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Decay Timer 16 minutes
Spirit Regeneration 2 per 5 min, ×2 on node
Height 4' to 4.5', 4.75' max
Weight 78 to 233 lbs.
Languages Common, Dwarven

The hardiest of the races of Elanthia, dwarves are short (usually under 4'6"), stocky and ruddy faced. They have dark, deep-set eyes with dark, wiry hair. Their beards are often long and elaborately braided, and are matters of great pride. Some dwarven females are bearded, some are not. Dwarves have a natural resistance to certain forms of elemental magic. Dwarves are neither agile nor quick of feet. Dwarves are well-known for their mining, though they keep their gold, silver, mithril and other mines hidden underground.


Strength Constitution Dexterity Agility Discipline Aura Logic Intuition Wisdom Influence
+10 +15 0 -5 +10 -10 +5 0 0 -10

For statistic growth rates by profession, see List of statistic growth rates#Dwarf.

Base Max HP Effective Max HP Base Regen
140 180 3
Regen (off-node) Regen (on-node) Decay Timer
2 per 5 min 4 per 5 min 10 min
Encumbrance Each 10 bonus in Physical Fitness decreases effective encumbrance by 1 lb, allowing the normal carrying capacity to be exceeded.
Base Weight (lb) Weight Factor Max Weight (lb) Max Carrying Capacity (lb) Armor Encumbrance Factor
77 2/3 0.7767 233 94.36 0.80
Size Modifier Dodging Bonus
+5 0
Target Defense
Elemental Spiritual Mental Sorcerer Poison Disease
+30 0 0 +15 +20 +15

Dwarves receive a large bonus to hiding in mountain caves and a small bonus outdoors in the mountains. They also receive a bonus to Crafting and a small bonus to Forging.


Dwarves founded an empire of their own long ago, but few know of its details as they remained hidden under mountains preferring to remain amongst their own. Today, dwarves have split into clans and come out from their mountains to join the rest of the world.

The Dwarven Clans
Grevnek Known to other dwarf clans as the trouble shooters, Grevnek Clan's knowledge of mining is unsurpassed. Grevnek is responsible for building the mining system and city that has come to be known as Zul Logoth.
Krenlumtrek Choosing to live above ground, Krenlumtrek Clan built Zhindel's Post, the gateway to the Dragonspine Mountains. Most make their living as lumberjacks and woodworkers.
Greetok Shrewd merchants in their own right, Greetok Clan are the finest gemcutters of all the clans.
Toktrog Known for their skill in trailmaking, Toktrog Clan are one of the few clans that openly study magic. Learning how to harness the spiritual magics of the forests and rivers, they traded this knowledge and their skill for working metals and weaponry in order to gain access to the greater incantations of arcane magic.
Roramnoak Considered wanderers, Roramnoak Clan favors merchanting and travel. The clan is the most significant contributor to the spread of dwarven products into the hands of other races throughout Elanthia.
Krethuum Herders of roltons, goats, caribou, gaks, and more, Krethuum Clan lead a simple life trading their goods to other nearby clans.
Ralgrenek Specializing in Imaera's domain, Ralgrenek Clan has mastered the study of herbs and vegetation, contributing greatly to the spread of knowledge of the healing properties of the lichens, mosses, toadstools, and other herbal growths deep within the mountains. The clan boasts the most skilled empaths of all dwarven clans.
