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Flyrsilk is a silk textile woven by the aelotoi.

The word, "flyr" is an Aelotian word meaning, "flower," which is characteristic of the fabric's patterning. The silk is exceptionally soft, completely opaque, and possesses a very subtle nacreous luster. Material design varies widely between artisans, with floral motifs being the most intricate and time-consuming to weave. Aelotian artisans carefully guard their precise weaving techniques, but rumors circulate that the key to the high quality of their fabrics lies in the design of their uniquely styled fel looms. Flyrsilk is also produced in foliage-inspired patterns, such as branches, thorns, and leaves, which is often preferred by males, though it is frequently worn by both genders. Patternless varieties are usually a single color and are faintly textured with an understated latticed finish.

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