Forged weapon dyeing

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There appear to be serious bugs when using dyed weapon parts in forging, especially blades, resulting in the final product turning into steel, not being enchanted, or other oddities. Consequently, this page has been blanked for the foreseeable future. If you have a weapon that was forged improperly as a result of dyeing the parts, put in an ASSIST or reach out to Mikos.

Actually, the relationship between forging and dyeing is beyond buggy. The forging system was built back when the only means of identifying the material of a piece at the vise was via the contents of the Adjective field on the base item, and dyeing didn't exist back then. This means that by dyeing a blade you're removing its "vultite-ness". The forging system treats it as steel by default.

I have no information on whether the current forging system will be updated to play more nicely with dyed items or not. I expect that any changes needed would be outside the realm of what the dyeing system would be expected to cope with.

I'll plan to get with you or anyone else that's been affected by this "incompatibility" (I see I missed a post by SHARIQUEN back in Nov.) and we can make things right. The dyeing system does log the stats of pieces, so we can backtrack and recover any transmogrified items. I realize that time as well as items have been invested, but we'll work it out.

You're welcome to assist and ask the Host to put in a referral to have this taken care of, and I'll keep an eye out for any such referral. Although another GM may choose to tackle this, I wouldn't expect them to.

- Mikos