Troll blood

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Troll blood is an alchemy ingredient and a component of crimson salt crystals. To harvest troll blood, one must have a glass vial and at least one small crystal flask. Each flask will hold 20 vials worth of blood. Blood is harvested from the corpse of a bleeding troll with the vial and the vial is then poured into the flask. Troll corpses may be preserved with crimson salt crystals in order to harvest more blood from a single kill.

Blood Harvesting

  1. Kill a troll, make sure it is bleeding
  2. Preserve corpse with crimson salt crystals (advisable)
  3. Cast Minor Sanctuary (213) (advisable, especially for higher level troll areas)
  4. Take out flask and vial
  5. HARVEST BLOOD FROM {troll} WITH {vial}

Recipes Requiring Troll Blood