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Gender female
Race Dwarven
Profession Brewmaster
Service(s) GALD, Wares
Venue wandering
Grand Banquet
Status active

Fryzel is a master of brews. She can be found at festivals, such as the Zul Logoth Grand Banquet, selling her wares. She also frequents other venues to help with GALD.


You see Brewmaster Fryzel.
She appears to be a Dwarf.
She is much shorter than average.  She appears to be time-worn.  She has vibrant lilac-colored eyes and wrinkled pale skin.  She has extremely frizzled, shiny scarlet hair caught in a tangled mess of plaits caught by tiny paw-shaped beads.  She has a narrow face and faint scars covering her hands.  She has a lush, fiery red beard bound by a lattice of leather strips.
She has a thin steel ring in the middle of her nose.
She is in good shape.
She is holding an oxblood suede corset engulfed in mesh-framed eahnor roses down the splayed back in her right hand.
She is wearing a leather-hung vellum map pendant, a long cerulean leather tunic trailing frayed sleeves of sage-colored silk, an iron-banded copper barrel raxiara, a straw-filled wooden crate, a cotton-lined dark tin bucket, a slightly bulging canvas bag, a pair of oiled dark buckskin leggings riddled with tiny puncture marks, and some worn charcoal suede knee-boots covered in small slashes at the toes.