Glimmering sanguine potion

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A glimmering sanguine potion removes Ensorcell, both permanent and temporary types, from Ensorcelled gear. Temporary Ensorcell can more easily be removed with Elemental Dispel (417) or Spirit Dispel (119). It will remove all of the ensorcelling from your gear in one pour. There will be a warning given before an Ensorcell is removed.

Profession Empath
Discipline Potions
Spell 1101
Uses 1
Rank taught 18
Rank end
Location Global

Alchemy Recipe

A glimmering sanguine potion
  1. Add blessed water
  2. Add ayana leaf
  3. Add faintly glimmering dust
  4. Boil
  5. Add powdered uncut diamond - Not found in guild shops.
  6. Add troll blood
  7. Simmer
  8. Chant Heal (1101)

Faintly glimmering dust=extracted ayanad crystals

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