Geojordak (prime)

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Race Human
Hometown Icemule Trace
Class Wizard
Affiliation(s) Wizard Guild, Voln, Twilight Hall

Geojordak is a candidate who is running for a Town Council position in the 5120 Icemule Trace Mayoral Race.


You see Lord Geojordak the Master Craftsman.
He appears to be a Human from Selanthia.
He is average height. He appears to be very young. He has gold-flecked blue-green eyes and alabaster skin. He has short, straight amber hair streaked with silver. He has a birth mark.
He is wearing a broad-brimmed black suede hat with a band of white silk, a skewed sapphire prism earring suspended from a silver stud, a fractured crystalline pink heart pendant, a deeply hooded grey elesine robe, a mithril Twilight Hall pin, a black leather eyepatch with a painted blue swirl on its surface, a long-tailed sewer rat, a gold-threaded leather wand harness slung over his shoulder, a finely tooled grey leather satchel slung over his other shoulder, a smaragdine suede backpack clasped with a silver leaf, some polished full leather, a fitted bronze shirt awash with garish spiderweb embroidery, an emerald suede sheath, an etched red quartz wristcuff, a thick ebonwood armband, a jewelled engagement ring, a bright cobalt leather bag with thick wool tassels, a golden spidersilk gem pouch, a crimson silk drawstring gem pouch shot through with elaborate blackworking, a coarse burlap sack, a pair of loose bronze breeches with arachnid buttons, and some knee-high violet satin boots accented with bronze tiles.

Geojordak's Speech

This speech was given on the evening of 06/24/5120 in Icemule Trace.

Reiphe says, "Our final speaker tonight will be Geojordak of Selanthia."

Geojordak stands up.

Geojordak softly says, "Thank you all for letting me speak tonight."

Geojordak softly says, "I signed up to speak last or close to last as I wanted to be able to frame my thoughts after hearing the other candidates speak. This isn't really about me. But also as a later speaker I know everyone is probably ready for a nap. Please stay with me here."

Geojordak smiles.

Geojordak softly says, "Honestly, I am not...running for the council per say, but if elected will serve to my best. What I am looking to accomplish is to put forth my beliefs of where Ice Mule should be in terms of governance."

Geojordak glances upward and whistles quietly, an innocent look on his face.

Geojordak softly says, "And what I see Ice Mule needs is strong leadership with ideas and goals, but one also able to listen to good ideas from all comers. There are things I would focus on if I were on the council."

Geojordak softly says, "My number one goal is to see a council that can put forth ideas, good and bad, because without ideas you cannot do anything....a council that can inspire each one of us to step forth and put forth not just ideas, but time and effort to the betterment of everyone."

Geojordak softly says, "Seeing as there are only five council positions, who would I endorse for council? Out of all the excellent candidates here are my thoughts."

Geojordak softly says, "First, I would endorse myself ... but that's not fair, so echoing more recently in my mind I would like to endorse Falvicar. Hopefully, they will be able to provide a perspective focused on restoration and protection of all of Ice Mule."

Geojordak softly exclaims, "Second, I would think Kittai would be good for this job. An established member of the Ice Mule community and a person with experience with managing security for a large group. Very important with all the carts around town!"

Geojordak softly says, "Third, Someone who could help out by acting as a liaison or give up a perspective to help us work with our larger Neighbors. In that regards having traversed the DragonSpine I liked what Dayzed had to say."

Geojordak coughs.

Geojordak softly says, "Fourth, having worked with the town guard these past years, I would recommend Kobane. A short speaker, but I think he would get the job done in his actions."

Geojordak softly says, "Finally, rounding it out I would call on Jastalyn to be on the council. Based on their comments, I think they would be well suited to help build a bridge between all people."

Geojordak softly says, "Notice I did nae mention a halfling. Not because the halfling candidates tonight didn't have good ideas but because I think we should look for diversity, and the mayor will be the voice of the halfling."

Geojordak softly exclaims, "In closing, I will serve the best I can if you do end up voting for me. That said, my endorsements are for those I have just mentioned. May the best candidate win!"

Geojordak waves.

Geojordak sits down.