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Giantkin Lexicon is an Official GemStone IV Document, and it is protected from editing.

Giantkin Lexicon

A list of confirmed words in Giantkin/Saramar. For suggestions/additions, please use the Discussion page and include a link to the relevant document the term is used in (or if it is an in-game item/location, enough information staff can find it for review).

Notes on Language: While many tribes continue to use Pre-Saramar versions of words for their written texts, some segments of the language persist both in Kilanirij and throughout the Giantmen clans. Below is a small selection of those words. Pre-Saramar is noted. If only one type is listed, assume it bridges both written texts. Not surprisingly, some of these variances have borne through into the spoken word.

Giantkin Term Translation Roots Originating Documentation Date Introduced Other Info
Atsha Apex of a tower, specifically the one at Kilanirij Pre-Saramar Giantkin Clans 12/1/2023 Addition -
binder This is the term for a founder of a tribe or clan. Unknown Giantkin Clans 12/1/2023 Addition -
Dadun kindrat Flame-borne Pre-Saramar The Call of The Flame 3/6/2023 -
harethgraad A term meaning protective ferocity. Pre-Saramar Norallen Tales 12/1/2023 -
Horngel This is the name of the mountain where Kilanirji resides. NA Norallen Tales 12/1/2023 -
Ikarrak Ikarrak, or Vision Rock, is a method of divination employed by certain members of the giantman Araime Sun Clan. Pre-Saramar Divination: A Comprehensive Guide 2010 -
Ikkalon Arbiter of Kilanirij Pre-Saramar Giantkin Clans 12/1/2023 Addition -
Inama A solitary female preceptor of Kilanirij. Pre-Saramar Giantkin Clans 12/1/2023 Addition -
Inamor A solitary male preceptor of Kilanirij. Pre-Saramar Giantkin Clans 12/1/2023 Addition -
Inanirij Council of Twelve in Kilanirij. Pre-Saramar Giantkin Clans 12/1/2023 Addition -
Ishan Means vast seeker/wanderer Pre-Saramar Grot'karesh Hammer Clan - -
Kantoran Among the Wsalmir Clan, this name became known as Battle at the Running Water. Its translation seams to imply that his waters were imbalanced and this is what caused his bloodlust. Pre-Saramar - - -
Kegritsha Small bands of giantkin travelers, its rough translation is those of vast blood bonds. (Plural) Pre-Saramar Giantkin History - -
Khuzdulym Also known as the Revered, is a clanswoman who has the Sight. Oracle Urutei Meigeath was a famous one. Pre-Saramar Norallen Tales 12/1/2023 -
Kilanirij City where the Souls Wait Blended - - -
Kindrat aveh enda nu Take my flame and live anew Pre-Saramar The Call of The Flame 3/6/2023 -
Kindred The flame that lives Blended Giantkin Clans 12/1/2023 -
Kireshan Warchief Pre-Saramar - - -
Kledmondrym Zohren's Girdle, an ancient artifact lost in the Tower of the Wyvern. Pre-Saramar Norallen Tales 12/1/2023 It was said to imbue Zohrin with the power of Eonak and that this is how he was able to tame lightning for his weapons.
Kor Mikkash Tumul Located at the center of Stoneharrow Swale, it is a fabled city of giantkin royalty. Pre-Saramar Telimnar - -
Lyturhuurn A ram's horn skullcap worn by khuzdulym to help them communicate with the dead. Pre-Saramar Norallen Tales 12/1/2023 -
Saramar Translated to mean High Word, these runes are frequently found upon possessions of the giantkin. Saramar - - -
Sareglon Chieftain Pre-Saramar - - -
Shartenal Mountain of the Wolf, this is named Highmount by the humans of the Turamzyrrian Empire. Pre-Saramar Giantkin History - -
Spiral Always pronounced as a proper noun, the spiral is the term used to mean that two groups move in opposing migration cycles. This came to be when the Wsalmir Clan started to pass sylvans as they came down from the mountains after the winter. Common The Tartan Initiative 12/1/2023
Uhl-claw An enchanted device that is worn by giantkin to discourage unwanted admirers. Pre-Saramar Norallen Tales 12/1/2023 -
Yinthorath The magical case that Yunnag-shir could fill with lightning. Pre-Saramar Norallen Tales 12/1/2023 -