Gift of Oleani

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Gift of Oleani removes up to 60 converted training points from a character's 30-day skill migration period. It is one of the Gift of the Gods options received on the 29th day of Login Rewards. If a character activates a Gift of Oleani after migrating skills, (up to?) 60 training points will be subtracted from the total number of points migrated. If the character has progressed into one of the slower migration rates, this will (hopefully) bump it back to a faster rate.

The Gift of Oleani is best used immediately after migrating 60 training points. The gift will be less efficient the farther it is used from that target (on either side). If a character has already migrated over 140 training points in a 30-day period, the Gift of Oleani would have no effect on the migration rate, and thus would be wasted. For optimal migration speed, the Gift of Oleani should be activated immediately after crossing the 60 TP threshold.

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