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Category: For Sale, Auction or Barter
Topic: GM Auction Items
Message #: 1327
Author: ONELOSTRANGER (Elayain)
Date: Jan 3, 1999 at 17:16
Subject: God Auction Weapon

This weapon is the Jack of All trades. It is a falchion. +20 to your attack. It has a bardic story. It is scripted. Has 9 different crits.

Description Show
Without gem a gem encrusted <material> <weapon> Odd pieces of various gemstones encrust the pommel of the <weapon>, with an empty gem setting at the base of the pommel.
With gem a gem encrusted <material> <weapon> Odd pieces of various gemstones encrust the pommel of the <weapon>, with an especially fine <gem name> mounted at the base of the pommel.
Property Gem
Critical Weighting diamond
Damage Weighting rubies, bloodstones
Fire Flares sapphires, sunstones, firestones
Vibe Flares stones
Acid Flares emeralds
Lightning Flares opals
Cold Flares gem
Bless pearls

About Crits:

The Crit weighting is equivalent to Very heavily..better then a Fel hafter. The damage weighting is HUGE +14 to 15. All the other crits do about 100 max damage. It is rumored the other 2 crits are ice(or cold) and plasma. The bless 'crit' comes already blessed. No bless needed.

Bardic Story:

The bardic story currently is not here. This weapon was lost in a crash and replaced. And the gods overlooked the bardic story. As soon as the gods return it I will post the bardic story.


  • push fal

You press a pink sapphire into the pommel of the falchion. As you do so the gem glows brightly then returns to normal.

  • take sap from fal

You remove a pink sapphire from inside your vultite falchion.

This weapon is 100% amazing. You will never ever need to buy another weapon. You do not need to carry around 3 different 10lb weapons, just this one and some gems. The mb on this weapon is 20 mil. Trades accepted

Additional information from Tabor's post of 14 February 2006 (in regards to a gem encrusted vultite morning star):

Faegil says, "The aura of magic surrounds the star as if it was a weapon of great power. You also sense that it has more than one ability and that its power originates from the pommel."

Faegil says, "A strong aura of magic radiates from the the pommel of the star. An especially fine a blue sapphire glows as you sing to it as if it is the source of power for the weapon.The harmonics generated tell you that it has been blessed by a cold elemental."

Faegil says, "Smoke slowly wafts skyward from the forge as a burly, black-haired weaponsmith carefully places the star on a golden anvil and starts to inset the last gem onto the pommel of the star. Kneeling in a circle around the smith, nine brown robed monks chant continuously in prayer. The weaponsmith slowly lifts his head and gives a slight smile as he gazes upon the gem encrusted weapon. A young acolyte carrying a brown velvet pillow runs up to the smith and kneels before him. Reaching over to the pillow the burly man takes hold of a gem and holds it skyward. The chanting grows in strength as he takes hold of the weapon and presses the gem into its pommel. The vision slowly starts to fade..."

Note that there are several varieties of this item: those that I know for certain exist are:

  • a gem encrusted vultite falchion (2)
  • a gem encrusted ora broadsword
  • a gem encrusted glaes hammer
  • a gem encrusted vultite morning star (possibly 2 of these, but one may have vanished when Lawninja's player passed away)


Additional information has come to light regarding using one of the gem-eating weapons with the Paladin spell, "Holy Weapon (1625)". Apparently, the heavily-scripted mechanics of these weapons make them unsuitable choices for use with the spell.

Category: Paladins
Topic: Paladin General Discussion
Message #: 4399
Author: GS4-COASE
Date: 12/25/2007 at 12:11:23 AM
Subject: Paladin bonded weapon question

The base qualities of the weapon will generally take priority over those granted by 1625. Pre-existing weighting/flaring preventing the Guiding Light flares is the most common reflection of this, but the other abilities granted by 1625 can also sometimes be overpowered by the base weapon's qualities. Weapons that tend to substantially or completely overpower the bond's qualities are morphing ones or ones with mutable abilities (like the ability switching gem weapons). Since one of the base weapon's qualities in this case is to turn on and off the holy nature of the weapon, it will overpower the similar ability of 1625.