

Coraesine is among the rarest metals in Elanthia, and only a handful of locations where it can be mined are known, most all near large foci of mana. In color, it is a misty white, its surface swirled with veins of dark grey, and it is rumored that it can be dyed, but not by normal means. When it is found in natural form, it is most always in large chunks the size of a giantman's fist. Its natural enchantment is roughly the equivalent of glaes.

Coraesine is a highly magical metal, and often unpredictable in nature, giving birth to tales that it has a sentience about it. Some legends say that it is the petrified forms of great air elementals defeated by their earthen cousins and forever imprisoned in the form they hate most. It has several unusual properties, and can only be forged into a weapon or ornamentation, as its inherent magical qualities are more dangerous than beneficial when used as armor. Some magical weapons of this material have been known to speed the wielder up in an instant, allowing them to strike more than once, and emit powerful blasts of air intense enough to wound a foe. There is a darker side to the metal as well - it can actually turn its abilities on the wielder if it is not used to them, or as the more superstitious say, does not like them. The longer one wields some pure coraesine weapons, the more beneficial they will be, as if the material itself becomes attuned to its user. There are less-pure forms of coraesine that have been forged into weapons, and while they retain their natural enchantment, their more prized abilities do not show themselves. Less-pure weapons of coraesine retain some of their abilities, but due to the varying levels of quality in metals, and especially highly magical metals such as coraesine, this is usually dependant on the individual weapon or smith who forged it.

The Faendryl were the first to discover coraesine after their exile, in the mines of Rhoska-Tor. They worked easily with the highly magical metal, amused by the fact that even if they were brought down in battle, their weapons would sometimes avenge them when the enemy tried to wield them. It has been discovered in other locations, but none have been able to work it as well as the Faendryl.


Coraesine is an air-aligned metal with multiple magical properties. Not only does the metal give a weapon the power of air flares, but the weapon will also allow the wielder to make two strikes just as fast as he or she would normally be able to make one. In fact, the air flares possessed by a coraesine weapon are sometimes capable of harming an opponent even if the blade never touches the opponent. They will also sometimes form a vortex that'll carry the opponent to another location.

There are, typically, two types of coraesine weapons within Elanthia. Old coraesine and new coraesine. New coraesine weapons are further broken down into pure coraesine and impure coraesine.

Coraesine cannot be blessed and was never intended to be blessable (fixed May 2018).

Old Coraesine

Old coraesine weapons possess the double strike and air flare properties, as the documentation states. However, old coraesine weapons have no period of getting used to their wielder -- the chances of the weapon backlashing is a percentage equal to 50 minus the character's discipline and influence bonuses [NOT stat value], thus making the weapons less than ideal for the race credited with the weapon's discovery -- the Faendryl.

Pure Coraesine

Pure coraesine possessed the powerful air flares and the double strike capabilities of old coraesine, but also possesses many, many other abilities. The metal will get "used" to the wielder the longer the weapon remains in his or her possession. Pure coraesine is always attuned to the first character it was given to, and can never be transferred to another character.

  • Whispering Wind - The weapon, when the wielder dies, will inform those in a room of a pre-chosen location that the player has died.
  • Thorns of the Wind - When the weapon is dropped, any character that is not attuned to the weapon will be injured when they attempt to pick the weapon up, and will drop the weapon in response to the injury.
  • Fury - When waving the sword at an opponent, the sword casts a spell identical to Hand of Tonis (505). The sword grants a natural casting strength bonus, making this ability usable for even square professions.
  • Orb - Pure coraesine weapons are capable of reducing their size to a small orb for ease of transport.
  • Tempest - The weapon will cast Call Wind (912), usable as long as the wielder has mana.
  • Quickening - The weapon can also cast Celerity (506) on the wielder a limited number of times per day.

Impure Coraesine

Impure coraesine is similar to pure coraesine, except it only has some of the properties of pure coraesine. Like pure coraesine, impure coraesine is permanently attuned to the first character that possessed it and can never be transferred to another character.

Service Sign

The following sign was present at the coraesine auction at Commencement of Coraesine Forest (2018):

In the Common language, it reads:
Weapons must have A BLADE!  No axes, we have discussed this.  The list is limited to:

Backsword, bastard sword, broadsword, dagger, falchion, katar, longsword, main gauche, estoc, rapier, scimitar, Short Sword, whip-blade, awl-pike, flamberge, two handed sword, hook-knife, jack-blade, knuckle-blade, sai, tiger claw, and troll claw.

IMPURE CORAESINE has the following abilities:
Double Strikes
Morph Ball
Wind's Whisper
Thorns of the Wind

PURE CORAESINE has the following abilities:
Double Strikes
Morph Ball
Wind's Whisper
Thorns of the Wind
Tornado Flares
Quickening (twice a day Haste)
Tempest (Call Wind on demand, drains your full mana pool)
Wind's Fury (similar to Hand of Tonis, costs 15 mana, three times a day).

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