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T'Kirem Bear Clan

Armband: "a solid vultite armband"

You see a solid vultite armband with a small picture in the center and some words below it. The engraved image is of a giantman warrior wrestling bare-handed with a bear. The stamped words below it read, "T'Kirem Bear Clan".


Strong, enduring, and proud, the Bear Clan produces only the finest warriors. It is rumored their rites of initiation are almost inhumane. They typically offer only warrior as a life pursuit, but a few others have been known to slip through the ranks for training to become rangers. Only warriors, with the occasional rogue or ranger, will be acknowledged as Bear Clan members.

Brief History/Notes:

T'Kirem is the oldest giantman clan, with verbal histories and legends dating back to the middle of the Second Age. While the verbal histories leave dates fuzzy at best, most scholars place giantfolk clans around 20,000 years old.
The name "T'Kirem Bear Clan" was self-proclaimed after their first chieftain's death. The chieftain, Kiremgrea, possessed the characteristics of a bear (whether this was gained because he was a were-bear, or he was blessed by that totem of strength and took its attributes, no one knows for sure. There are tales of both.). For the rite of passage from boyhood into manhood, the would-be warriors would have to go and wrestle Kiremgrea in his bearskin cloak. Should he deem them worthy, they were allowed to pass into manhood and become warriors. If not, he bade them practice another year or two and try again. After his death, the Warmaster and Kiremgrea's widow spoke with the clan and decided how they were to commit his passing to memory. First, they added T' to a shortened version of his name and adopted it for their clan. Second, the rite of passage was adjusted - instead of fighting the chief in bearskin, they would fight bears. Fortunes have often offered Kiremgrea's reincarnation as a bear, and the clan wanted to make him proud of the young warriors.
T'Kirem is the "primary" clan as far as giantman clans go. If there is something to be decided on for all the giantfolk, the Bear Clan Chieftain and the Warmaster come to an agreement, then lay the law for all the clans.

Wsalamir Arctic Clan

Armband:"a thick rhimar armband"

You see a thick rhimar armband with an image carved into the metal. The carving is of a huge, cloaked giantman with a wounded wendigo reaching up with a hand to the moon behind him. The words "Wsalamir Arctic Clan" are etched below the scene


The Wsalamir are likely the most secluded of the known Clans. They reside up in the center of the DragonSpine Mountains, northeast of Icemule Trace by roughly a month's travel. Not much is known about this clan, save that the members are very in tune with nature, some to the point of being able to alter it. Many of the members choose not to speak, but if they do it is in quiet, deep tones.

Brief History/Notes:

The first appearance of the Wsalamir was the Battle of Maelshyve. They sent a small group of highly skilled fighters at the request of the Warmaster to reinforce the front lines. As they do not speak much, it was difficult to find out anything about how long they had traveled, from where, and what their orders were. About the only useful information that was gained was that they were absolutely deadly with the huge weapons they brought with them, and that they had told their loved ones goodbye before coming to the battle - they fought with the kind of reckless abandon that was held by no personal ties.
The Wsalamir are close-mouthed about their origins. Thus their location, their ties with nature, or their skills, are unknown.

Grishknel Wolf Clan

Armband:"a dark glaes armband"

You see a slim glaes armband, stained to a dark color. Etched into the center of the band is a small picture of an amber-eyed wolf shrouded in a shadowy forest. Lightly engraved lettering below the picture says "Grishknel Wolf Clan".


This somewhat broody clan is most well known for its scouts and rogues. The mental image of a giantman sneaking anywhere may be difficult, but you probably wouldn't be able to see a hiding member of this clan in an open field until they tapped you on the shoulder. This clan is most often employed in the quiet garnering of information and setting ambushes.

Brief History/Notes:

This clan formed early on in the Second Age from members of the T'Kirem clan. Their first chieftain, Baklarin, took those who favored stealth instead of toe-to-toe fighting and moved them to the southern tip of the DragonSpine mountains. This location gave them ample space to practice the art of stealth, and to begin to gain power through the trade of information with Ta'Nalfein.
The Wolf Clan also specializes in stealth and mechanical aptitude, thus giving rogues precedence in its ranks. Others displaying the proper skills of hiding & stalking are allowed, but it is no secret that rogues are the favored class here.

Issimir Ogre Clan

Armband:"a solid silver armband"

You see a solid silver armband with an uncut ruby pressed into the outer part of the band. The words "Issamir Ogre Clan" are lightly etched into the metal to either side of the gem.


For the most part, this clan has become sedentary, passing over their need to roam for a pouch full of silver and a warm hearth at night. They are the merchants of the clans, and are well known for their shrewd practices (and strong-arm tactics, in the case of loan repayment). When the taking of a city or the building of one involves giantmen, the run of the place is often assisted by an Issimir upon completion. Issimir who still feel the need to roam often become mercenaries of one kind or another.

Brief History/Notes:

The Issimir formed shortly after the battle at the fortress ShadowGuard. Some of their founders were the giantkin sent to rebuild the areas surrounding Ta'Vaalor struck by the advancing Undead hordes, while many of the others were sent to help bury the dead from the battle.
Those of the Issimir Ogre Clan have appeared in many different major events to some degree: the burial of Kalaza, assisting the founding of Wehnimer's Landing, the maintenance of Icemule Trace. Usually they prefer to be in some sort of financial advisory, although clan members have also worked as merchant guild administrators, open market security, bank guards or locker transportation.

