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GRUNT is a common verb, particularly for dwarves that have several unique grunts.


You grunt.

Dwarven Grunts

    GRUNT [style] [target]

Where [style] is one of the following:
    ELF      FEAR     FIERCE   FOOD     FOOL
    GEM      GLEE     GREEDY   GRIM     HAPPY
    MINE     NO       PAIN     SAD      SLEEPY

>grunt agree
You grunt in agreement.
Virilneus grunts in agreement.

>grunt amused
You grunt, amused.
Virilneus grunts, amused.

>grunt anger
You grunt angrily, glaring and snorting.
Virilneus grunts angrily, glaring and snorting.

>grunt annoy
You grunt in annoyance, rolling your eyes.
Virilneus grunts in annoyance, rolling his eyes.

>grunt bashful
You grunt bashfully, averting your eyes.
Virilneus grunts bashfully, averting his eyes.

>grunt bored
You grunt, bored.
Virilneus grunts in ennui.

>grunt bye
You grunt in farewell.
Virilneus grunts in farewell.

>grunt crazy
You grunt oddly, rolling your eyes and sticking your tongue out. Loon.
Virilneus grunts oddly, rolls his eyes, and sticks out his tongue. What a loon.

>grunt drink
You grunt, motioning for a drink.
Virilneus grunts and motions for a drink.

>grunt drunk
You grunt drunkenly.
Virilneus grunts and hiccups, weaving slightly.

>grunt elf
You grunt and sneer in obvious distaste.
Virilneus grunts and sneers at the same time in obvious distaste!

>grunt fear
You grunt in fear and surprise!
Virilneus grunts, obviously terrified!

>grunt fierce
You grunt fiercely!
Virilneus grunts and snarls at the same time, looking mighty fierce!

>grunt food
You grunt hungrily, motioning for food.
Virilneus grunts hungrily, motioning for food.

>grunt fool
You grunt in annoyance.
Virilneus grunts in obvious annoyance.

>grunt gem
You grunt, thinking greedily of gems!
Virilneus grunts with a sparkle in his eye!

>grunt glee
You grunt gleefully, rubbing your hands together!
Virilneus grunts gleefully, rubbing his hands together!

>grunt greedy
You grunt greedily!
Virilneus grunts, the gleam of silver in his eye!

>grunt grim
You grunt grimly, resigned to your fate.
Virilneus grunts grimly, looking resigned to his fate.

>grunt happy
You grunt happily, grinning.
Virilneus grunts happily, grinning.

>grunt hello
You grunt in greeting.
Virilneus grunts in greeting.

>grunt help
You grunt, calling for assistance!
Virilneus grunts urgently, calling for assistance!

>grunt hunger
You grunt hungrily, your stomach rumbling.
Virilneus grunts hungrily as his stomach rumbles.

>grunt maybe
You grunt noncommittally and shrug your shoulders.
Virilneus grunts noncommittally and shrugs his shoulders.

>grunt menace
You grunt menacingly!
Virilneus grunts menacingly!

>grunt mine
You grunt possessively, glaring at the same time!
Virilneus grunts possessively, glaring at the same time!

>grunt no
You grunt negatively, shaking your head.
Virilneus grunts and shakes his head.

>grunt pain
You grunt in pain.
Virilneus grunts in pain.

>grunt sad
You grunt sadly.
Virilneus grunts sadly, a small tear forming in the corner of his eye.

>grunt satisfied
You grunt with satisfaction!
Virilneus grunts in satisfaction.

>grunt skeptically
You grunt skeptically, raising your eyebrows.
Virilneus grunts skeptically, raising his bushy eyebrows.

>grunt sleepy
You grunt sleepily.
Virilneus grunts sleepily.

>grunt stupid
You grunt, grinning stupidly.
Virilneus grunts, grinning like a fool.

>grunt tired
You grunt tiredly.
Virilneus grunts tiredly.

>grunt thoughtfully
You grunt pensively, deep in thought.
Virilneus grunts pensively, deep in thought.

>grunt what
You grunt in annoyance and impatience!
Virilneus grunts loudly in annoyance and impatience!

>grunt yes
You grunt in affirmation.
Virilneus grunts and nods.