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Wednesday nights are Guild Nights

The Wizard's Guild is a sanctuary for the further study and training of a wizard, which skills and spells alone cannot provide.


A cantrip used to produce any common item from a worn container. The item must weigh two pounds or less and may not be scripted (gems and wands are applicable, but food is not).
(Flick is not actually a "guild skill", but a special verb available specifically to wizards who are members of the guild.)
Composed of three individual guild skill categories, the practice of Alchemy allows the creation of a wide range of magical items, some of which are only available through Alchemy, and others which are also available in shops or via the treasure system.
These skills are categorized as follows:
  • General Alchemy - which concerns itself with the creation of generic alchemical products that are available to all four Alchemist professions, including healing tinctures, mana potions, and ayanad type crystals, among others. It should be noted that General Alchemy is considered the 'master' among these skills, and it is not possible to advance beyond your rank in General Alchemy in either of the other skill categories.
  • Wizard Potions - which concerns itself with the creation of liquids which, when poured or drunk, will impart the benefit of a range of Wizard spells, such as defensive spells, Elemental Blade (411), among others. Potions used for enchanting are also made in Potions training.
  • Wizard Trinkets - which concerns itself with the creation of solids which, when waved or rubbed or otherwise activated, will impart the benefit of a range of Wizard spells, such as white crystals, golden wands, among others.

Requirements and Benefits

Wizards level 15 and above can join the guild.

Wizards who are a member of the Guild gain access to a special Guild amunet channel.

When advancing through the training ranks, wizards can receive experience and fame for completed tasks and promotion to higher ranks.

Promotion to Guildmaster status requires mastery of General Alchemy and a total of 125 skill ranks; once meeting this requirement, the presence of 2 other members who have also met the requirement (whether they are currently a Guildmaster or eligible for promotion themselves) is necessary to execute the promotion. Player Guildmasters can gain experience and fame for checking in other Guild members (must be inactive or required to check in in the next 10 days) or for promoting other Guild members to higher ranks. Guildmasters need to drop by the guild once a month - if they don't they'll receive a warning after a month, followed by loss of status after three.


It costs 4500 silvers to join the guild, and 1500 per month. You may pay up to three months (90 days) in advance.

Player Guildmasters must check in each month, but pay no fees.


  • Wizard Guild (Kraken's Fall) - Located at the intersection of Mantle's Landing and Cranial Crawl, the entrance is the flickering portal and access involves a language puzzle.
  • Wizard Guild (Mist Harbor) - Located in a marble castle on Sea Turtle Lane, Eastern Harbor (#19359). Note--you cannot "go castle" to enter the guild; if you LOOK at the CASTLE, you can see that it has an arched door, so you GO DOOR to enter.
  • Wizard Guild (River's Rest) - Located south of South River Road outside of town, near the Guardians of Sunfist outpost, through a pair of ivy-covered gates.
  • Wizard Guild (Ta'Vaalor) - There is a faint outline of a doorway on the exterior wall of Guardian Keep at the southern end of Amaranth Court. Instructions for entry are written on the door in elven. To enter, use directed speech in Wizard Guild speech to say to the door, "Wizard."

Solhaven does not have a Wizard Guild at this time. Neither does Cysaegir.

Known Current Masters

  • Promoted 10/19/08 : Arlia, Dreuntar, Jayvn, Kylinarr, Rimalon, Vandele
  • Promoted 12/09/08 : Darnog, Saazz, Sairai
  • Promoted 04/30/09 : Fleurs, Greysleeve, Sagoth, Wizricky
  • Promoted 07/30/09 : Zizzle, Plindo
  • Promoted 12/02/09 : Auratik, Tharken
  • Promoted 05/12/12 : Tenken, Zzentar
  • Promoted 07/06/12 : Jymamon
  • Promoted 01/24/13 : Faulkil, Zizzle
  • Promoted 01/06/14 : Whirlin
  • Promoted 10/22/14 : Drafix
  • Promoted 01/06/15 : Syphaer
  • Promoted 07/14/15 : Raelee
  • Promoted 09/20/15 : Crayven
  • Promoted 05/13/16 : Daeghraven, Tilinthro
  • Promoted 06/11/16 : Smo
  • Promoted 09/10/16 : Galliah
  • Promoted 05/18/17 : Kahly
  • Promoted 12/21/17 : Ignis
  • Promoted 03/08/18 : Delsa
  • Promoted 11/28/18 : Rovvigen, Cook
  • Promoted 11/29/18 : Selaesia
  • Promoted 12/23/18 : Aanalar
  • Promoted 02/09/19 : Vancudais
  • Promoted 03/21/19 : Dartaghan
  • Promoted 04/06/19 : Dgryphon
  • Promoted 04/06/19 : Saverik
  • Promoted 11/13/19 : Nixlsplixt
  • Promoted 11/20/19 : Ponclast
  • Promoted 08/19/20 : Frieya
  • Promoted 09/07/20 : Malifren
  • Promoted 12/26/20 : Qushai
  • Promoted 07/10/21 : Amalexia
  • Promoted 12/25/21 : Skoll
  • Promoted 01/07/22 : Ysaeril, Ragz
  • Promoted 03/31/22 : Altheren
  • Promoted 06/02/22 : Taeffryl
  • Promoted 06/04/22 : Katara
  • Promoted 06/29/22 : Renstar

Known to be working toward promotion : Bluesmith, Clairi

Guildmasters are listed here in order of their promotion; Arlia was promoted first among the first group due to "ladies first", and thereafter the tradition has been to promote in alphabetical order (though this was not followed at the fourth promotion due to extenuating circumstances).