Glass amulet

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A glass amulet casts Invisibility. They can be made by wizards alchemists with 60 ranks in trinkets or purchased in the backroom of the Wehnimer's Landing Alchemist Shop.

Profession Wizard
Discipline Trinkets
Spell 916
Rank taught 60
Rank end 63
Location All

Alchemy Recipe

A glass amulet
  1. Add trinket oil
  2. Add powdered uncut diamond
  3. Add faintly glowing dust
  4. Simmer
  5. Add mashed large white gardenia
  6. Infuse
  7. Refract sunlight through sapphire lens
  8. Boil
  9. Chant Invisibility (916)
This recipe can only be made in the daytime

Faintly glowing dust=extracted s'ayanad crystals

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