Gentlemen's Leaf

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Gentlemen's Leaf is the tobacco shop in Ta'Illistim. It is located in a small building at the northeastern end of Kaerinar Way/western end of Erissian Var. There is a lounge through the arch with a dartboard and refreshments.

[The Gentlemen's Leaf, Smokeshop]
Antique tapestries, edged with amber tassels, are carefully hung on the grey stone walls, their woven design displayed on polished brass rods. The rich, pungent smell of tobacco permeates the air of the tiny shop. A clear glass case stands center in the room, its interior filled with a variety of items. Set into the back wall is a large archway curtained with thick velvet. You also see Tearlach.


Welcome to Tearlach's Smokeshop!

Tearlach offers his catalog to browse.
Tearlach exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. a pale silver-banded cigar       10. some light almond pipe tobacco
  2. a thick verdant-hued cigar       11. some tan cumin pipe tobacco
  3. a long dark cigar                12. a dark leaf wrapper
  4. a slender gold-banded cigar      13. a polished beech pipe
  5. a dark leaf-wrapped cigar        14. a carved linden pipe
  6. some pale anise pipe tobacco     15. a small oilskin pouch
  7. some dark currant pipe tobacco   16. a small oak box
  8. some thick cedar pipe tobacco    17. a small ivory matchbook
  9. some green moss pipe tobacco


[The Gentlemen's Leaf, Lounge]
A large sofa surrounded by smaller dark leather chairs fills the space in front of a rustic stone fireplace. Pale crystal globes hang from dark silver chains, their muted light gently illuminating the dark paneled walls and thick burgundy carpeting. A polished walnut dart board painted with alternating burgundy and ebon sections hangs above a small woven basket of sticks. Draped with an elegant topaz-threaded runner, a sideboard is covered with a variety of refreshments. A dartboard rack rests next to a large curtained archway.