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Category: Paid Events: Adventures, Quests, and SimuCoins
Topic: Ebon Gate
Message #: 13223
Author: GS4-MIKOS
Date: 10/06/2017 04:29 AM EDT
Subject: Better late than never...Chisel, Peen and Chamfer, Esqs.

The establishment of Chisel, Peen and Chamfer, Esqs. is pleased to open its doors.

Look for it on the High Plateau, where you see, "Descending from high above and disappearing deep into the cobblestone path, a large ragged fissure..."

There is now, also, "a coral-encrusted building."

The shop features several gnomish items, but its primary offerings are a gnomish toolbelt and a gem-eating eisenruck.

>analyze my toolbelt You analyze your brown leather toolbelt and sense that the creator has provided the following information:

Looking over the toolbelt and inspecting its finer details, you realize that it will always need to be "a/n (whatever)/(whatever)/toolbelt". The item's article and adjective CAN be changed, but "toolbelt" is the only valid noun.

This is a Gnomish Repair Toolbelt, which means it is scripted to interact both with run-of-the-mill, generic items and with items which have "damaged" text strings stored in them. This toolbelt provides standard messaging when working on generic items, and specific messaging when working on items which are part of the Gnomish Repair System. Items can be set up with "damaged" text strings so that they can interact with the Gnomish Repair System without being scripted. IF SCRIPTED, such items will state in their analysis text that they are part of the system.

If you were to play with the toolbelt, then you'd find that you can analyze, wear, remove, clean, pinch, poke, pull, and twist it.

Clean, pinch, poke, and pull provide standard interactions for generic items. G.R.S items need to be "damaged" in order for the toolbelt to interact with them. TWIST will set a G.R.S. item's long description to one of its four damaged descriptions. When a G.R.S. item is damaged, the same verbs will provide specific messaging as the item is "repaired."

NOTE: This toolbelt currently supports interaction with a limited variety of generic items. These include: shields, goggles, crossbows (mechanical and otherwise), longbows, composite bows, short bows, runestaffs, swords, and axes.

SCRIPT NAME: Gnomish Repair Toolbelt

You might be able to have a talented merchant lighten the brown leather toolbelt for you or deepen its pockets.

Category: Paid Events: Adventures, Quests, and SimuCoins
Topic: Ebon Gate
Message #: 13250
Author: GS4-MIKOS
Date: 10/06/2017 04:09 PM EDT
Subject: Better late than never...Chisel, Peen and Chamfer, Esqs.

> I'm curious, how much do the toolbelt and eisenruck weigh and how much can they hold?

The toolbelt weighs 2 lbs. The toolbelt can hold 2 items of 2 encumbrance. Total possible capacity for this container is 2 encumbrance with a maximum of 2 encum for any single item. Normal weight for a belt appears to be 1, but I made them a tad heavier on purpose, to reflect the additional weight of the tools. However, the toolbelts can be lightened and/or deepened as much as any comparable pocketed belt.

The eisenruck weighs 7 lbs. It can hold unlimited objects of 120 encumbrance. The eisenruck cannot be lightened beyond 5 lbs. It can be deepened as much as any comparable backpack.

> Does the gnomish repair belt aid in fixing shock lances or other weapons that are damaged through use?

No, the repair belt was created to support RP "fixing" of items, but currently possesses no "real" repair function. Any change to the item's design in that direction will require an entirely new discussion with TPTB, since providing real repair ability will raise potential game balance issues. However, a discussion of updating the toolbelt to interact with a wider range of items than it currently supports has already been initiated and will likely include the fixing of one or more items which are damaged through use.