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Use Weapon
Bonus +25
ST/DU 85/200
Rarity Extremely Rare
Weight Modifier ?
Level Required 13
Special Properties Unique flare, Ghezresh's Intimidation.
Primary Color onyx at first glance, but actually indigo on closer inspection.
Dyeable ?

Found only near the most active and violent of undersea volcanos, ghezyte is a substance of extreme rarity as it is only laid bare once the originating eruption site rises above the water's surface. Within the earthen crucible, liquefied shale and glass, sea salt, and minerals combine in the creation of the metal. As it is formed by rapidly cooling magma flows, its base composition is much like obsidian in hardness and application, capable of fracturing into shards possessing and keeping a supremely sharp edge.

In appearance, the metal is glossy and smooth, and while it at first glance appears as black as any onyx, a closer inspection finds that it is actually a deep indigo with an iridescence that creates visual depth. Smoke grey striations are typical and, along with its unique composition, create within the material an impression of a fluid substance, the movement like that of an eel languidly stirring in a night black sea. The only known location to harvest ghezyte is Caligos Isle, and like some of its inhabitants, it holds a dark mystique. It is believed the mists shrouding the isle have infected the metal and that those who carry it will eventually fall prey to its sibilant whispers.

It is assumed that Ghezyte carries a natural enchantment of 5x and has a unique flare inherent to this mysterious metal, since only one weapon is known to exist at this time, this is only speculation.

Behind the Scenes

As of October 2017, the only known weapon is a mist-edged ghezyte moon axe.