Gift of the Gods

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Gift of the Gods refers to the 29th day of Login Rewards in which a character may opt for one of the following:

Lumnis Schedule

Main article: Lumnis schedule

LUMNIS SCHEDULE can be used to move a character's Lumnis earlier or later than its scheduled refresh date. If it is moved to an earlier time, it will function as expected for the first usage. However, if is it again used to schedule another further refresh date within 6 months of the first change, one will have to wait a week from that date for Gift to activate. This is to avoid players being able to use SimuCoins to schedule back-to-back-to-back-to-back Gifts of Lumnis, every six hours, ad infinitum. It is possible to have two Gifts of Lumnis in a single week every 6 months, but when using the Lumnis Schedule the new date and time must be at least 1 min later than the current date and time of when your Gift of Lumnis is scheduled to start. For example, if your Gift of Lumnis is scheduled to start on Saturdays at 12:01 am, your new Lumnis Schedule must be set to Saturdays at 12:02 am or a later date and time to activate a new Gift of Lumnis. Sunday is considered the start of the week for the purposes of scheduling your Gift of Lumnis. To take full advantage of this, you must have enough play time to use up your first Gift of Lumnis and enough play time to use up a second Gift of Lumnis in a 7 day period.

This command is available in the SimuCoins Store for 500 SCs (a Lumnis schedule).

Use LUMNIS INFO to see a character's current set Lumnis start time.

You must specify the time you wish to schedule your Gift of Lumnis to start at in the form of DHHMM.

D is the day that you want your Gift of Lumnis to begin on, starting with Day 1 as Sunday, 2 as Monday, 3 as Tuesday, 4 as Wednesday, 5 as Thursday, 6 as Friday, and 7 as Saturday.

HH is the hour (on the 24 hour clock) that you want your Gift of Lumnis to start at, starting with 00 as midnight (the very start of the day), and ending with 23 (11 PM).  The hour corresponds with the in-game TIME command (Eastern Time).

MM is the minute of the hour that you want your Gift of Lumnis to start at, starting with 00 as the very start of the hour and ending with 59.

For example, 41630 would result in your Gift of Lumnis being scheduled to start each week on Wednesday at 4:30 PM, in-game time.

>lumnis schedule 10800
You must specify either SET or CLEAR.
>lumnis schedule set 10800
You are scheduling your Gift of Lumnis to start on Sundays at 08:00.  If this is correct, please enter LUMNIS SCHEDULE SET 10800 CONFIRM within the next 30 seconds.

Please note that due to the fact that you have already changed your schedule within the last 6 months, the interval between your last Gift of Lumnis and your next one may be between 1-2 weeks instead of the normal 1 week interval, depending on your scheduling choice.  Once this adjustment period finishes, the normal 1 week interval between your Gift of Lumnis activations will resume.

You have scheduled your Gift of Lumnis to start on Sundays at 08:00, in-game time.

No uses

In order to schedule your Lumnis start time, you must first purchase the option from the SimuCoins Store.

You do not currently have a preset Gift of Lumnis schedule.

Gift of Oleani

Main article: Gift of Oleani

Gift of Oleani removes up to 60 converted training points from a character's 30-day skill migration period. It is one of the Gift of the Gods options received on the 29th day of Login Rewards. If a character activates a Gift of Oleani after migrating skills, (up to?) 60 training points will be subtracted from the total number of points migrated. If the character has progressed into one of the slower migration rates, this will (hopefully) bump it back to a faster rate.

The Gift of Oleani is best used immediately after migrating 60 training points. The gift will be less efficient the farther it is used from that target (on either side). If a character has already migrated over 140 training points in a 30-day period, the Gift of Oleani would have no effect on the migration rate, and thus would be wasted. For optimal migration speed, the Gift of Oleani should be activated immediately after crossing the 60 TP threshold.

Gift of Eonak

Main article: Gift of Eonak

Gift of Eonak provides for a second d100 roll on all skill-based item improvement/creation attempts, with the highest roll being used, for fifteen minutes.

The following systems/spells are affected:

For the artisan skills listed, it does not directly influence whether a rank is achieved on that attempt.

Gift of Lorminstra

Main article: Gift of Lorminstra

Gift of Lorminstra provides a character on a paid subscription account with ten deeds. F2P characters receive five deeds.