Frontier Days - 2020-11-06 - Lauding the Landing (log)

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Eoantos 6, 5120

by Lady Luxelle Machtes Ashrim of the [[::The_TownCrier|TownCrier]]

2020 Log of Lauding the Landing

The distinctive chime of a town crier's bell rings three times, and you hear a booming voice calling out, "Lauding The Landing starts at the top of the hour at Helga's Pub Room. Share what the Landing and its people mean to you and help us kick off Frontier Days!" The voice and the echo of the bell's chime slowly trails off.

[Helga's, Pub Room]

The narrow, dimly lit room is cluttered with rickety, ale-stained tables and chairs. Candle stubs mounted in earthenware ale flasks offer the only light, their yellowish glow making the room seem more decrepit than it actually is. Several dockworkers converse around a table in hushed voices, between sips of grog and puffs of strong pipe tobacco. A low wooden stage, no more than a small platform, stands at the far end of the room.

Leafiara cheerfully exclaims, "Good eve all!"

Leafiara recites:
"Welcome one and all to the TownCrier's third annual Lauding the Landing!"

Luxelle exclaims, "This is one of my favorite events every year!"

Chandrellia softly says, "This is a first for me."

Leafiara recites:
"I'm your host this eve, as in past years, along with Lady Luxelle here--*also* as in past years!"
"You might know us as the TownCrier's dynamic duo, the boss lady and also the mayor!"

Luxelle praises Leafiara, expounding upon her fine features and excellent characteristics.

Leafiara recites:
"Miss Luxie doesn't brag, so I'll do it for her and say that almost every mayor has ties to her fine organization in some way or other!"
"All that said, ultimately we are here to celebrate the Landing tonight on its fifteen annual Frontier Days festival!"
"Our evening agenda is divided broadly into two portions..."
"The latter is what you've probably all heard of, which is when you'll all be speaking on what the Landing means to you."
"But first, we have an opening act in honor of our town!"

Opening Act: Luxelle's song, "Welcome To The Landing"

Leafiara recites:
"So, uh--well, I'd say please give a warm welcome to Luxie, but I guess we already did that. See, I really don't plan anything!"
"Give a warm welcome to her anyway as she performs a lovely song for our beloved frontier!"

Luxelle carefully checks the strings of her harp, plucking them lightly in fourths, fifths, and octaves, adjusting the tension until the sound is perfectly pitched. Luxelle then plays a few short scales and arpeggios, listening carefully for the concordance.

Leafiara recites:
"And on that note, on to our main attraction!"

Luxelle holds a nightingale-topped glowbark harp up to her ear.

Sweet tones ring in the air as the glowbark harp responds to Luxelle's tender touch. She closes her eyes and seems to be listening with a soft smile.

Luxelle says, "You know, it was not all that long ago that I was the new one in town. I am ever so happy to perform "Welcome To The Landing" now - especially for newer travelers. If you have lived here a while, take a moment now with me and remember when it was all new to you."

(Note: Luxelle does not wish songs from her current repertoire to be published, lest roleplaying opportunities be diminished. You can always ask her to hear the song, and she will play it. Or any of her songs!)


Leafiara recites:

"Basically, all will be invited in just a few moments to speak on what the Landing means to you..."
"Here's how this'll work"
"If you have something you'd like to say about the Landing, simply RAISE your HAND."
"Miss Luxie will add you to the queue for speaking!"
"She'll call on you when it's your turn, and you speak... and when you're done, tell her you're done!"
"That lart part is very important, because she won't know unless you say it!"

Luxelle says, "My mindreading is not good. I mean, Yet."

Leafiara recites:
"Every year we look forward to hearing what you all have to say..."
"As there are many laughs and tears most every year, at least so far."
"With no small pride, I say this is my favorite event of the year across every organization I'm in."

Luxelle says, "Remember... RAISE your HAND, this is what I will be watching for."

Leafiara recites:
"Enough of my cursory instructions.. let's get talking!"

Chandrellia: Home, safety, love, family

Chandrellia softly says, "Evening everyone."

Chandrellia softly says, "When I first came to Landing, the Mayoral Elections had just started. I didnt know anyone, I was lost, confused, scared."

Chandrellia softly says, "As a young healer its very hard to find your place, several older Empaths helped to guide me, gave advice which I took and followed."

