Fleishort's Flooring

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Fleishort's Flooring is a Premium Home Floor shop in Zul Logoth. It is located west of the entrance in Furniture Foyer.

[Fleishort's Flooring]
A polished granite counter stands forefront in this tiny shop, situated in front of the wall dividing two tunnels to the west. Samples of the available flooring are displayed on a wrought iron shelf, flanked by a pile of empty kegs. You also see Fleishort and an etched pale slate sign.


      Price  Item
1.)  125000  a silver-swept white marble floor
2.)   75000  a speckled granite floor
3.)   40000  a glossy checkered stone floor
4.)   90000  a textured grey marble floor
5.)   35000  a smooth rose quartz floor
6.)  125000  a silver-swept black marble floor
7.)   45000  a gleaming dark invar floor
8.)   85000  a golden sandstone floor