Fox hunt

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UPDATED: June 24th, 2020

LOCATION: northwest corner of Aspen Grove and down the path (25932)


- if you run out of time you'll do an auto search

- if you observe/track and search right after going in, you'll still come away with something

- if you observe/track and there's nothing in the room but you search anyways, you'll still come away with something

- the reason the above two notes are true is because each room has an animal in it, even if you don't see it (perception/survival training just makes seeing the paw prints faster)

- A fox trots south! -- messaging to highlight

- A fox climbed down a massive rock formation, loping off! -- more messaging to highlight

- With a keen eye, you observe your surroundings and find many signs of a fox in this area. -- search here

- raikhen range: 100+ish for the small reward, 125ish for the medium, 150 for a fox

- the goal is to observe/track your way around the place, hopefully seeing the fox and following after it, to either see paw prints and move on or signs of the fox