Chandrellia softly says, "Balley, who later adopted me is an amazing mama, my sister Alisette helped mold me into a wonderful healer along with my mama."

Chandrellia softly says, "Then, I met Leafi, Leafi greeted me with open arms and introduced me to lots of new people, all of whom were very kind to me and treated me well."

Chandrellia smiles at Leafiara.

Leafiara interjects, "I promise I didn't pay her to say any of this."

Chandrellia softly says, "I felt at home for the first time in a very long time."

Chandrellia softly says, "Landing to me is friendship, diversity without judgment, for the most part, a Family. Sure we fight amongst ourselves, but by the Rift we come together."

Chandrellia softly says, "Hen our town is threatened. Thats family, thats true family."

Chandrellia softly says, "So I guess in short Landing to me is Home, Safety, Love, Family...."

Chandrellia smiles.

Storig: From farming to adventuring

Storig says, "I came to the Landing a while back now."

Storig says, "Fresh from farming my Turnips I found things quite confusing."

Storig says, "A walked around observing and listening, but folks were always moving quickly."

Storig says, "I needed a place with alot of action, but that was still slow enough for me to learn things."

Storig says, "I came across the pawnshop."

Storig says, "I saw all these fancy items that I didn't understand."

Storig says, "Some glowing, some razor sharp."

Storig says, "Even some that were fantastically decorated that seemed to be in a catch all pile."

Storig says, "A few folks answered some questions about them, pointed me to a library to learn more."

Storig says, "And while I was observing more items, I found someone ask the same question I had once asked."

Storig says, "And I was able to help them as folks had once helped me."

Storig says, "They were so thankful, I thought I might be able to help someone else as I had been helped."

Storig says, "Maybe learn a few more things from newer items that Kilron was throwing on the tables, before another clerk tossed them out into a heap out back."

Storig says, "I've met alot of fine folks, learned alot from them, and hopefully taught others what I've learned."

Storig says, "Landing has been a great place for us farmers to transition to a life of adventuring abroad."

Storig says, "But always with a place of safety to return to."

Storig says, "And that's why I love the Landing."

Meril: Healing, serving, helping

Meril thoughtfully says, "It has been some years since I first came to the Landing."

Meril says, "I knew that healers liked to present themselves in Town Square, but there was always such a crowd that I was never quite comfortable there. So I healed at the Order's monastery, where the wounded would appear in a cool white fog."

Meril says, "There was no other place in the lands quite like it. There were the dead, of course, but often there were gravely wounded in dire need of aid, and for a healer there is nothing better than saving a life from the edge of disaster."

Meril says, "Occasionally I would ask to go with them on their next foray, and from that I made some good friends."

Meril says, "The place is much quieter now, but occasionally there are still people needing help, so I always enjoy returning to it."

Meril says, "And of course no matter where else I wander, I always liked to come back for Bardfest."

Meril winks.

Meril exclaims, "Well, that is all I have for now, but I hope to have even more stories the next time!"

Veramilion: Escape to, no, from The Blood Son

Veramilion says, "When I first came to the Landing, I came from Ta'Loenthra to find a man named the Blood Son for healing. Apparently he was the gemshop owner's son."

Veramilion says, "I stayed in the camp outside. There were a lot of questions about letting us stay."

Veramilion says, "The Silver Gryphons escorted us to the Temple in the Vipershroud of Ivas."

Veramilion says, "It was during my time there that I learned from the clergy there that I didn't actually need to be healed."

Veramilion says, "That I was fine as I was."

Veramilion says, "So I hid when the Blood..Guy...called everyone to be harvested."

Veramilion says, "And have been living here ever since."

Veramilion says, "To me the Landing is a place where you can be yourself and get a second chance."

Speaking to Leafiara, Veramilion says, "I'm am sorry that you regret leaving us alive, however."

Veramilion grins.

Speaking amusedly to Veramilion, Leafiara says, "That's not quite what I said."

Speaking to Luxelle, Veramilion says, "Done."

Leafiara says, "If anything it was a bit of--well, never mind. We have more important things to discuss."

Taulramil: All the good times

Taulramil says, "Most of you don't know but my roots, from a distant cousin come from the landing. I remember hearing storyings over two decades ago of how he bought his first mithril broadsword and was so excited."