Gotronek Creators of intricate statues and amazing works of marble, Gotronek Clan are masters of dwarven art. The great halls of their home are carved entirely from pure marble.
Oltregek Rarely seen above ground, Oltregek Clan focus on the mining of gems.
Egrentek Specializing in workings of silver, Egrentek Clan run one of the largest coin mints in modern day Elanthia.
Parkshnuum The great workers of iron, Parkshnuum Clan are known as teachers, spreading their knowledge of the forge to any who wish to learn the craft.
Mordrakam Unlike most of their kin, who wielded pickaxes, war hammers and other blunt weaponry, Mordrakam Clan craft and wield blades. Creating a unique alloy called Invar (also known as dwarven steel), Mordrakam claidhmores have become the bane of orcs across the world.
Grenroa Grenroa Clan traveled deep within the DragonSpine for 3,000 years, connecting all the dwarven cities with hidden passages and corridors, before building the great labyrinth known as Chiostilis. Grenroa live in relative peace content with maintaining the vast miles of tunnels they have created.
Kikthuum In Bortrazo's Canyon near Lake Jostallim lies the home of the Kikthuum Clan, masters of watercraft. With the discovery of veniom, Kikthuum Clan became the first to create submersible vessels. Kikthuum keeps the method of their creation a closely guarded secret.
Gulroten Discoverers of veniom, an unusually malleable metal, Gulroten Clan perfected the process of making armor and mining packs lighter.
Sharznekgren Sharznekgren Clan are well known for their wealth but perhaps more well known, is their ability to protect their wealth with clever, deadly traps.
Schneckgren A wealthy clan, Schneckgren Clan has made their home in the largest known gold mine in Elanthia.
Ragnak Great talents and greater stubbornness are the marks of Ragnak Clan. The youngest of the clans, Ragnaks excel at building.
Kazunel Legendary amongst non-dwarves, Kazunel Clan are the finest weaponsmiths in the world. Even other dwarven clans will admit this, though only after many pride-filled stubborn interjections.
Reznek When you absolutely have to survive the blows of your enemy, armor from Reznek Clan is what you'll want to be wearing. Some Reznek claim that their methods of armor smithing will create such armor that can stop the teeth of dragons.
Smaelton Unsatisfied with conventional methods, Smaelton Clan developed advanced smelting techniques using available pools of molten lava. Despite the obvious dangers, their resulting metals are of the highest quality.
Khanshael Captured and enslaved long ago by the Dhe'nar, Khanshael now are regarded with great respect by their former captors for their contentment and amazing talent in mining. Over time, Khanshael blood has darkened and changed, much like the Dhe'nar, but they still maintain close ties to their dwarven brothers.
Mithrenek Crafters of weapons, armor, jewelry and sculptures, Mithrenek Clan excels above all others in their working of mithril. Mithrenek always wear an item of mithril, usually a family heirloom, to display the honor of being a member of one of the first Clans.
Borthuum Founded by explorers seeking the lost cities of Kezmon Isle, Borthuum Clan discovered a far greater prize in the volcanic Teras Isle. Uninhabited and untapped, the clan discovered vast sources of volcanic minerals and rare gems. Borthuum Clan's talent in working the much sought after glaes is unmatched.

