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An adventurer can gain backroom access to various stores throughout Elanthia. Once you become a preferred customer, you will be given the backroom catalog when you ORDER from the merchant as well as a 10% discount at that merchant.

To gain access, you must purchase approximately fifty (50) items from the store; however, for the less-welcome races in particular towns, this may be one hundred (100) items. This can be done rapidly by purchasing the cheapest item offered by the merchant and placing it in a nearby barrel, for the experience.

Stores With Backroom Access

Alchemy Shop (Sorena's Emporium)
Armory (Haldrick's Armory)
Cleric Shop (Brother Stumbleskink's Emporium)
General Store (Berrytoe's General Store)
Weapons Shop (Wineberry's Weapons)

Alchemy Shop (Alchemist's House)
Armory (Aznell's Armory)
Bowyer (Quaeta's Fletcher Shop)
Cleric Shop (Wehnimer's Landing Clerics' Shop)
General Store (Wehnimer's Landing General Store)
Salon (Dari's Clothiers)
Weapons Shop (Tykel's Arms)

Armory (Dargeur's Armors)
Bowyer (Vonder's Archery Supply)
Cleric Shop (Clentaran's Clerical Supply)
General Store (General Exchange)
Healer's Shop (Triage Station)
Magic Shop (Elantaran's Magic Supply)
Weapon Shop (Ta'Vaalor Weaponry)
Armory (Ta'Illistim Armory)
Boutique (Plume and Glove)
Bowyer (Ariebaela's Archery Nook)
Weapon Shop (Brutarius Kodel Weaponry)
Bowyer (Big Snorri's Bows)
Cleric Shop (Borthuum Company Store Clerical Supply)
Weapon Shop (Borthuum Company Store Weaponry)
Armory (Hortinger's Armory)
Armory (Island Armor)
Armory (Oleander's Defenses)
Cleric Shop (Mist Harbor Cleric Guild Shop)
Herbalist (Mist Harbor Herbalist)
Weapon Shop (Island Arms)
Weapon Shop (Rose's Arms Depot)