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This category is intended to gather information about permitted fabrics, their properties, and their cultural relevance. Fabrics can be described by their composite materials or by their production method such as braided, crocheted, felted, knitted, stitched, tatted, or woven (plain, satin, twill).

Types of Cloth by Fabric Material

Types of Fabric by Material
Fabric Material Specific Examples of Fabrics
Cotton Broadcloth, Canvas, Chambray, Muslin
Fur and Feather Fur, Mink, Plumille
Jute Burlap
Leather Buckskin, Doeskin, Iron boar hide, Kidskin
Linen Cambric/Batiste, Chainsil, Mervaer
Ramie Ramie silk, Ramie linen
Silk Aqilorn, Bourde, Brocade, Brocatelle, Charmeuse, Chiffon, Dupioni, Elesine, Flyrsilk, Lotus silk, Marbrinus, Moire, Naraina, Organza, Saenira, Spidersilk, Taffeta, Velvet, Watered
Wool and Hair Cameline, Paeline
Uncategorized Cordetum

Cloth Rarity and Use Table

Cloth Rarity and Use Table
Material Name Material Type Bonus Material Rarity Combat Adornment Other Special Properties
Aganjira ? -60 Extremely Rare N A N N Reduces the d100 against warding and bolt spells by 1d10 for the wearer, and (2d10)% chance to gain 1d10 mana or stamina, -60 material penalty
Aqilorn Silk Extremely Rare N Y N
Auroralaen Requires fodder Y
Baldachin ? Y
Batiste Linen Y
Bourde Silk Y
Broadcloth Cotton Y
Brocade Silk Y
Brocatelle Silk Y
Buckskin Leather Y
Burlap Jute Y
Cameline Wool Y
Canvas Cotton Y
Chainsil Linen Y
Chambray Cotton Y
Chamois ? Y
Charmeuse Silk Y
Chiffon Silk Y
Cloth, generic - Very Common
Cordetum - Y
Cordovan ? Y
Cotton Cotton Y
Damask ? Y
Dupioni silk Silk Y
Elesine Silk
Faille ? Y
Felt ?
Flannel ? Y
Flyrsilk Silk Y
Frieze ? Y
Fustian ? Y
Gauze ? Y
Gingham ? Y
Grosgrain ? Y
Jacquard ? Y
Lace ? Y
Linen Linen Y
Lotus silk Silk
Lyraigne ? Y
Marbrinus Silk Y
Mervaer Linen Y
Mink Fur and feather
Moire silk Silk Y
Muslin Cotton Y
Naiquard Requires fodder Y
Naraina Silk
Nubuck ? Y
Oilcloth ? Y
Organdy ? Y
Organza Silk Y
Paeline Wool Y
Paisley ? Y
Pashmina ? Y
Plumille Fur and feather Y
Ramie Linen Ramie Y
Ramie Silk Ramie Y
Saenira Silk Y
Samite ? Y
Shadarl Leather -100 Extremely Rare N A N N Innate Properties: +40 Stalking and Hiding enhancive ranks. +1% base spell hindrance. Cannot be dyed.
Silk Silk Y
Silk Gauze Silk
Silk Linen Silk
Spidersilk Silk Y
Suede ? Y
Taffeta Silk Y
Tartan ? Y
Tulle ? Y
Tweed ? Y
Twill ? Y
Velour ? Y
Velvet Silk Y
Velveteen ? Y
Watered silk Silk
Wool Wool Y
X'aganjira ? -150 Extremely Rare N A N N Reduces the d100 against warding and bolt spells by 1d25 for the wearer, and (2d25)% chance to gain 1d25 mana or stamina, -150 material penalty