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Often abbreviated as "TD" it is a value used to determine the outcome of warding magic. Many different types of magic can invoke this type of defense, therefore each circle of magic will have its own TD value, depending upon the particular training of the target.

A character's base TD to all spells is 3 points per level, plus the relevant statistic bonus:

Sorcerer spells take the average of Wisdom and Aura.

Spells that add to a particular type of TD always add 50% to the other type and 75% to hybrid types. Example, if a spell adds +15 Spirit TD, then it'll add +7 Elemental TD and +11 Sorcerer TD. Conversely, if a spell adds +15 Sorcerer TD, then it will add +11 to Elemental and Spiritual TDs and +7 to Mental TD.

TD may be decreased due to the Force on Force effect when defending against multiple enemies, if the number of enemies exceeds the defender's Multi-Opponent Combat training. For every enemy above one's Force on Force limit, actual TD is lowered by about 2.5% of the base TD value.

Rare armors or shields may have a TD bonus in their primary property slot.

Spells that increase Target Defense

Spell TD Bonus Sphere Scaling
Elemental Defense I (401) +5 Elemental
Elemental Defense II (406) +10 Elemental
Elemental Defense III (414) +15 Elemental
Elemental Barrier (430) +15 Elemental +1 TD per 2 ranks of Minor Elemental above 30
Elemental Bias (508) +20 Elemental
Melgorehn's Aura (913) +20 Elemental +1 TD per 3 ranks of Wizard Base above 13
Cloak of Shadows (712) +20 Sorcerer +1 TD per 10 ranks of Sorcerer Base above 12, not counting ranks above caster's level
Spirit Warding I (101) +10 Spiritual
Spirit Warding II (107) +15 Spiritual
Lesser Shroud (120) +20 Spiritual
Spell Shield (219) +30 Spiritual
Warding Sphere (310) +10 Spiritual +1 TD per 2 ranks of Cleric Base above 10, max +20 TD
Prayer (313) +10 Spiritual
Self Control (613) +20 Spiritual
Nature's Touch (625) +1 Spiritual +1 TD per 2 ranks of Ranger Base above 25, max +12 TD
Empathic Focus (1109) +15 Spiritual
Strength of Will (1119) +12 Spiritual +1 per 3 ranks of Empath Base above 19, max +25 TD
Mantle of Faith (1601) +5 Spiritual +1 TD per seed 2 summation of Spiritual Lore, Blessings
Faith Shield (1619) +50 Spiritual 3% * (seed 5 summation of Spiritual Lore, Religion), max +74 TD at 68 ranks
Mindward (1208) +20 Mental +1 TD per 2 ranks of Minor Mental above 8, max +40 TD

Spells that decrease Target Defense

Spells with natural pushdown

Nature's Fury (635) may also have pushdown but there are no other warding spells in Ranger Base to compare against.