Ghost of Glo'antern Moor

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The following story about the Ghost of Glo'antern Moor was told by a travel guide during a trip from Ta'Vaalor to Wehnimer's Landing.

The guide says, "Before us are some very perilous impasses. I'm going to guide you through this area. While we walk, I'll tell you an old elven tale that takes place in Glo'antern Moor."

The guide says, "It is spoken of in women's circles and around the fires on cold, dark nights... that there is a ghost on the moor. She is not the kind of haunting, evil specter that most ghost tales are made of and her story is one of sadness."

The guide says, "Rayne once lived in the city of Ta'Illistim as the daughter of a blacksmith. She was considered one of the loveliest elves in the city and despite her common lineage, her father had hopes that she would one day marry a nobleman."

The guide says, "When the mayor's son, a commander in the Empress' army, sought out Rayne, the blacksmith was overjoyed and quickly blessed the union."

The guide says, "She denied the man her hand in marriage, asking that he court her first, so that she might look favorably upon him before she took her vows. The commander agreed and the two courted for many years."

The guide says, "Over the course of their courtship, Rayne grew to love the commander with all her heart, yet she did not accept his proposal."

The guide says, "Each time he would ask, she would manage to fend him off, asking him for but a month more. The commander remained steadfast in his love for her, promising he would wait until the end of time."

The guide says, "Rayne's father grew angry at his daughter's games, chastising her for being so careless with a man's heart."

The guide says, "He cautioned her, for no good could come of her trickery. Yet the girl paid her father no mind, and she continued her games for seven long years."

The guide says, "During this time, the elven forces were gathering in an effort to quell the growing dissension from the south. Rayne knew her beloved commander would be sent into battle, and she could not bear the thought of losing him."

The guide says,"She went to him and agreed to marry him in a fortnight. The commander was overjoyed and promised her that once he returned from his father's stronghold to the north, he would marry her. With a heavy heart Rayne said goodbye to her love."

The guide says, "A week later, Rayne received word that her commander would be returning in a week and she was to meet him on Glo'antern moor, where they would be married."

The guide says, "Rayne was ecstatic and set to the task of arranging a cleric for the ceremony. It is said that she walked on clouds throughout the week, so great was her joy."

The guide says, "Seven days after the arrival of the letter, Rayne stood upon the moor, waiting patiently for her love's arrival. The day slowly passed and friends came and went, growing weary of the wait."

The guide says, "Rayne alone remained well into the night. As the sun rose on a new day, it found her still waiting. Days and nights passed and yet still she remained. Neither drinking nor eating, Rayne stood facing the north waiting for her love to return."

The guide says, "Without food, water or sleep, Rayne's health began to fail and it is said that somewhere, deep within her heart, she knew her commander had been slain and so she had given up on her own life. Rayne's father found her body, hours after she had died, and buried her upon the moor."

The guide says, "There are whispered tales that a young woman can be seen standing on the moor, facing north. If one listens close enough, it is said that her crying can be heard."

The guide says, "Tears spent for the loss of love and for the tragedy her cruelty had caused her. Let this be a lesson to those who love: Love well, for tomorrow may never come."

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