Taulramil says, "Only to be killed by a spelled up rolton...."

Taulramil chuckles.

Siggurd whistles tunelessly to himself.

Taulramil grins evilly.

Taulramil says, "But I have a dear place in my heart for all the adventures the landing has provided and fun and friends! These lands would not be the same without that boulder, I mean without you all."

Taulramil says, "I still remember being lost for a day in the catacombs in the crypt."

Taulramil says, "Running from shades."

Taulramil says, "But this is why I love the landing and its folk and all the good times."

Taulramil says, "I mean."

Taulramil says, "It would not be the same."

Taulramil says, "Bam..."

Taulramil says, "Roltons."

Siggurd: Found his place

Siggurd says, "My story is quite similar to the fine folks here, and I think most of us who've called Landing their home."

Siggurd says, "I've been in the Landing near 25 years now."

Siggurd says, "With a few breaks to learn more from distant libraries."

Siggurd says, "I've found my calling in helping others where I can."

Siggurd says, "While I was never good with wounds."

Siggurd says, "I did my best to make sure those venturing outside the city gates would have a better chance at surviving."

Siggurd says, "A bit of mana here and there transformed with my knowledge can go along ways toward bringing back my friends home safe and sound."

Siggurd says, "And if a little dinged up, Chandy can get them."

Siggurd says, "And if reallllly dinged up."

Siggurd says, "There's always Leafi."

Leafiara grins crookedly.

Siggurd says, "And by then I'll have a bit more mana to spare once more."

Siggurd says, "But I've always enjoyed the folks around the Landing who were willing to spend a bit of their time to help with whatever their skills."

Siggurd says, "Even with their storytelling abilities."

Siggurd says, "Everyone has a place in the Landing, they just need to find it."

Vaersah: Lots to like about the Landing

Vaersah says, "The Landing is a place where I can get a healer when I need it. Protective spells too. And places to hunt. I wish my hometown of Cysaegir offered what the Landing does. But it doesn't, and I appreciate that the Landing does. The Landing also has a mayor. And a news team. This is also good. Sometimes the sky rains blood."

Veramilion says, "Maybe the Blood Rains can put out the Blood Fires."

Rendena: A song for you, Landing

Rendena recites softly:
"Beldannon was a master fishermoon,
He'd be carrying his goldfish home soon,
Across the lake very late,
He went home whistling a tune.
What did he bring home....but TUNE-A-FISH"

Rendena recites softly:
"He cooked the fish that created bells and whistles,
While wearing pantaloons,
Would dinner be soon?"

Rendena recites softly:
"Those things that shine, are quite divine, I wonder what they are in the starry skies.
I need the light, like the light needs the dark,
without the other, they do not exist
but what would bring them home through space unknown"

Rendena recites softly:
"POOF! If you ever wonder where the light goes when it closes its eyes,
its to the lullabye and nothing but a cloudy sky."

Maevie: Community

Maevie says, "The Landing means adventure, friendship and pride. I am restless and have difficulty holding still. Always looking for adventure or mischief."

Maevie says, "But it is here that I always return to, despite my travels through different realms."

Maevie says, "I have fought and died here. I healed and loved, and had some of the best of times."

Maevie says, "So to me, the Landing means Community. I am so very grateful for this one."

Speaking to Luxelle, Maevie says, "Done."

Leafiara: The Landing

Leafiara recites:
"And on that note..."
"I had better say something, shouldn't I?"

Leafiara chuckles.

Leafiara rubs her chin thoughtfully.

Leafiara evasively says, "I mean, part of the problem is I said my piece already both of the past two years, but.."

Obelin deeply exclaims, "Wasn't here last year!"

Leafiara says, "Well, I'm sure I can invent a speech on the fly. Just give me a second."

Siggurd says, "Good things are always worth repeating."

Leafiara begins, "The Landing is a place for everyone, for both good and bad."

Leafiara says, "We've had a mayor who eats people."

Leafiara says, "We have a mayor who really kinda has a history with a faction of thieves."

Leafiara chuckles.

Leafiara says, "We have Hapenlok. I'm not even going further into that."

Leafiara appears to be trying hard not to grin.

Leafiara says, "A couple years ago, Hoodtralfeck spoke at this event and said that if we haven't kicked him out, we won't kick anyone out."

