Girvahk's Professional Mercantile Services

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Girvahk's Professional Mercantile Services is a food shop in Solhaven. It is located on Tumbledown Land. The entrance room serves as a bar.

[Girvahk's Shop, Bar] RNUM: 13974
A huge mirror hangs behind the well-stocked cherry bar that runs the length of the rear wall of this ornately decorated room. Over the bar is a modwir sign etched with mithril inlaid letters reading "Girvahk's." Comfortable chairs and floor throws are scattered about in small clusters, perfect for sitting and relaxing. A fire crackles merrily in a large stone fireplace opposite the bar. You also see an ornate marble arch leading further into the shop.


On the cherrywood bar you see a thick manticore sandwich, a hot rolton sandwich, a wedge of sharp cheese, a chunk of roasted velnalin, a steaming biscuit, some heavy dark stout, some red Vornavian wine, some thin dwarven whiskey, some fine pear brandy, some heady halfling mead, some fresh hard cider, some spiced cider, some spiced rum and some Icemule white wine.

The food is all free. However, nothing can be ordered in the bar.

Through the arch can be found Girvahk's Shop, Museum. From there you can through a louvered door (an alteration room), to the back yard (a smithy), to the cellar (a dyers' room) and upstairs (a hall with two locked doors). As with the bar, nothing can be ordered in any of these rooms.