Grot'karesh Hammer Clan

Armband: "a crimson glaes armband"

You see a crimson glaes armband completely covered in Saramar runes. In the center of a small parting of the runes is a pair of crossed battle hammers, and below them the words "Grot'karesh Hammer Clan" stand out.


It is widely believed that this band was formed shortly after the Battle of Maelshyve, in reaction to the dark events wrought there. Grot'karesh is a small clan is made up of primarily of giantmen who manipulate the energies, as well as a few magic-using rogues and warriors. Their outlook on life is mostly grim, believing Despana and her horrors will once again plunge Elanthia into a second Age of Chaos. Several of the clan's members are plagued by horrific visions, while others believe they are cursed in one manner or another.

Brief History/Notes:

The origins of the Grot'karesh are sketchy, with different tales coming from different clans and geographic regions. However, there are a few common threads for the clan's founders. First, the founders were outcasts from other clans. It seems that after the Battle of Maelshyve some of the participants from Clans T'Kirem and Grishknel - the two clans who were responsible for breaking the front lines of Despana's troops - began to act in rather uncharacteristic manners. They experienced unusually high amounts of violence, hideous nightmares, brutality to kin, and in one or two cases a desire to consume blood. When it was discovered that this was happening, and after multiple attempts to reform their brethren, they were outcast from their clan of origin. Second, after a period of wandering, they all seemed to go through some sort of physical trial. During this time they took their bodies to the limits of exertion and exhaustion. After a moon cycle of this, if they were not dead, it is said that they underwent an unusual transformation. They were free of the urges that had overcome them, often overnight. They were also able to feel and make good use of the natural energies around them, with much more proficiency than other giantkin they came across.
Scholars aren't sure what to make of the origins of the Hammer Clan, or their founders. The current topic of debate is whether the mannerisms the giants possessed that started the chain of events was created by the battles (hearing banshee screams over and over, particularly), the demons that the Faendryl summoned, the magics the Faendryl used to destroy the keep, or a combination of the three.

Araime Sun Clan

Armband:"a shining golden armband"

You see a shining golden armband with an image lightly etched into the metal. The scene depicts a giantman whose arms are reaching up toward the sun at mid-morning. The words, "Araime Sun Clan" are engraved directly below.


The Araime clan is one mostly of elemental worship. They do not particularly have one class more than another...they all simply come together to revere the elements and celestial bodies. Many prefer sun worship, and hold sunrise rituals to this effect. Others in the clan, though, often follow the elements of fire, water, or earth. A few even call to the moons and stars for guidance and support. The members of this clan realize it takes all kinds of people to make the world go around, and are therefore extremely tolerant.

Brief History/Notes:

Covering the entire continent, the Araime Sun Clan likes to live wherever the sun warms the ground below them. Their favorite places, however, seem to be Solhaven and River's Rest. They banded under the guidance and wisdom of Araime, who was discontent living under the stipulations of the Bear Clan. Taking those who would accept change with grace and love all living things, they parted peacefully and began to wander the plains. The name Araime was taken from the first chieftain's surname, Fahnamor Araime, as an honor to him and his line for taking the first steps in a new direction.

Maeramil Wind Runner Clan

Armband: "a thick modwir armband"

You see a thick, modwir armband with a small scene carved into the smooth wood. The foreground of the scene shows a handaxe sticking into a fallen trunk, while the background has a field of wheat rolling on the winds of an impending storm. Below the scene the words, "Maeramil Wind Runner Clan" are engraved in the dark wood.


The Maeramil clan really only worship one thing - the freedom a person has to do something. This clan, mostly rangers, places that gift above all else. Obviously, this leads to certain problems with people like the Krolvin and the Dhe'nar. They have always been at the forefront of any slaving activity, mercilessly punishing any that attempt to follow those ways.

Brief History/Notes:

The Maeramil are the newest clan, their banding only dating back about 200 years. Their most significant actions to date have to do with two rather public strikes on the Krolvin: the first by a giantkin named Seirpanan, who single-handedly sunk one of the Krolvin ships after their aborted invasion of Wehnimer's Landing. The second was by the bander of the clan, Rajin Maeramil, who sank one of the two Krolvin raider ships moving inland to strike River's Rest. He unfortunately died in this action. Aside from these, the Maeramil are really too young to have had much of an impact on Elanthian history, although their attitude will certainly not exempt them from the books in the future.

Vaikalimara Clan

Armband: "a braided mithril armband"

You see a mithril armband, the material looped about itself and braided several times. A small sigil is pressed lightly into the widest of the braids, the marking difficult to decipher into something legible.


Vaikalimara Clan, an all-female clan, doesn't associate much with other people, including other giantkin. It is believed that they are the handmaidens to one of the Arkati, to one of the remaining drakes, and to other various unseen powers. It's also believed that they are very likely all insane.

Brief History/Notes:

The Vaikalimara Clan lives up in the Northern Steppes, between the eastern edge of the DragonSpine Mountains and Ta'Ardenai. Their origin is unknown, although the first members were undoubtedly from T'Kirem.
As they are an all-female clan, they cannot reproduce within themselves. To gain new clan members, they take fallen giantwomen from the field when they have died or would have died if not given healing and return them to their holds. Then the giantkin is healed or resurrected, and introduced to their surroundings and their new clan members. Once healed, the initiate is trained in axe work (double-bit and throwing axes usually), stealth, and various other skills. Strangely, for whatever reason, the initiate never chooses to return to their former life, instead staying to eventually become a full member of the ranks.
This clan is removed from all other Clan interaction, standings, and orders.
Recently unearthed journals have led to a windfall of new information about this relatively unknown clan.