Glarstim Fishing Supplies

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Glarstim Fishing Supplies is the fishing shop in Zul Logoth. It is located in a small shack in the Glarstim Cavern neighborhood of Zul Logoth. To find it, go to Ruby Tunnel, head one east of Zaratek Hall (the Adventurer's Guild in Zul Logoth), go through a steel-braced archway, head north once, and enter the shack.

[Glarstim Cavern, Shack]
An assortment of fishing equipment is prominently displayed on the glimmering racks that are carved right out of the shack's walls. Miniature potted toadstools illuminate the cozy space with variable hues of soft white, blue, and peach. Tacked onto a hanging bulletin board are the names of fishermen with descriptions of their prize catches. You also see a carved slate sign and a stone counter with a large Zul Logoth fish guide on it.


Welcome to Glarstim Fishing Supplies!

A white-bearded dwarf offers his catalog to browse.
A white-bearded dwarf exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. a small luminescent lure       10. a tiny invar weight
  2. a gleaming invar fish lure     11. a small invar weight
  3. a large chunk of mushroom      12. an eostone-set blue fishing rod
  4. a piece of lizard meat         13. a thick black fishing rod
  5. a shiny gold toadstool lure    14. a snail-carved grey fishing rod
  6. a spool of invar wire          15. a slender white metal fishing rod
  7. a spool of gleaming wire       16. a small rhimar-lined chest
  8. a spool of red fishing line    17. a large rhimar-lined chest
  9. a spool of blue fishing line