Furry pearl grey toy bunny

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This item was a prize from the Hunt for History.


a furry pearl grey toy bunny


Crafted from soft grey rabbit fur, the toy bunny looks to have been created by a true artisan. There is a small metal crank underneath the toy, much cruder in nature than the toy itself. It would appear this toymaker 'borrowed' unfamiliar gadgetry to make this one operate.


No other details are known.


You grasp the pearl grey toy bunny and begin to sing. A wash of sea air caresses your face, and you find yourself staring at a grand pirate ship.

Your voice changes tune and pitch, as does your verse. Your vantage changes, and you find yourself standing on a ship's deck looking out to sea. A crowd of pirates are gathered near one side, all hooting and hollering.

Your voice softens, but your vision becomes clearer. You now find yourself among the pirates. Angry mutterings and harsh curses fill the air, all focused in one direction.

Your song continues, one verse after another. You manage to find the front of the crowd, finally seeing what the commotion is over. Standing atop a plank, is a tiny halfling dressed in outlandish garb. As he walks the plank, perhaps to his demise, you can't help but notice the mischievous expression on his face.