Gelidity House

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Gelidity House is a private property in Icemule Trace. It was designed by GM Korelys.

[Temple Burrow, Oleani Way]
Small houses line the road. The dwellings follow no set plan, some with one story and others with two. The street is almost deserted at this time of day, with only an occasional halfling passing by with home and hot food clearly on their mind. You also see an old halfling and a black wrought iron gate.
Obvious paths: northeast, west
[Gelidity House, Courtyard]
Encircled by a low fence of black wrought iron is an icy courtyard. Two identical bays jut forward from the deep grey stone structure, their triple diamond-paned windows edged in smooth white marble frames. A narrow brick path, kept free of ice, is surrounded on either side by beds of multicolored snow lilies. The path continues a few feet between the bays and terminates at a paneled maple door. The entire structure is capped by a steep copper roof, the bright metal dulled from years of snowfall. You also see a rent box.
Obvious paths: out
[Gelidity House, Hearth Room]
A tiny foyer opens directly into an opulent interior, where the smooth grey stone of the walls is interrupted by the addition of a trio of silk tapestries. The southern wall is occupied entirely by a sleek maple library, and the bay window neatly frames a long bench covered in black sable. In front of a white marble fireplace streaked with quartz sprawls an enormous white sheepskin rug scattered with silk pillows in variegated shades of green. Next to the rug is a low maple table inlaid with copper scrollwork. You also see a paneled maple door.
Obvious exits: north, east

>sit ben

You take a seat on the edge of the bench, letting your gaze drift to the window and the icy courtyard outside.

>l on table

On the maple table you see a plate of cinnamon sugar cookies and a carafe of rich hot chocolate.

[Gelidity House, Bedchamber]
A triple bay window, obscured by grey velvet drapes, faces a massive silver-painted mistwood sleigh bed covered with luxurious scarlet bedding. Next to the bed is a large mistwood armoire and at the foot is a slim black velvet fainting couch. The domed ceiling is washed in midnight blue and inlaid with tiny shards of mithglin that reflect the candlelight, their gleam reminiscent of faraway stars. A mistwood door framed in white marble leads out, while heat radiates from beyond a pale stone arch.
Obvious exits: none

>open arm

It appears to be locked.

[Gelidity House, Indoor Spring]
The rounded space is entirely occupied by a deep pool contained by smooth black slate. The mineral smell of a hot spring is unmistakable, the water and heat enveloping you immediately and completely. Crimson pillar candles clustered around the perimeter of the pool cast odd shadows, the light mixing with the rising clouds of steam to create velvet shadows that undulate upon the surface of the pool and evaporate as they slowly rise into darkness.
Obvious exits: out
[Gelidity House, Dining]
Intimate without being small, this room is simple and elegant. A round maple table is surrounded by chairs covered in soft ivory velvet, all resting upon a grey marble floor. The absence of a window keeps the room dark, the only light coming from tall beeswax candles placed in eahnor sconces at intervals along smooth grey stone walls. Divided from the dining area by a granite-topped buffet is a small circular parquet floor, the ceiling directly above draped with sheer scarlet silks which dangle halfway to the floor.
Obvious exits: west

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