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Symbol of the Freeholders

Though short lived, The Freeholder's Mercenary Company was a group of like minded adventurers who sought to be the eyes and ears of Neutrality and the balance. The group was created by Kaishaku Kenshiyaku and employed a full compliment of individuals.

The services they provided are listed below as they had them advertised:


We offer one of our scriveners to make a complete notation of any affair, meeting or event. Such notation shall be held in the strictest confidence and copies delivered to any who the employer wishes.


A number of our members are well known Diviners. You may contact Lieutenant Charna or Lieutenant Nofret for more information regarding our divination services.


One of our neutral Arbitrators may be hired to provide a fair and even solution to any problem or conflict between two or more parties. The Arbitrator shall be selected to insure there is no link between him or herself, and the parties in question.

Military Support:

The Freeholders Mercenary Company is a fully trained Military Unit. We can offer military support, reinforcement, triage and various services of a martial nature. Due to the general nature of The Company's neutrality, this service is not one offered lightly, and will only be agreed to after extensive research by The Company.


Command Squad

Commander Kaishaku Kenshiyaku

Company Archivist - Lieutenant Nofret Hrist

Company Annalist - Rinika Tsui

Company Chirugeon - Avidleigh Tir-na

Command Squad Cleric - Maimara Andriatti

1st Squad

Lieutenant Haxley Dormagic

Jacinto Quetzal

1st Squad Cleric - Aasterinian Starbrook

2nd Squad

Captain Cappurnicus Calerous

Company Scrivner - Charna Ja'Varrel'Kav

Manzier Broe

Divid Reyene

Gaesius Tarautas