Race-specific Verbs

BELCH DEEP - A low, guttural belch rumbles from your mouth. - A low, guttural belch rumbles from Dwarf's mouth.
BELCH DRUNK - You belch drunkenly, a goofy smile plastered on your face. - Dwarf belches drunkenly, a goofy smile plastered on her face.
BELCH EXPLODE - You let loose with an explosive belch. - Dwarf lets loose with an explosive belch.
BELCH HEARTY - You belch heartily, feeling satisfied. - Dwarf belches heartily, apparently satisfied.
BELCH JUICY - You belch juicily, wiping the gastric secretions from your chin. - Dwarf belches juicily, wiping the gastric secretions from her chin.
BELCH LAZY - You let out a loud belch as you lazily scratch your backside. - Dwarf lets out a loud belch as she lazily scratches her backside.
BELCH LONG - You release a long, drawn out belch. Impressive. - Dwarf releases a long, drawn out belch.
BELCH LOUD - You belch lustily, reeking of garlic and ale. - Dwarf belches lustily, her breath reeking of garlic and ale. Phew!
BELCH QUICK - You give a quick belch. - Dwarf gives a quick belch.
BELCH RELIEF - You belch loudly, feeling an immediate sense of relief. - Dwarf belches loudly, then gives a sigh of relief.
BELCH ROLTON - You belch, sounding suspiciously like an angry rolton. - Dwarf belches, sounding suspiciously like an angry rolton.
BELCH SOFT - You belch softly. - Dwarf belches softly.
BELCH STRONGLY - A thunderous belch explodes from your mouth, filling the air with the stench of rancid cheese. - A thunderous belch explodes from Dwarf's mouth, filling the air with the stench of rancid cheese.
BELCH TALK - You open your mouth to speak, but an unexpected belch interrupts you. - Dwarf opens her mouth to speak, but is interrupted by an unexpected belch.
BELCH UNDER - You belch under your breath, trying to avoid notice. - Dwarf belches under her breath, trying to avoid notice.
BELCH VOMIT - You belch forcefully, giving a quick swallow as you feel your gorge rise. - Dwarf belches forcefully, then swallows.
GRUNT AGREE - You grunt in agreement. - Dwarf grunts in agreement.
GRUNT AMUSED - You grunt, amused. - Dwarf grunts, amused.
GRUNT ANGER - You grunt angrily. - Dwarf grunts angrily, glaring and snorting.
GRUNT ANNOY - You grunt in annoyance. - Dwarf grunts in annoyance, rolling her eyes.
GRUNT BASHFUL - You grunt bashfully. - Dwarf grunts shyly, averting her eyes.
GRUNT BORED - You grunt, bored. - Dwarf grunts in ennui.
GRUNT BYE - You grunt in farewell. - Dwarf grunts in farewell.
GRUNT CRAZY - You grunt oddly, rolling your eyes and sticking your tongue out. Loon. - Dwarf grunts, rolls her eyes, and sticks out her tongue. What a loon.
GRUNT DRINK - You grunt, motioning for a drink. - Dwarf grunts and motions for a drink.
GRUNT DRUNK - You grunt drunkenly. - Dwarf grunts and hiccups, weaving slightly.
GRUNT ELF - You grunt in obvious distaste. - Dwarf grunts and sneers at the same time in obvious distaste!
GRUNT FEAR - You grunt in fear and surprise! - Dwarf grunts, obviously terrified!
GRUNT FIERCE - You grunt fiercely! - Dwarf grunts and snarls at the same time, looking mighty fierce!
GRUNT FOOD - You grunt hungrily. - Dwarf grunts as her stomach rumbles.
GRUNT FOOL - You grunt in annoyance. - Dwarf grunts in obvious annoyance.
GRUNT GEM - You grunt, thinking greedily of gems! - Dwarf grunts with a sparkle in her eye!
GRUNT GLEE - You grunt gleefully, rubbing your hands together! - Dwarf grunts gleefully, rubbing her hands together!
GRUNT GREEDY - You grunt greedily! - Dwarf grunts, the gleam of silver in her eye!
GRUNT GRIMLY - You grunt grimly. - Dwarf grunts grimly, looking resigned to her fate.
GRUNT HAPPY - You grunt happily. - Dwarf grunts, grinning.
GRUNT HELLO - You grunt in greeting. - Dwarf grunts in greeting.
GRUNT HELP - You grunt, calling for aid! - Dwarf grunts urgently, calling for assistance!
GRUNT HUNGER - You grunt in hunger. - Dwarf grunts as her belly rumbles.
GRUNT MAYBE - You grunt noncommittally. - Dwarf grunts noncommittally and shrugs her shoulders.
GRUNT MENACE - You grunt menacingly! - Dwarf grunts menacingly!
GRUNT MINE - You grunt possessively! - Dwarf grunts possessively, glaring at the same time!
GRUNT NO - You grunt negatively. - Dwarf grunts and shakes her head.
GRUNT PAIN - You grunt in pain. - Dwarf grunts in pain.
GRUNT SAD - You grunt sadly. - Dwarf grunts sadly, a small tear forming in the corner of her eye.
GRUNT SLEEPY - You grunt sleepily. - Dwarf grunts sleepily.
GRUNT STUPID - You grunt, grinning stupidly. - Dwarf grunts, grinning like a fool.
GRUNT THANKS - You grunt in thanks. - Dwarf grunts her thanks.
GRUNT TIRED - You grunt tiredly. - Dwarf grunts tiredly.
GRUNT WHAT - You grunt in annoyance! - Dwarf grunts loudly in annoyance and impatience!
GRUNT YES - You grunt in affirmation. - Dwarf grunts and nods.
GRUNT QUESTION - You grunt questioningly. - Dwarf grunts, a quizzical look on her face.
GRUNT SATISFIED - You grunt with satisfaction! - Dwarf grunts in satisfaction.
GRUNT SKEPTICALLY - You grunt skeptically. - Dwarf grunts skeptically, raising her bushy eyebrows.
GRUNT THOUGHTFULLY - You grunt pensively. - Dwarf grunts pensively, deep in thought.
GRUNT <Easeter Egg!> - You grunt proudly, in honor of a fine man. - Dwarf grunts proudly in remembrance.
SWEAR ELOQUENT - You let out an eloquently vile series of grunts. - Dwarf lets out an eloquently vile series of grunts.


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