Leafiara says, "One thing that comes to mind, the more times I host this event, is that many people say something similar about the Landing..."

Leafiara says, "Yet they themselves are very different."

Leafiara says, "We have the most innocent and the most corrupt people alike saying they have something to defend here."

Leafiara says, "Saying again and again, they like it here because it's--well, it's not what the Elven Nations used to be, or what the Empire is."

Leafiara says, "Every race, every culture, every religion, every personality, we have it all."

Leafiara says, "I suppose, if someone asked me what the Landing is... I'd say a better question is what the Landing isn't."

Leafiara grins.

Leafiara says, "There are a couple answers, sure."

Leafiara says, "It's not huge in size, but it doesn't need to be."

Leafiara says, "It's not all that big in population, but it doesn't need to be that either."

Leafiara says, "And my favorite thing that it's not..."

Leafiara says, "Is boring."

Leafiara flashes a quick grin.

Siggurd hoots.

Maevie adopts an agreeable expression.

Leafiara adamantly says, "It's never, ever boring."

Veramilion chuckles.

Luxelle chuckles.

Leafiara says, "Like was said earlier, we fight and argue among ourselves all the time."

Veramilion says, "It's also not not on fire at any time."

Leafiara nods knowingly at Veramilion.

Leafiara agreeably says, "And that."

Leafiara says, "We have metaphorical and literal fires."

Leafiara says, "Always."

Leafiara says, "We don't even bother fixing the window in my office most of the time anymore."

Leafiara says, "In fact, on inauguration day..."

Leafiara removes a stained brick from in her cherry red cloak.

Leafiara says, "Someone threw this through it."

Leafiara raises her stained brick skyward!

Leafiara says, "It says..."

Leafiara takes a moment to observe her stained brick.

Storig says, "Windows are mere suggestions for privacy."

Leafiara recites:
"Welcome Leafiara! Every mayor gets a brick! Yar!"

Leafiara starts chortling.

Leafiara amusedly says, "I think it might have been Maylan, but I'm not sure."

Leafiara says, "Still..."

Leafiara says, "Things break, and we fix them, and they break again."

Leafiara says, "Fires start, and we put them out, and they start again."

Leafiara says, "It's interesting."

Leafiara says, "It's exciting."

Leafiara says, "It's engaging."

Leafiara says, "It's adventure."

Leafiara exclaims, "Give me this over a sleepy quiet town any day!"

Leafiara raises her fist defiantly.

Leafiara adds, "Or a sleepy large town."

Leafiara dubiously notes, "Looking at you, Solhaven."

Leafiara smirks.

Luxelle's jaw drops.

Leafiara says, "I'll ramble the whole night if you let me, so wrapping this up..."

Leafiara exclaims, "And I think I said this last year, but long may our craziness reign!"

Leafiara cheekily says, "And now back to host duties."


Leafiara recites:
"Did anyone else want to speak this eve? This is the final, final, final call!"

Leafiara recites:
"I hope next year's isn't so close to Ebon Gate because then we get more turnout.."
"With that said, on behalf of the TownCrier, thank you all for coming this eve!"

Luxelle exclaims, "This was full of heart-felt sentiments and quotable moments!"

Luxelle says, "It really does not get much better than that."

Luxelle winks.

Obelin deeply says, "Hardly anybody died."

Leafiara recites:
"We love hearing from all of you each and every year.."

Luxelle exclaims, "Thank you all!"

Leafiara recites:
"I believe this is the final Frontier Days, but I assure you it's not the final Lauding the Landing!"
"One way or another, we'll find a way to host once more next year. Maybe twice, never know!"
"And, for those concerned, there will still be a celebration of some sort next year."

Storig says, "Good to hear that."

Leafiara recites:
"We wish everyone a happy festival for the rest of the week, as shops will open and raffles will be held!"

Luxelle says, "The Landing goes on, despite all that changes."

Leafiara recites:
"Rovvigen will keep everyone posted on the raffles as usual, I do believe."
"For those of you who defend the town from danger in the late eve, well, I'll see you around."

Luxelle exclaims, "Happy Frontier Days everyone!"

Luxelle exclaims, "And I suppose we have to thank Mister Dreaven now for providing spells for everyone at the close of our gathering!"

Leafiara recites:
"And to everyone else, I'm usually only a thought away at most."
"Have a great eve all!"